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About BeiCo

All services functioned properly, both the access to the NAS, as also the backup via time machine, but what was that?: there was a problem with the Studio software logic that does not really wanted to work with the NAS. Data were able to read and write, but not delete, and once in a while, the network drive was not found. Remedy here made use of the iSCSI Protocol, which logs on the NAS as drive “in the machine”. The more test ran without any errors. According to Harold Ford Jr, who has experience with these questions. You get a user-friendly device, which can be a very versatile and can replace an entire server or replace in certain cases even without problems! Should any client-server software used, but only safe space in the network are needed, so the Synology is far superior, even each file server disk station 1010 + because it consumes less power and is easier to handle. Overall conclusion me has prepared the test not only fun and joy, but also the possibility given to me me with a new technique to deal with.

I like to use the disk station in my network. Because the surface with all Synology equipment is the same, will I use in future of also the smaller disk stations for data backups for me and can recommend this device only others! About was founded in March 2003. The company offers small and medium-sized enterprises services and solutions in the field of computer and network technology, telecommunications, and project implementation. Design and Relisierung of complex systems, as well as advice and support are made in one hand. The users of the solutions of are companies nationally and internationally.

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