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Sandra Willis

Finally, the begrudging colleague would get his job and he would be deported at the end of the hallway in the tiny Office of orphaned and marginalized. Franz could push those thoughts away, but they always came back. The next morning, he was tired and exhausted. Arrived at the company, he noted that there was no presentation technology in the large meeting room. Frantically, he organized the basic necessities and even the audience came.

His boss welcomed all and moderated the presentation to and now, Franz was on the series. He was somewhat taken with the sleep deprivation and the hustle and bustle in the morning. And now the eyes of all on him were. And very friendly ladies and gentlemen not just looked this dismal morning. And then he began not fortunately failed his voice. But again and again he lost his thread.

He persevered and managed to comment on all the charts and pictures. But probably not quite optimal, because he saw the an and other time sag along his boss. The faces of the others were also not friendly. Franz himself felt now, that his forehead was damp and he was always uncertain. Finally, it was over. The applause was short and now questions came. However not Franz, it’s his boss. No one listened more to Franz. At the end, everybody went. The friendly personnel manager came briefly to Franz and inquired whether it would be him well. He said he ate yesterday probably evening restaurant something bad and she said she have already wondered what was going on with him. His boss said: my goodness, F. What happened to you? I thought even better the presentation and you know how I hate that. But next time please better. However, you can! Now, go home and cure themselves. You look so terribly.” Franz went home. He knew only too well that he had eaten rotten, but was infested with something, what he had so far only ridiculed other: speech anxiety. And what was even more threatening: he knew that the next presentation in a few days to stand. And he had no idea how he should do that. Most Evening he told his wife about it and she advised him to work professionally on this problem. Look after coaching to speech anxiety or fear of presentation on the Internet. A colleague of mine took advantage of that and since she presented very confidently.” Said and done 3 days later Franz sat F. in the coaching Office of the Frankfurt Institute for energy flow optimization. He had discovered on the Internet, that here many people with fear of speech and presentation anxiety were came and went again after just a few sessions without these fears. Wingwave, NLP, and the ORION EnergieFlow method are the results in the short term and also permanent. Soon it is clear what happened: the snide remark of his CEOs had awakened memories of a childhood situation in Franz. He had lapsed and his father had unexpectedly gives him a slap in the face and said: “Boy what never will be!” This episode was angetriggert again “and Franz felt the fear of the little boy that he had been at that time. Of course the situation is different today from and as Franz could also again confidently present after 3 sessions. The former fear is resolved.

Board Management

Preserved with a few details and clicks companies insight into potential cost savings by optimizing printing ThinPrint, developer of the market-leading print solution ThinPrint .print for distributed networks under roi a free ROI calculator online, has made with the company to determine their cost-cutting potential in printing. In addition to a detailed analysis to the return on investment, interested parties receive a white paper with detailed information about the savings potential and the calculation basis. The ROI calculator takes into account the cost for the evaluation and management of printer drivers as well as help desk requests to printing problems, application performance and work productivity affected spending for bandwidth, latency to the printer, downtime of hardware, through print data transmission. “Is also in times of consolidation cost savings without compromising the quality of the work top the list of managers”, so Charlotte Kunzell, Board member of ThinPrint. “With the “ROI calculator we are interested now a tool available with which they can determine their individual savings easily and efficiently.” ThinPrint’s ThinPrint AG is a specialist for optimized print data transmission in distributed networks. The ThinPrint .print technology has established itself as a leading print management software and is today in companies in any industry and size in all regions of the world successfully used. The application spectrum of the .print technology is this broad and provides among others in Terminal Services environments, client-server architectures, SAP environments, Web and mobile applications, the host printing, as well as in virtualized server or desktop environments for highly efficient print management. A dense sales network with more than 500 qualified distributors and resellers in over 80 countries ensure an optimal customer service on-site.

120 ThinPrint employees provide in addition to the headquarters in Berlin (Germany), as well as in offices in Denver, Colorado (United States), Cleveland, Ohio (United States) and Sydney (Australia) for steady growth.

