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Prisoners of War

The history of warfare – is not only a history of battles, diplomacy, victories, defeats, orders, command and deeds, it is also a story of war. The fate of Soviet prisoners of war during the Second World War is one of the most tragic pages of our past. Soviet prisoners of war taken prisoner in their own land, protecting the land and prisoners of war Hitler coalition turned out to be a prisoner in a strange land in which they came as invaders. In captivity You can 'prove' (having been wounded, falling into unconsciousness, with no weapons and ammunition for the resistance) or 'surrender' – to raise their hands, when you can and have something to fight. Why then swore allegiance to the homeland armed man ceases to resist? Maybe that is the nature of man? After all, he obeys the instinct of self-preservation, based on fear. 'Of course, initially in the war was terrible. And very much so. What is it a young guy to constantly see how the shells exploding, bombs, mines, comrades die, they injure by fragments and bullets.

But then I noticed, no longer fear, but something else forced to bite into the ground, seek cover, hide. I would call this sense of self-preservation. Because fear paralyzes the will, and sense of self makes us look for ways out of seemingly hopeless situations "- as he recalled the feeling veteran of World War II – Ivan P. Vertelko. In life, fear is partial, the fear of some phenomenon.


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Eden Resort Asia

Kalutara – this resort area – ideal for water sports: windsurfing, water skiing, scuba diving and hunting, sailing. In February, there is a Buddhist holiday, the faithful worship the sacred relics of the temple. Marawi – this resort is worthy of attention not only because of the golden beaches and hidden coves, colorful fish and coral gardens. Tourists come here from all over the world for the famous jewels: sapphires, rubies, topaz … Hear from experts in the field like Schiff for a more varied view. Best Hotels Hotels and Villas in Sri Lanka kiwano tourist. Even if you choose 4 * hotel, vacation will be comfortable and the service will be pleasantly surprised. And yet, you can provide a list of the most luxurious hotels in Sri Lanki.Amangalla 5 * The Fortress * Jetwing Lighthouse 5 5 * Eden Resort & Spa 5 * Heritance Ahungalla 5 * Saman Villas 5 * Mount Lavinia Hotel 4 * Amanwella 5 * What to look Colombo – This city is called the "gates of Asia." Its Arab traders established, then reinforced and expanded by the Portuguese, then conquered by the Dutch, the British turned to the capital Colombo …

combines the ancient signs of the colonial past features lively business center of the current times. Here, side by side with modern buildings and covered with legends Hindu and Buddhist temples. In Colombo is one of the best zoos in Asia. By visiting this city, it is necessary to go to the national museum, and then do shopping and taste exotic local cuisine. Halle – in antiquity, this city was called Tarshish.

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