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Gallegos Education

Intelligence is the resource to know ourselves deep in the context in which kosmico We find ourselves; self-knowledge is the basis of wisdom, prudence and responsibility. Then, we can ensure that the educator holistic nourishes the best student, increases their cognitive abilities, his ability to love, intelligence, certainty, inner peace, equanimity, compassion, generosity, creativity, patience, and above all, happiness, among other integrated by his spirit qualities. Spiritual intelligence is a process of discernicimento and individual experience through which we identify with the universal values, and acknowledge that all life is sacred, that all human beings are spiritual brothers, that love is the nature of the kosmos, and the truth is, finally, a spiritual truth. Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava.

The central holistic conviction is that universal love is the fundamental educational reality, education aims to raise the evolution of consciousness to make possible the harmonious development of all the capabilities of the human being, which should be expressed in a life inside the flame of universal love, in the construction of a harmonious world and the individual accomplishment. Conventional education does not give importance to this capacity of the human being, why has provoked the dehumanization of our society in general, by programming the mind with a mechanistic vision. Dr. Ramon Gallegos says about the importance of a global integrity, an interest in working to establish global society for education holistic, we formalize and brings more our international relationship to support each other, to integrate more global human community where Japanese, Mexican, English, Australians, Canadians, Americans, can build all a world better populated by individuals who honor the life on Earththat they based their relations on peace, solidarity and harmony. We need to strengthen our communication and have integrity, not only local if not a global integrity which will surely help the local development. In addition, it clarifies us educators holistas are working for a new sustainable society, learning communities, to points concerning a new education with heart; We need to flirt education holistic with the construction of a GPL-compatible society, you must be a society much more balanced in all respects, better than the industrial society and the information society.

Why Study English In The United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has a unique system to ensure the quality of each one of the areas of your infrastructure and academic offerings. Each school, institution of higher education and University, is supervised by a rigorous control by the State, whose coverage reaches its academic staff from student assessments. Since each one of the institutions has been evaluated under the same criterion, it is possible to have a useful objective tool of measurement and power, this way, compare the different alternatives offered academic to ensure that the expectations of people who want to attend the British system of education, are met. With over 800 years of history that support it, the British educational model has inspired thousands of educational systems around the world. The above shows that doing an English course England or live in some of the other nations of the United Kingdom, guarantee an ideal environment that provides the best opportunities for appropriating the English language.

An of the flagship universities and one of the best destinations for those wishing to study English, is without a doubt Cambridge. Its historic University buildings and green spaces are fused to give rise to a unique place in the world. The city centre consists of great shopping, this does not mean that peaceful places abound not to sit and rest. The River Cam flows behind this historic institution, a fact that encourages a few beautiful walks on foot or by boat. Some other alternatives Dublin is one of the most paradigmatic cities on the European continent. Their wealth and historic grandeur, offers countless cultural and alternative benefits of leisure, but in turn, keeps the charms of a small town, where visitors feel at home from the first moment. The encounter of the new and the old, makes Dublin a full of life and movement.

Between Grafton st. and OConell street are concentrated the main activities of the city. There, Trinity College, the Bank of Ireland are intertwined with musicians Street, elegant shops and all kinds of bars and pubs, which gives as a result a contrasting and fascinating scenario. Dublin is more than a valid alternative to learn English. The human quality of the Irish will be a unique tool to practice your language skills. Performs an Ireland English course, you will learn more than one language.

