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all about growing plants at home and in the free energy saving light bulbs for plants mini-sensor there are many. Not all are effective. The reason is that these bulbs don’t always see aspects produced, taking into account the needs of growing or flowering plants. So, the color spectrum, but also shape and size are very important factors to design well-functioning mini-sensor. Also many of the offered bulbs have not specified performance, deviations are the norm at many CFL bulbs up or down. The new Greenbud DoublePower was developed for the specific needs of growing and flowering plants.

It may be due to the low heat development directly (distance 5 cm) are hung above the tops of the plants and develop the full growth and flower power. The red colour spectrum (2700 K) supplies the plants with the spectrum of light necessary for the flower formation and can lead to best results in the smallest space in low heat development. The low heat development is also Reason that DoublePower the performance of the required fan can be selected less than when using the Greenbud as when using high pressure lamps, which leads to a further energy saving. The GreenBud double power are currently available in four versions: A 125 Watt and a 200 watt version with 6400 K for the vegetative phase, and for mother plants and ever a 125 and a 200 watt bulbs with 2700 K for flowering. In the near future, also a 300 watt version for the growth and the flowering phase is to be available. The GreenBud Doubele power can be purchased online at and 43 euros as 125 watt version. The 200 watt version is to have an introductory price of 65 euros.

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