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Abseiling is an extreme sport that consists of the vertical descent from high mountain peaks, with the use of a rope and a harness. To be able to practice it you need to use some elements of security. Originally it was an auxiliary technique of mountaineering, executed only by climbers and rescuers, however, very soon this practice became very popular, the difference almost completely of the escalation. The key is the use of a special technique, where, as the proverb says it, better mana that force, in the sense that the athlete will use its limited strength to be able to scroll in situations that appear to be defying the law of gravity in an intelligent manner. And precisely, one of the proposals of tourism in Mendoza more attractive and popular of the moment is the enormous amount of natural scenery where you can practice the rappel. One of the comparative advantages that has this interesting activity is that the equipment needed to practice this sport is extremely simple. The most important are the safety devices, whose goal is to provide the person a support line where its forces fallen, and this way to avoid his downfall in a vacuum.

For those who do not have experience, there are a myriad of companies dedicated to the practice of abseiling in Mendoza, who will provide all the necessary equipment, and offer security talks and the training required for power, almost literally, flying between mountains. Something which is indispensable to avoid inconvenience, is reviewing all equipment before starting to descend. It will be essential to discard the ropes with too much use, since this element permanently rubs with the naked stone. For this reason, hooks and harnesses must be evaluated and change them to doubt, because of the integrity of the equipment depends on the security of who practice this sport. Mendoza is a really favourable province for this sports. The numerous peaks of the cordillera of the Andes offer a significant amount of natural scenery that will delight anyone who loves heights and landscapes infinite. One of the most interesting places to visit is Potrerillos, distant only 50 km from the capital city. For this reason, who this spending their vacations in Mendoza should not perform this interesting excursion that will allow you to appreciate the Andes mountains from a totally different perspective.

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