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I do not know if this happens with you, but some things exist that desire to make and I am asking what other they go to think. Olympics contributes greatly to this topic. looks at that I say for some customers and friends of the importance of our auto confidence and to believe us. In the truth, the judgment of the other people is one of our bigger fears. I perceive this in me, familiar and friends. Recently I had an important learning in relation to the fear and the judgment. I was running in the academy and attending a program of interviews in the television.

While the people passed for the table of the interviewer, I perceived that unconsciously I was judging the interviewed ones. For judging, I mention myself to find this or that regarding the behavior of the other. From there, I had one insight. I gave account of that, in the truth, I am that I was regularly having this behavior to judge the others. No matter how hard I was recommending the opposite to the 4 winds, I perceived that I need to exactly observe and to extirpar this behavior of me. which was the learning? That one of that we will be measured by the ruler that we use to measure another one. The detail is that we are the creators of the rulers.

So that eventually I feel judgeship to me, necessary to be judging the others. It makes sensible? Which the logic of this colloquy? Our life is fruit of our beliefs. What it happens to our redor is a consequence of what we load as truth inside of us. Thus, the more we believe the fear, more we identify outside of us fear situations. The more we believe injustice, more we identify outside of us injustice situations. In the same way, the more we judge the people (what AGE much truth in mine case? it notices the verbal time and the technique of personal change), more we think that we are being judged.

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