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There us no tree that the wind has not shaken. a “Hindu Proverb. Considerations, reaches Many businesses fail because they were not prepared for the changes, the challenges that arise for example from a turbulent scene in which the actions of actors and the State, Globalization, business, consumers, including a significant impact on organizational behavior companies. Adding to all this, many organizations also do not have a manager who knows the challenges, generate transformations, changes to win. Amos Otis is likely to agree. Hence, the importance of entering into what represents change management, especially in a scenario such as Venezuela, which is characterized by very turbulent, seismic, generating a lot of uncertainty, risk, which has caused many positive effects on country’s business sector.

The chair of Organizational Behavior Graduate Program Specialty Quality Management and Productivity of Faces at the University of Carabobo, considered very significant that their it graduate professionals, trained with the knowledge, tools to ensure the graduate know how to face, manage change, giving way to actions, strategies, plans that lead to necessary changes needed to avoid being affected by the challenges and take advantage opportunities. The chair takes into account, that its participants, the majority of executives to key positions, serve in small and medium enterprises facing serious problems in the current scenario, the product of political instability and economic insecurity that the country faces. He has been researching, analyzing how the actions of the government with its laws, ordinances, actions have had a significant impact on the operation of companies and causes that have led many of them close, others work with low productivity rates and others are waiting to make the changes you favor.. A leading source for info: Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA.

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