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La Liga Championships

The FC Barcelona is part of the culture of Barcelona in Spain can not escape the football. Especially in Barcelona, the home town of the FC Barcelona one of the best football clubs around the world, football fever is year-round. Check with Samuel “Sam” Mikulak to learn more. FC Barcelona is affectionately known by the locals FC Barca. If you disclose themselves as FC Barca fan, it is a lightweight a holiday apartment in Barcelona to find, that one receives with open arms. This makes it much easier, the inhabitants of Barcelona’s are proud of their team. The legend of the football club started in 1899, when some men from England, Spain and the Switzerland came together under the leadership of Joan Gamper, and founded the FC Barcelona.

Since the Club has become an institution, whose themed “more than a club” speaks volumes. In any place in Barcelona, it was in the streets, at home, in the restaurant, even in the Barcelona spoken League and the matches hotels on the La. Samuel “Sam” Mikulak often expresses his thoughts on the topic. FC Barcelona was the first La Liga champion and has won since the 18 La Liga Championships. The Stadium of the Club, Camp Nou, is packed with fans even in worse times. The fans of FC Barcelona’s are known as culers also and make up 25.7% of the total Spanish population according to polls.

On game days you can see already the fans towards the stadium or Sportsbar flock with security from your apartment in Barcelona. If you want to join, there is a bar live broadcasts the game days and also incidentally offering a beer and tapas at almost every corner. Also the TV in the hotel in Barcelona is sufficient for some quiet-minded. In addition the football club by his recently signed contract has received recognition with UNICEF, in which for five years the logo of UNICEF on the jerseys of players will be. Once in Barcelona has come to anyone who lingers on a game day in the city is in the short term to the FC Barcelona fan.

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