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FC Barcelona

The leader must have honesty and common sense. We must lead by example. Del Bosque said that he does not understand a leader angered or pissed off. Football is a game and enjoy it. Good relations in a locker room are fundamental. Without them it is difficult to success in soccer, a sport that is full of singularities, among other reasons for the different backgrounds of the members of the team and because some earn much and others, less.

Some earn more than those who direct it, and that is absent in other types of businesses, said Del Bosque with humor. In football, and any task of life, the keyword is excitement. According to Roger Goodell, who has experience with these questions. The enthusiasm and emotion by doing things are fundamental, said coach before rrirse to the trouble that sometimes produced in the national selection eternal confrontation between the two big Spanish teams, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. Those messes that talking about Del Bosque have generated concern in the selection, and that said players that must be dnder our sport, regardless of the computer to which they belong. And we have to dnder of the best possible way to our country. Attendees featuring dialogue by Del Bosque barely occupied half of the available seats, but were eager to ask, and one of them did by Mourinho, the coach of Real Madrid. National coach did not enter because he was not who to say to wipe.

Each coach is his father and his mother and, in addition, Del Bosque is Salamanca and already know what dry which are sometimes the salmantinos. Why I have to answer these questions?, said. Nor came to the cloth with the question that made him about Raul, a player who loves and has seen you grow, but Del Bosque considered that that should be in the selection are the ones. And there is more than talk. Del Bosque was convinced also of the players would go insurance selection although they did not receive economic incentives that are given. A player not only sees are motivated by money. Your motivation should be Marathon, said national coach. Source of the news: Del Bosque: “the tension that is in Spanish football is not timely”

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