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He influences them that the adolescents almost always receive do not come nor itself want of real people, these you influence many times comes of the medias and the consumerism. These boys and girls who mark fight for the Internet are a dangerous society inside of the general society, formed for parents without time to educate and to influence its children, are a society formed from the abandonment and of the distanciamento, the terceirizao of the education, the industry of the consumption, the losses of the human values, the depreciation of the soul and of life experience, everything this was substituted by the machine fabulosas and for the industry of the consumption and the profit, we forget that we are primitive in the soul, we are the same ones, and we must have the same values that had always guided the humanity. The fact of this society is incoherent to defend its adolescestes in such a way taking off of them its responsibilities for its proper formation and at the same time it abandons them the proper luck, this when we are not next the sufficient for influences educates them them and guides them. This incoherence is fruit of the distanciamento, this incoherence searchs to reward this distanciamento with freedoms of which the adolescents are not capable of direct them in beneficial way for itself and for the society. The adolescent is an individual that must be educated to assume the role of its parents, that is, of the adults who today current in the society. What it is occurring is the creation of a society inside of the society of parents and constructors of the general society, this society inside of the general society is formed by individual in formation phase, individuals that are not independent financially, socially, judicially, biological and closely e, therefore, need to be guided, to be educated, to be motivated, to be influenced etc These adolescents that fights in the Internet had formed its established proper values in the instincts most primitive of the men, the savagery, that it searchs to impose cultured it of violence and tests of bravuras so that they are accepted for the group, these adolescents are placing in practical what he is basic in any society, the acceptance of the individual, belonging to a group.

The fact to be this society you depend in everything on the general society, only remains they tested it primitive of the man, the savagery. In case descorda of this arrogant metallurgist observes that its children can be living at this accurate moment a life that you are unaware of total. This fact is much more that the individuality of its son, is the creation of a society. J.

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