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Some people will say, giving its own perspective or questioning this note, that collect data is of the utmost importance today. It is possible, nothing is exempt from this reality, but if you are going to the heart of the matter of that would help you to know that there is a crack in the universe or a fissure less, only by the mere fact of collecting such data, without knowing if in the future it could be usable or practical?. That is the problem which therefore time, students have had to pass, the mere compilation of data is given to which extremely important, while more data has the child, it is wise. It sounds good, but what little practical we have become. Okay possess data and more data, I am not against that, but if we really want to educate future generations, teach him about life in practical terms and they will see as students and people in general, resurgirian like the Phoenix.

So much is that we boast of ancient cultures such as the Greeks, because of them and their example we were able to build a society more educated and reasonable, without staying in the rustic and extreme barbarism. But there is an issue that has to be considered of extreme importance, first when the Greeks achieved an economic level quite fluid and stable, is from hence became interested in poetry, the Arts in general studies, philosophy, etc. Without ruling out that already there were philosophers and sages of renamed category. We can now say today that only a sketch of what was Greece and his empire, is what takes place in this society, in schools and universities, more charged by the materialistic competitive side excluding that overall everything by which the Greeks excelled. Clear example is educational intervention carried out under a social educational framework of a teacher (a) physical education, that only devotes one to two hours so that the students cultivate the body once a week and that, in a very passive way. For what say philosophy, mathematics and natural sciences, only pointing to certain characters, not reaching to delve into the inside of each student as they actually did the Greeks. The truth is that the Greeks not only cultivated the body, the mind, psyche, but also cultivated the spirit through meditation and the feeling, something that today is not, except in the East. Hopefully tomorrow in the not too distant future, educational institutions incorporate the personal development of all students at the domestic level, so that really follow the example of wise and ancient cultures. Original author and source of the article.

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