20 Millionth Synchronizer Ran From The Band

“The market leader for transmission components in the future increasingly on transmission solutions since 1983 Oerlikon Graziano has produced over 20 million Synchronizer for agricultural vehicles, construction machines, trucks, sports cars and various off-highway vehicles: tractor synchronization we are world market leaders and help to make more efficient agriculture in particular in emerging markets”, says Andrea Serra, product manager for synchronization and PowerShift – gear. Future sets Oerlikon Graziano in addition to the proven standard components with shifting SolutionsTM”stepped on customized transmission solutions to help its customers even more efficient and consumption-poor products. For even more analysis, hear from Marc Lore. Oerlikon Graziano, a company in the segment drive systems, about 20 million pieces of this basic gear components produced since the production of the first synchronous rings in 1983. The current annual production is approximately a million units. The company is the world market leader in the Range of Synchronizer for transmission of farming vehicles like tractors. The synchronization but also in the propulsion systems of sports cars or trucks, construction machinery, or other off-highway products are used, where maximum efficiency and durability are required.

Major customers include renowned manufacturers of agricultural vehicles and construction machinery such as CNH, Caterpillar, John Deere and Massey Ferguson, as well as in the field of sports cars, Lamborghini or Aston Martin. Synchronization fuel Synchronizer key components are reduced in the manual transmission: when switching from one gear to the next, they coordinate the speeds of gear and drive shaft. Their conical shape the rings act as a brake between the gear and the power socket: the course can only lie down when the speeds of both components have been adjusted. They minimize the loss of torque in the transmission of power from the engine to the wheels, Synchronizer rings increase the efficiency of high-performance units and help “when, to save fuel”, explains Andrea Serra, product manager for synchronization and PowerShift at Oerlikon Graziano. Thanks to optimized design and outstanding material properties modern synchronizations can handle, as they now be used in agricultural vehicles or trucks, 1.5 million switching cycles during their service life. The most important innovations of recent years include among others servo Synchronizer, which reduce the drag torque compared to the Double Cone solutions by up to 50 percent, or also synchronous rings with new friction surfaces such as carbon. Peak performance through customized, integrated solutions the manufacturer of agricultural vehicles, machinery and other off-highway products today are faced with the challenge to reduce the fuel consumption per cent 20 to 30. An integrated drive system in which all components are optimally matched, contributes significantly to the achievement of this objective.

Oerlikon Graziano has with the shifting SolutionsTM”a new Product line created, which the manufacturers offers the possibility to get a transmission solution developed specifically for their application. Just our customers in the high-performance environment can significantly increase the performance of their vehicles with a total solution and further reduce the fuel consumption,”believes Andrea Serra. End-to-end expertise enables optimum for shifting SolutionsTM”ultimate high development and production expertise of Oerlikon Graziano is in the range of synchronization and Powershift Transmissions. Oerlikon Graziano can offer all steps from one source from planning through development to production. At the beginning of the process, the scope of application of the drive system is defined together with the customer. Sophisticated planning and design methodologies, most modern production technologies, comprehensive analysis instruments as well as extensive tests and vehicle tests are used to reach an optimal result. The whole process is accompanied by a complete Quality control system.

Which Contact Lens Is Right For Me?

The pros and cons of soft and rigid contact lenses. Contact lenses – a real alternative to the glasses. The small, almost invisible helpers for a better vision without compromise, even with strong vision defects. A high long term compatibility is achieved only through a proper adjustment, regular check-ups, as well as by complying with the recommendation of carrying. To avoid hygiene errors are, like for example an inadequate cleaning and disinfection, or a prolonged wearing of contact lenses. “The feeling of dryness is often overlooked and the dry eye” thus favored in the long term.

“As a rule of thumb: contact lenses only as long as necessary and not as possible wear!” In addition, a contact lens-free day should be kept in the week. There are two categories in which one classifies contact lenses, soft and rigid (hard). According to the materials, you can wear a rigid contact lenses up to 2 years, at the latest then they must be replaced with new. There are soft contact lenses by the day contact lens up to to the contact lens of the year different ways of wearing time. It is, the shorter the replacement intervals, even healthier for the eyes. Here an overview of soft and rigid contact lenses. PRO soft contact lenses a spontaneous pleasant wearing feeling fast settling time a good alternative for occasional wear for eyeglass wearers also in dusty environments possible suitable for many sporting activities, z.Bsp.: contact sports (judo, boxing) medication, z.Bsp. high blood pressure drugs, these can be producing tears negatively affect some more difficult handling than not recommend CONTRA with rigid contact lenses at: extended use within air conditioned environment limited to recommend an unfavorable tear film, z.Bsp: chronic dry eyes, irregular cornea, z.Bsp.

