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Sergio Rossi

Amilcar Sheep, in the cited column, takes off the conclusion: ' ' The fact is that, with or without decree of holiday, the city really stopped to receive the team So Paulo. It must have been intentionally facultative point without formalities, likeable attitude of mayor Vicente Rasp, that would invert the importance of the event, leaving for the pontepretanos the glory to have come here and to the castanhalenses not to receive them. It is for these and for that Castanhal has histria.' ' Detail: the Castanhal, established in 07.09.1924, has for mascote the Japim or Japiim, a bird of black and yellow penalties, that are the colors of the club. According to Amilcar Sheep, in email of 31.05.2004, rumors run of that the choice of an animal was influence of that historical one visit of the Monkey. Clarified the circumstances of the departure, we go finally to the fiche of the game, registered in the workmanship of Sergio Rossi: CASTANHAL 1 x 6 BLACK BRIDGE Date: 18.03.1955 Place: field of the Castanhal Castanhal: Par; Fogo and J.

Alves; Melo, Peroba and Zadir; Waldir, Mustache, Brito (1), Carlito and Barbadinho. Black bridge: Ciasca; Bruninho and Waldir; Albano, Joel and Carlinhos; Oscarlina (1), Paulinho (2), Jansen (1), Bibe and Friaa. They had entered later: Andu, To give, Homero, Pitico, Noca, Baltazar (1) and Nininho. Trainer: Moacyr de Moraes. Arbitrator: Jose Young chicken Rabbit. Income: Cr$ 21,000, 00 record in city In the Pantry of Brazil of 2001, the teamses had come back if to find in the city, in 14.03.2001, victory Da Ponte for 1×0 (goal of Alex Oliveira), that he would pass ahead with new victory, in Campinas, for 8×1 (4 gols of Washington, 3 of Macedo and 1 of Sink). Only that, of this time, according to Amilcar Sheep (in the cited column), no periodical or local radio made mention to the historical meeting of 1955. Sources: SHEEP, Amilcar.

Castanhal x Black Bridge. New Periodical. 12-15.05.2004. According to Notebook, P. 1. BRANCHES, Igor. Advertising: a centennial passion. Ribeiro Preto: ed. of the author, 2011. P. 43-71 ROSSI, Sergio. History of the Athletical Association Black Bridge. Campinas: R. Vieira, 1994. v. 2. SAINTS GRANDSON, Jose Moraes of. History of the Athletical Association Black Bridge. Campinas: Komedi, 2004. v. 8, P. 45-6. SAINTS GRANDSON, Jose Moraes of. Always Black Bridge: mstica, twisted and the city of Campinas. Campinas: Komedi, 2004. P. 53.

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