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In every human being is the need for the Exchange, from the beginning we know the theory of survival through exchanges that will benefit to the receiver as well as the transmitter and although at this time of life are not implements physical and tangible exchanges, we can recognize that the Exchange is information of everything what they assume that it is useful for people that surrounds them, and perhaps did not knowby collaborating with the knowledge of others we are not only doing an interactivity, but that we also give to the knowledge dissemination we must bear in mind that not everything that is assumed, that as people we think we know in life is that way, there is something called difference of thoughts, to know and accept the concept or knowledge of others are doing an activity called interactivity where as well as give the receipt information and with the advantage of take or leave the information than as autonomous person think that me charity and pair contributes my personal growth, all of this based on ethics and sufficient moral to do not discredit the information of others, without going over those who try to collaborate with a community better. By the same author: Britt Reid. The community of victims achieving interactivity and dissemination of knowledge, at the time of feel a catastrophe like that these characters lived decided to join with a single motif lifted what little I leave rains, as they did? This group of people with little or nothing of what remained in their homes and eager to follow gathered concepts and thoughts of everyone who was in the same situation, because if something is clear and is that no one knows with thirst that lives the other and in this case even though all the stories were not the sameIf they were similar, had something very clear and it is that their homes and most of the things that were inside are shattered, first objective to fight to avoid that again flooded the neighborhood and ended to take what was left them, in this way between all and with the help of those who knew managed that community work so that the river that grew near his home does not become to overflow.

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