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Educational the avaliativo system denotes apelativo argument in the quarrel from the culture and social classroom of each individual. It comes this system, to mask the reality of the public schools of education basic and average that if find, currently, sucateadas in view of the deriving disobediences of our education while half of proliferation of an essential culture for the development of parents as ours. This system comes of meeting to the democracy breaching with the beginning of the culturalidade between the citizens. Therefore, the State needs to increase the investments in public education in order to guarantee the equality of cognition between the university students and egresses of basic and average education.


Good morning!!! Imagine that you are a formula 1 racer. You have a car that has been reviewed, prepared and returned to review. The start is imminent, and to thee, come to mind many things that you need to solve in your family, your partner, your home. How do you think that it will be your performance in the race? Therefore, to succeed, to go out and win, first that anything we have to deal with ourselves. One of the smartest things we can do is think. Stop our going and coming daily, our should I do, ours have and think! Now, think of a Guinea pig, these small rodents with a sympathetic face.

In a laboratory, a Guinea pig, is in a box. The Guinea pig reacts to each fact. When they no longer offer this stimulus, follows with his own, eat and c (jiji) a Guinea pig no analyzes what is happening, not think. Get a stimulus and simply reacts! Do you have stopped to think about what you are doing your journal? You react? Simply going out there to quenching fires? You plan your life, your day to day? Or simply waiting to reach the estimulo-problemas that you reaccionaras then? If you want to succeed, if you want to feel better, if you want to grow and take part in the decisions that will shape your future. the first thing you need to do is accommodate your mind. Auto – scan you! What do I get in my life? With what skills story to reach my goal? What do I need to learn, improve, believe possible, to get there? If you want to go, I recommend you begin by thinking! Yes, tell me but if ME LA PASO! giving it turns into the head to my problems! Well, that, is not thinking! It is to punish! We all have problems, hundreds of them every day, which we solve sometimes without thinking.

By imitating other people, or by own experience even in these, we can think and improve what we get! I challenge you to think! How do you want to feel today? What needs to happen to? do you feel as you want? Does it depend on others? You will frustrate others do or say something? What you can do you to improve your day? To succeed, to win the race of life, you should start by reviewing yourself. Since your values, your limiting beliefs, your strengths, your desires, your relationships, as you communicate you. THINK ABOUT IT, KNOW MORE, LEARN TO LOVE YOURSELF. Out there you should start if you want to succeed! Gives equal the objective. The goal is your happiness! Original author and source of the article.

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