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Alejandra History

Patagonia editions candle in the wind is pleased to announce the appearance of the second edition of History Alejandra mutual adoption Gloria Rafaela Petti a “Making the decision, face red, prejudices, hesitations and fears: the adoption is a journey with many obstacles but infinitely rewarding. Petti Gloria knows, suffers and rejoices. As the poet says, “sings and celebrates it.” (…) There are many books about adoption, about what to do and what not to do. This book is about something else, talk about what you do, what you feel, what we live. Petti Gloria does not count, does not narrate.

Testifies. Then let us guide you in this journey Gloria intense, personal, the adoption of Alejandra. Voyage has a beginning but no ending, because the link between them will continue growing and enriching and that, ultimately, will still be made for life. “Taken from the Foreword to the book written by Mr. Cesar Fernando Diaz. Says the writer Marcelo Di Marco: “In these dark times that the value of motherhood and family have been questioned demecialmente,” Alejandra, history of a mutual adoption “is to respond to the Culture of Death with the overwhelming power of love. Written from the soul, and through a precise and expressive style of Gloria Petti, this is a necessary book, which reach the heart of the father of each of the readers.

” Dalmiro Saenz says writer: “There are mothers beget children. Adopted children always do. There are mothers that breed books like this that you are holding. A great book written by a great writer. ” Soon in bookshops attached to our distribution system. 80-page book printed in neat illustration paper edition, format 15 x 21 with matte laminated cardboard cover national 300 g.

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