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Felipe Gonzalez Regrets

I want to recover the social democratic momentum, Gonzalez says. Gonzalez has predicted that whoever wins will not take drastic measures. It will only do so, he says, to partide next month of June, before no. The former President of the Government of Felipe Gonzalez has regretted to see General elections of November 20 militants of the PSOE with sagging arms to nte and has encouraged them to go for. Gonzalez has confessed this sentiment at the Conference who has taught at the Instituto Jaime Vera, under the title the challenges for the future of the EU and the Spanish economy, organized by the Ideas Foundation, linked to the PSOE in Galapagar (Madrid). I want to recover the social democratic impulse and it makes me sad that the party has fallen arms, it motivates me to zamarrear one to one people and say: we are going everywhere, the former leader of the Socialist Group has confessed to. Gonzalez has acknowledged being concerned not only by the mood of the people of the party and, in general, on the left, but also that if the Socialists win, I don’t know if they have clear what they will do. At the same time, he said be sure that if he wins the PP 20-N, has no clear what to do, because the leader of the PP Mariano Rajoy, does not want to clarify your hidden agenda.

The exj of Government has resorted to a Mexican simile to describe the behavior of Rajoy to see already at the Palacio de la Moncloa: is swimming in muertitio. Not moving arms, the wave takes you to the shore. What shake it? If it agitates, maybe it sinks. I would think that it is hiding because he is clear about what you want to do what you want. I am afraid not hidden anything because there’s nothing in the head, he has suspected.

Silicon Valley

The technology giant recorded a net profit of 5,160 million euros. It was 124.6% more than during the same period of 2010. The decrease in the business of iPods occurred only between April and June. The technology giant Apple recorded a net profit of 7.308 billion dollars (5,160 billion euros) between April and June of this year, its second fiscal quarter, which meant 124.6% more than during the same period of 2010, the Silicon Valley company reported. The company earned revenues in the last three months of 28.571 million dollars (20.184 million euros), with a growth of 81.9%, thanks to strong sales of iPhone and iPad tablets. The profit from operations amounted to 9,379 million dollars, 121.5% more than in April and June 2010. It was a quarter of record for Apple numbers, which surpassed all expectations in revenue, profits and sales. We are excited about having achieved our best quarter in our history, he said in a release, the CEO of the company, Steve Jobs, who reiterated the interest of Apple by bring to market this year the new version of its operating system for mobile devices, iOS 5 and the iCloud cloud services. Between April and June, Apple consolidated the upward trend of selling mobile phones iPhone, which commercialized 20,34 million units, 142% more than during those same months in 2010. iPad and Mac the firm also obtained results unprecedented in the commercialization of Tablet iPad, which was renewed in March with the iPad 2, and which shipped is, despite the initial shortage, 9.25 million, 183% more between April and June 2010. Apple also sold 3.95 million Mac computers, 14% more than in the same period a year earlier, while he continued the decline of the business of iPods whose demand was 7.54 million units, 20% in interannual terms at least. Source of the news: Apple achieves the best quarter in its history to the sell 20 million iPhone and iPad 9 million

New Musical Express

The prestigious British magazine puts you in the worst position, ahead of occasional singers like Paris Hilton. The prize is to turn everyone into zombies. Many fans worship him and follow him every day, but others have wheeled him around less than a great artist. Cannot be liked by everyone, so as his die-hard followers Ascend him to infinity, others sink deep in naming him the worst. Rare is the day that Justin Bieber does not appear in the press. A few days touch him caress the success thanks to its thousands of followers, but in others, as now, his fame leads him to hang up the gold medal from a ranking in which surely wouldn’t be. The British music magazine New Musical Express (which is edited since 1952) has placed the singer’s Baby on the cusp of the worst 20 artist in history. An award that has been given him by turning everyone into zombies with the brain of a 12 year old girl. The publication has made this ranking with the views readers and no doubt of Selena Gomez boyfriend has no rival, since it has been above (or worse) than other singers like Paris Hilton. Possibly their last tomaduras of hair with several journalists, waiters and fans, have made that his detractors have managed to win, in a survey, to his followers. Source of the news: Justin Bieber, the worst artist in history according to NME

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