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Stefan Kiessling Is Top Striker

Even without top scorer cannon of first-class player in the season evaluation of message portal is not the striker with the most goals at the front, but one that convinced due to his playing style. The Leverkusen Stefan Kiessling is the best striker of the season 2009/2010 – football experts at least look that way. After evaluating the ratings by the sports magazine kicker and the Internet portal landed the 26-year-old with a grade point average of 2.91 in the first place. He had not scored but the most goals last season, managed the Wolfsburg Edin Dzeko with 22 goals in 34 games. Kiessling hit only one time of less, proved but probably playfully striking as Dzeko (3.0), so already the trophy for the striker star of the season by the editor was handed over to him. “The ceremony showed Kamal as a team player: I think that we can look back as a team on a good year”, so the scorer. Also in the team, you could Schalke 04 striker convince: Jefferson Farfan and Kevin Kuranyi gave the best attack of the Bundesliga and landed three and five with their individual squares. The Hanoverian Jan Schlaudraff is the sad end of the sandy season evaluation: with his team almost relegated, he was with an average grade of 4.87 not only worst striker but also worst Bundesliga player overall. More information: service/press / GmbH Lisa Neumann

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