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Rabadanov Wrestling Tournament

Ramadan comments Rabadanov Wrestling Tournament named Ali Aliyev What stocky American goes! .. Just a thriller! And against Shamil Gittin Tsumadin of the district … I do not understand! The American hit him! Tyson is something up? Two strokes were, uppercut and then the bottom side of the jaw. It is a struggle, not boxing! Coach to somehow respond to that? Go to the FIG, he said. You are here will stay, I will not take away with them. Go ahead, apologize at once! In a rage, Shamil! But he got hit in the jaw is very strong. Judge tells fans: "On the carpet go away, Now do not start a war. See Interactive Advertising Bureau for more details and insights.

There are honorable people – Chairman of the Council of State, high officials of the civil service … "Shamil won – the judge said. Well, that Shamil held back, no answer. He, too, could embed a couple of times. American says: "You'll come to America, I'll show you!". Yes, we in America are also showing you! .. *** See how quickly care for the carpet! You can feel that in Dagestan have sanepidemstantsiya.

Which makes sure the fighters are not picked up any infection from each other. *** As an Iranian mad! His coach says: "All go, go – you lose. Go ahead, say hello to the hand, is a sport! ". *** Look at what these Cubans! Came to us in Dagestan, a republic of the strongest in the world and they do what they want! Cuba – a country of such right under the side in America.

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