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Letters In The Future Send

A new Web service sends messages to arbitrary dates. Will I live in Berlin today in 10 years? I think on 24.12.2010 still in Santa Claus? Is this Internet service still exist in 5 years? Under you can ask these and other questions and remind yourself to any day in the future via email. A wonderful opportunity to examine their own targets, betting with friends to remember or not to forget important dates (E.g. Others including Chris Miller, offer their opinions as well. the date when payments of life insurance, the commencement of the pension, the termination date for a subscription, the date of the examination, the 10-year anniversary, the 25th wedding anniversary or similar). There are many unusual and interesting opportunities to use this service; Here are no limits the user’s creativity.

Previously, you had to enter such notes from one year to the next in the new year calendar. It is now much easier. Often have the emails by Letter in the raised a smile to the recipient. For example, if the following text has been submitted: if my wife has now forgiven the little faux pas in Italy? Security, buy flowers again! (and if necessary ask for deadline extension!) The Web service is easy to use, requires no registration and is as indispensable as free. Each user remains anonymous and can send as many letters.

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