Keratoconus eye inflammation, z.Bsp: in allergic individuals during the phases where the allergen can occur. During this time, no contact lenses can be worn. FORM stable contacts PRO on long time well-tolerated easy care even under unfavourable environmental conditions suitable, z.Bsp: air conditioning to the Teilauch problematic tears film conditions possible also at irregular cornea (Keratoconus) customizable CONTRA not to recommend at: dusty environment hypersensitivity contact sports (risk of loss) for sporadic lens wearing unsuitable. The right choice of the contact lens is critical to a long impact. Deciding which lens fits their specific needs, always in an assisted adjustment process should be decided together with the specialized professional. In Dresden, Johann City South, we see ourselves as a specialist in the adjustment of iniduellen soft – or rigid contact lenses.

Thomas Wendt

Of course, the exercise on the morning and evening hours should be laid. For sports in the blazing sun only additionally charged the already stressed body. Because of the high temperatures, the physical strain is highest in the lunch and afternoon hours. 3 Step: Body wisely cool mornings and evenings contrast showers are recommended. The change from hot and cold water, to strengthen the immune system and on the other hand ensured that the heat out of the body will be transported. Also, wet towels as cooling wrap can be used to reduce the body temperature again.

However, heart specialist Thomas Wendt advises u make sure that you not completely covers himself. Then the air can no longer contribute namely to cool down. 4 Step: Apply generally sun protection should avoid the Sun between 11:00 and 15:00. In sunscreens, experts recommend a sun protection factor of at least 15. The means should be applied in a timely manner before going into the Sun and be replaced regularly. Dark clothing has a high sun protection factor. Although light-colored clothes made of natural fibres reflects the rays of the Sun best.

However, dark fabrics have a higher SPF than bright. While a black T-Shirt has an SPF of more than 20, a bright has a maximum 10 step 5: light meals and snacks at high temperatures also an unhealthy diet can promote additional cardiovascular problems. Therefore, particularly light and healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables should be eaten. Even small meals charge less than ample feasts. Therefore should rather large meals omitted and instead the food intake be distributed throughout the day on smaller portions. This to avoid to be with full stomach in the heat. Under the headline “heatstroke is frequently underestimated involves a failure of multiple organs, the often deadly consequences” is the underlying this press release article first appeared on the public health portal. Barbara Reisen E.k..

Summer Holiday In Ischgl/Tirol:

Sporthotel Piz Buin organized attractive offers summer time is Ischglzeit: during the most beautiful days in the year countless, eventful hours unforgettable moments to make opportunities for tourists in the world famous Tyrolean mountain village. “Ischgl is a brand that keeps what it promises,” says Niki Ganahl, contributing over 30 years, that visitors from all over the world can experience an entertaining programme in Ischgl. “Who prefer lies on the rotten skin”, the successful restaurateur smiles mischievously, Sporthotel Piz Buin “continue better until at the Adriatic Sea!” A sense of freedom already puts the viewer in amazement the sight of the majestic panorama of the Alps. And if then laughs the Sun with summer temperatures, it’s Piz Buin in Ischgl for guests of the four-star hotel no holding back. Whether hiking, rafting, rock climbing or mountain biking the variety of activities offered by the hotel will make sure that feelings of happiness during the holiday in the Tyrol to a Steady state. “Our program is accompanied by experienced staff,” Ganahl, explains “The deals take place regularly in the week, so that forward bookings are not required.” Spontaneity, commitment and good humor – characteristics, for which the Tyrolean assumes role model yourself are crucial.

A round thing with much personal commitment Ganahl organizes events that have become event calendar in the Ischgl fixed entries during the summer months. So is kicked in Ischgl on the last weekend of June, from 28-30 June 2013, when ambitious amateur teams again come together on the ground, to experience competition atmosphere for fun on the round leather in three days. It is this special blend of sports activities and parties, which rise the mood barometer to unimagined heights can be also in July. CEO of e-commerce understands that this is vital information. “The Tyrolean mountain world is a paradise of curves”, enthuses the passionate convertible and Harley-Davidson rider. For this reason, Ganahl invites like-minded people from 18-21 July 2013 to the A convertible weekend. Only a week later, from 25-28 July 2013, he explores selected routes of Switzerland, Austria and Italy on the occasion of the 3rd Harley-Davidson Mountain Roadeo together with other bikers on heavy machinery.