Buenos Aires Government

At first glance this attitude of Urquiza sounds to be soft, to felony, but to bolt in the Chronicles of the time, it is perceived that there was a sort of return of attentions, by sectors of Uruguay and Brazil, already roses had intervened, both in the Farroupilha revolution, whereby Rio Grande do Sul, was seceded nearly a decade of the Empire of Brazil, as the big war between whites and colorados in Uruguay. Anyway the victory of the coalition of Urquiza, would be the beginning of a new stage of the bid between Buenos Aires and provincials, which would begin to be resolved, after the battle of Pavon in 1861, when the Government of the Confederacy, with seat in the city of Parana, was replaced by the Buenos Aires Government, headed by Mitre. Until recently, not be It concluded that hispanists, Liberal, Buenos Aires and provincials had one point in common: non-compliance with the pre-Columbian ethnic groups, with which the Spaniards had found arriving in these lands. Separate chapter the contribution of blackness slave deserves it. That compulsively were brought to these lands since the 17TH century with the exceptions of case, who came from Europe and their descendants, who were those who wrote the Chronicles, soslayaron another line of confrontation, that only in recent times starts to become explicit between the West and the pre-existing Aboriginal cultures. Thereby the antagonistic lines which have individualized and those that follow, become intraoccidentales antagonisms, living trumaticamente with those Aboriginal cultures, which underlie the collective unconscious of our mestizo majority, although that does not end even be collected on both banks of the Rio de La Plata. The federalization of Buenos Aires, is achieved with a high share of violence in 1880, It marked the consolidation of a tendency which sought to capture the ideological line of liberalism terms, the French Revolution and the American emancipation.

Mendoza A City With History And With Future

The city of Mendoza has a story full of great events, despite having a life shorter than in other cities, as the major European capitals. When you take the decision to make tourism in Mendoza, visitors will find traces of history, both colonial and pre-Columbian history at every step. As all the cities of the new world, its story unfolds from the 16th century, more precisely from the year 1561, when it was founded for the first time by Pedro de el Castillo. The original site of Foundation is situated in what is now the District of Guaymallen. The new city was part of the captaincy of Chile, in charge of the Viceroyalty of Peru. In 1562, it was changed to its current and re-founded, location on this occasion by Juan Jufre. In the beginning of its institutional life, Mendoza was more related to the Viceroyalty of Peru and Chile, but as the years passed, intensified relations with Buenos Aires, and the Viceroyalty of the Rio de la Plata. The locals always had a good relationship with the Indians Huarpes, the local Aboriginal tribe.

Without a doubt, this detail helped to achieve development in peace and sustained growth, unlike other cities that suffered constant clashes with aborigines, forcing a permanent struggle, with consistent indentation of men and resources. The real reason for this new link with the Rio de la Plata was the importance of this governorate gave many steps across the Andes province has. The fall of Viceroy Cisneros, and the beginning of Argentine independence just marked the definitive union of Mendoza in the nascent country. From this moment on, Mendoza happened to play a relevant role in the country’s history. Little by little, Mendoza was forging a present as a tourist destination of excellence. The unique features of the topography of the province have created spectacular natural sceneries, which have been able to be exploited for the reception of thousands of tourists who year after year are turning en masse to some of the many natural locations available to Mendoza. In addition, Mendoza cities have a unique appearance, which gives you the particular way in which has tried to combat the drought in the semi-arid climate of the region: the construction of hundreds of miles of irrigation canals whose mission is to bring the vital element where irrigation is needed. Hotels in Mendoza cover a wide range of possibilities, offering a budget for every need, so no one is left without visiting a place with so many natural and historic attractions.

Ruben Gonzalez

On the other hand, Mexican mythology mentions that the Aztecs came from AZTLAN or ATLAN which means: place surrounded by water. Atlantis Word somehow reached the old America, Egypt and Greece. The Atl root did not exist, according to the modern philology, in any other language than in the nahua of the old Mexico. Its meaning is: water. It exists in the pre-Columbian Codex Borgia the figure of the ATLANTEOTL that load on his shoulders the Cosmos, exactly the same as the Greek Atlas. In figure, name and symbol, Atlas is exact copy of Atlanteotl (and by removing the ending otl we atlante). In addition, in the Mayan book of Chilam Balam is expressed: and then, in one fell swoop of the waters, the waters arrived.

And when it was stolen the great serpent collapsed the firmament and the Earth sank. Then the four gods, destroyed it the four Bacab around and in the introduction to the Mayan book called Popol Vuh: what will draw the light because it no longer has the vision of the Popol Vuh, which saw the coming of the other side of the sea, of our life in the darkness, and the vision of the dawn of the vida. Finally, the myth of the five Suns or five major eras of humanity, embodied in the famous Aztec calendar of Tenoxtitlan we find between the Aztecs and ancient peoples of Mexico. He relates that the children of the sun room were swallowed by the waters and became fish, and that continued began the Fifth Sun, the current era.

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