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And thus it was exactly what happened. In spite of not to have played to title in all the encounter that Mexico played, Chicharito took each opportunity that the Basoue gave him and he took control present in front of annotations in the parties France and Argentina. Chicharito Hernandez to Europe Once already finished the World-wide one, Javier had to report itself of immediate with its new square that already got ready to begin the championship, Liga Premier. The English equipment began with encounter of exhibition against its previous equipment the Kids where half with each equipment played. Chicharito became in cardboards when the marking the first goal with the Kids present. After the party the preseason tour continued in the United States where the Red Devils would play against combined of stars of the local league MLS and in which once again Chicharito would write down a goal. The equipment would return to house to take part in the first official competition for the equipment in the era Hernandez, the local glass Community Shield. In this encounter played before the Chelsea Javier it wrote down the goal that in the end would serve so that they gained his first trophy of the year. Swarmed by offers, Roger Goodell is currently assessing future choices.

Of in ahead the things they have been there climbing for good for Hernandez. Although the technical director of the equipment Alex Ferguson has been in charge of which he has the best adaptation to the league he began and it using of change, Javier fixes them to write down whenever there is opportunity. At this point already they gained Liga Premier and they are in preparation to play against the Barcelona of Spain day 28 of May to dispute the league of Champions of Europe of the UEFA. It has written down a total of twenty goals in all the competitions that have been part, the Premier, the Champions and lCopa FA. Everything what has obtained has gained it by far work. We wished Chicharo success you!

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