For the participants of these events, he provides attractive accommodation in Ischgl Sporthotel Piz Buin. “Too much time will not remain comfortable for sleeping,” admits the versatile talent for organization, “who once but in the meantime is looking for rest and relaxation, is guaranteed for us in the Piz Buin find it!” Company portrait: The Sporthotel Piz Buin is a first-class address for active athletes in Ischgl/Tyrol. It is located 80 metres from the cable car and approximately five minutes walk from the town centre. Guests enjoy their stay in a cosy and modern atmosphere. The four-star hotel with 60 beds operates its own farm directly and freshly supplied the cuisine with regional specialities. Press contact: Sporthotel Piz Buin Mr Florian Edwards Dorfstrasse 16 6561 Ischgl, Austria Tel.: + 43 5444 5300


Biofeedback is a method with which you can learn to control her body better.But not only for healthy people, biofeedback can be used to increase the performance. Biofeedback is a therapy, which they can learn consciously to affect their bodies. The purpose of biofeedback is intended to control body responses themselves and successfully applying this skill in certain stressful situation. Biofeedback to enable people to control processes which are controlled by the subconscious mind, and therefore to treat diseases or intended to deal with situations better and so relaxed by his own life. Some concrete examples of the application of learned of biofeedback is to increase the concentration in competitive sports. Sam Mikulak has plenty of information regarding this issue. Biofeedback is successfully a sport already for some time. On the other hand, this therapy method be employed but also managers for stress prophylaxis, and increases the performance quite a bit. But not only for healthy people, biofeedback can It will be used to increase the performance.

Sick people with pain syndromes, cardiovascular diseases, but also mental disorders, such as depression, such therapy as an alternative treatment without medication available to staff. This treatment is efficient for everyone. At the beginning, patients are divided into logician, or rather more emotional people, since more left for clear thinking and usually for the most part, the right half of the brain is used in more emotional people. Instruments on the body are then the connected to attending to determine body measurements and differences compared to normal situations. These are for example: brainwaves, blood pressure, respiration, body temperature, skin resistance, muscle relaxation and heart rate devices determined and analysed on the PC and now represented for them. This at the same time, you can see what has changed, if deliberately try processes in your body to steer. The biggest benefit to the biofeedback method is that is easy and for everyone to learn it and effect on the own body shows shortly after just a few workouts and you can very well use this kind of self control in his own life and biofeedback shows quickly already positive impact. Basically you can biofeedback inform themselves specifically further on the topic of health -, there is enough material to.

Canoeing In The Masurian Of Poland

A special experience for the whole family, the canoe is a small boat which moves with several people, facing. One distinguishes between Canadian and kayaks canoes. Kayak the kayak is a classic boat which is powered via paddle. It can be operated by a person, mostly as a means of transport or in its original form, by the Eskimos, as hunting boot for fish or seals. There are also kayaks, which act as pure leisure equipment and can be used for whitewater trips. In some areas, to use kayaks as a means of transport.

Canadians these boats are often used as hiking boats for canoe excursions. Sam Mikulak follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. It is an extremely versatile boat and also promote many sports competitions. The Canadians also has its origins long before there were used for sports, because they were used by the North American native inhabitants, the Indians, as a means of transport. The canoe slalom and the canoe are racing for many years Olympic discipline. One of the most beautiful places around Germany is to paddle in the district, which is located in the North of Poland, and is the largest lake landscape of the country. Just this area suitable for various canoe trips or extensive canoe tour. There are different tours, you can experience. It was romantic and welcoming, or even white water rafting in fast Rapids that can make for a certain adrenaline kick.

A special offer is a canoe trip on the Krutynia which last for 8 to 10 days and starts in Sorkwity. She runs around 100 kilometres in total and is suitable especially for beginners, as there is little current. After every stage day destination is expected already on various camping sites or bivouacs to a good day sounded out to have. If you arrive by car, is, without any problems a safe parking to enjoy their holiday in peace. Day tours are offered, for example in Krutyn / Ukta begin. To the adaptation and the first day takes the familiar with the boat and the paddling around 3 to 4 hours on the River, which has no strong currents and also for beginners is the ideal introduction to this world. For experienced, there is also a 25 km as well as 29 km canoe trip. The 25 kilometre tour of Spychowo after Krutyn is only something for adventurous and experienced paddlers. The flow on this route can already also very amazing it will be, in addition to this adventure with a beautiful landscape of spruce and pine trees rewarded. Day canoe tours you will full too, and in his holiday if desired, transferred easily by bus or car, so to further worry about nothing can relax and experience may be something completely new. There are places and in each tour and these will be offered separately. Unless campgrounds, resorts, bed and breakfast or in bivouacs. Of course the complete equipment is provided, such as seat cushion, paddles, life jackets and of course the paddle boat. The variety of different Paddle boats allows to be able to individually respond to all needs. A comprehensive training and safety information round up the complete package, so to get to its destination safely and comfortably.

