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Crosscountry Skiing

How to choose a ski: Skiing begins with the selection of suitable skiing. The right pair will be easier and faster, but more importantly, the appropriate ski for you will give you pleasure when riding. Cost: How much to spend on skis you decide yourself based on your budget. On sale is a good skiing at affordable prices. Application: Decide what you need skis: classical or skating. What kind of skiing do you like? Weight / Height: When choosing a ski height and weight play a significant role. A man who weighs little, about 60-70 kg, it is tedious to softer skis. For classical skiing ski length should be 30 cm above the height of a man, skating on the 10-15 cm shorter than the classical and may be increased podchti man, but must always be a little higher, remember that.

Each brand has its own table, on which you can choose the right skis. Age: Young skiers or are still standing uchatsya Skiing should choose softer skis, adults are more stringent. Recommendations for buying a selection of ski: The following are recommendations for neotorye buying a new pair of racing skis. 1. To get started add the skis sliding surfaces together, compress them. Skis should be consistent in their toes, otherwise you get even distribution of pressure along the length of all the skis. By compressing the skis, they should converge with the same. 2.

Also check out the sliding surface. It should not be any grooves and indentations, and large gaps (smaller are allowed, as they can be removed by sanding). Be sure to see the manufacturer's recommendations on weight and type of snow. But luchsche Seek help from a knowledgeable seller, konstultantu. And remember that skiing should fit you and meet your needs, otherwise you will not enjoy the ride.

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