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More than 10,000 sports coaches each year obtained his degree outside the academic realm may from now integrated into the education system, now that the new management of sports lessons, approved last October, extensive regulation of the qualifications of sports technicians of intermediate and higher level to the sports of the 63 Spanish federationsincluding those of persons with disabilities. It facilitates the incorporation of sportsmen of high level and performance to these teachings by granting academic value to its sporting experience.With the approval last October 19, 2007 the Royal Decree for the management of the sports teaching of special regime, developed and promoted by the Higher Council for sports, is granted to these teachings the official character and academic validity which already recognized the organic law of education to integrate them within the educational system, giving similar treatment to the different teachings, including the Sports teachings of mid-grade in post-compulsory secondary education, and sports lessons from top grade within higher education.One of the most significant innovations that brings this Royal Decree to sports lessons is that it regulates all sports, and where appropriate modalities specialties, which are recognized by the Higher Council for sports. In this way, is wide the previous regulations, which only regulated six modalities (skiing, basketball, football, mountain, athletics and handball), extending to the sports of the 63 Spanish federations recognised by the Council, which includes those of disabled.According to the calendar of implantation of the LOE, before December 31 of the year 2007, the Government will initiate the establishment of these new qualifications, which will allow about 10,000 coaches that annually earned a degree through courses within the framework of the sports system, but outside the academic realm, is integrated into the educational system. The Royal Decree also establishes system equivalence, approvals and validations that will allow more than 300,000 technicians trained previously in tiers such as monitor, regional trainer or national coach, to equate his titles to the new official teachings.Others of the beneficiaries of this legislation will be high-level and high-performance athletes.

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