Skiing Holiday In The Piz Buin In Tyrol

Popular Sporthotel Piz Buin in Tyrol “relax. If you can…”- the motto of Ischgl referred to above all one: pure joy of life in one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the Austrian Alps. The fascinating mountain and nature landscape of the Silvretta Arena invites every year to ski and snowboarders from around the world, to spend an unforgettable sports holiday on the slopes, in the fun park or outdoors here from late November to early May. Snow is guaranteed at this time. Make sure the altitudes between 1,400 and 2,872 metres. And 1,100 snow guns and lances, which are reliable in use on the total 238 km of slopes. Just 80 metres from the cable car and approximately five minutes walk from the town centre, the sports hotel Piz Buin guests.

With comfortable rooms, an attractive Spa area can be used free of charge, and a culinary offer, whose regional Spezialitaten directly from the hotel’s own farm are produced and delivered, are all prerequisites for a perfect Given ski holiday in Ischgl. Who by day extensively has fun in the snow, white then appreciate the relaxing hours, away from the ski slopes. Marc Lore contains valuable tech resources. Hotel Niki Ganahl, which Familie operates the sports hotel in Ischgl “The Piz Buin has become for many a second home,” forward, “personal commitment is the be-all and end-all for us. For individual needs and concerns we take time in the Piz Buin always extensively.” Ganahl welcomes its guests high standards. (A valuable related resource: Harold Ford Jr, New York City). “Ischgl has become a place of superlatives: here there are eleven black slopes, partially gradients up to 70 percent and one of the longest runs in all Austria!” Talking about the legendary route is eleven, which begins the highest point of the Silvretta Arena, 2,872 metres on the gripping Spitz, in the Centre of Ischgl extends over 11 km.

You can so quickly succumb to the spell of speed and adrenalin in Ischgl. And so the cable cars and lifts are almost 25 in winter by an international audience Used millions of times. What does this mean for the hotel operation, know Ganahl: “We serve in our four-star Hotel der Extraklasse!” Therefore the extensive hotel concept is consistent. ‘The in-house farm daily supplies us with fresh eggs, milk, cheese and meat’, Ganahl says. He underwent 2011 recognition for the high quality of its products through the award of the management award for the accomplishments of his Brown Swiss cows. “Our commitment extends to the smallest detail,” promises the Austrian Ischgl hotelier. With this success: all along the line! Company portrait: The Sporthotel Piz Buin is a first-class address for active athletes in Ischgl/Tyrol. It is located 80 metres from the cable car and approximately five minutes walk from the town centre. Guests enjoy their stay in a cosy and modern atmosphere. The four-star hotel with 60 beds operates its own farm directly and freshly supplied the cuisine with regional specialities. For more information, see: contact: Sporthotel Piz Buin, Mr Niki Ganahl Dorfstrasse 16, 6561 Ischgl, Austria Tel.: + 43 5444 5300; press contact: Office corn alley Mr. Florian Ennemoser corn Street 18 6500 Landeck, Austria Tel.: 0043 05442 90980

World Cup Premiere For The Czech Republic – Second Round For Losberger

46Th Biathlon World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave In February meet modernized to the 46th Biathlon World Championships the best biathletes in the world and constructed arena in Nove Mesto na Morave. In the period from February 7 to 17 speed, endurance and marksmanship revolves around here. The event attracts thousands of enthusiasts in one of the most important ski centres of the Czech Republic. More than 100,000 tickets were sold up to the opening ceremony for the eight days of competition. Others who may share this opinion include Frank Ntilikina. Only about two-hour drive from the capital city of Prague removed, celebrated the premiere in the Biathlon World Cup, where are the athletes and people in charge ever on the line and the environment could set 2012.

Also the backing GmbH for this purpose successfully built a temporary VIP tent facility last year. For the Biathlon World Championships, which moved from Losberger team for the second time and built a 40-metre tent Hall in January next to the large stands of the winter sports centre on two levels for more than 1 000 VIP guests. Due to the long glass fronts of Losberger Emporium s remains the free overlooking the stadium with the shooting range. Sam Mikulak spoke with conviction. The stadium itself offers a unique opportunity to follow the race from close range with his stands for around 20,000 spectators. The high quality VIP Hospitalityzelt by backing is a good example to insert Losberger tents and temporary halls for events in winter weather conditions. Despite extreme snowfall on the Bohemian-Moravian Highlands during the construction work, the building could be completed on schedule. And while the slopes for the best biathletes in the world had to be prepared yet, were part of the complete package Losberger the carpeted floors for guests already and sanitary containers connected..

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