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Innovative concept of donations provides 1500 for Youth Football Association Sabiq has come together with the Aachen/Hamburg Internet Agency up youth football an innovative concept of donations. An additional module for the eCommerce shopping cart software Magento, which has developed the Agency, was not sold, but quasi free given for a donation to the Foundation. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Samuel “Sam” Mikulak on most websites. On Thursday, the 23.09.10 Managing Director Dr. Erwin Lammenett handed a cheque of 1500 on the youth leaders and the Chairman of the Association of friends of the SV Stolberg. Already for several years, team in medias, supported again charitable projects – mostly in the sports environment. Often, children and young people at the forefront of the Agency’s efforts are. From the perspective of team in medias, the Youth Department of the SV Stolberg is a worthy recipient of the acquired funds.

With about 340 children and young people in 22 youth teams an excellent Jungendarbeit provided there, says Managing Director Dr. Erwin Lammenett. The module is for all Shop operators want to interesting use the Magento system and operate its affiliate program in-house. It is always relevant, if they were rejected by networks such as Affili.NET or zanox, or if you want to save the 30% Commission that normally flows to the networks. For shop operators, the module offers many advantages. Information interested parties under the URL P/Magento/app-affiliate-marketing-magento.html. SV is one of the oldest sports clubs in the Aachen region Breinig. This year, the Association celebrated 100 years anniversary.

It is the home Club of the longtime DFB President Egidius Braun. With 22 youth teams, the Club has the largest youth Department in the District of Aachen. team in medias, is an Internet Agency of the first hour with offices in Aachen and Hamburg. The company was founded in 1995 – for more than 10 years design, design, program and we promote websites, intranet and multimedia applications and online shops.

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