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Lama Years

Then jumped from the steep shore of Lake Gusinoye, cut the water surface and on the dry bottom of the dashed straight to datsan. When jumped on shore, the water closed over him. The rising waves swept away part of the audience in datsan brawlers and purify polluted area. The rest, seeing the Hambo Lama, fled in fear. Hambo Lama ItigelovInteresno that Itigelov was born exactly 75 years after the death of his teacher Pandito Hambo Lama Zayaev, the founder of Buddhism in Russia. The first chapter of the Buddhist church was born in 1702, lived 75 years, leaving, promised to the disciples return. In 1852, 75 years after the death Zayaev, born Itigelov.

He also lived for 75 years. And back to us again 75 years later. That is repeated four times the number 75. When Itigelov assumed the position of Hambo Lama, the parishioners Tsongolskogo datsan, flooded during the floods, appealed to him to determine the new location for the construction of the temple. He pointed out the place, saying that there is buried the bell and vajra Zayaev. And there really is found his personal belongings, and later built a new Datsan.

So, for believers, he was indisputably the first Hambo Lama reincarnate Zayaev. Several years ago, Lama Dugdanov among the thousands of books stored in -Duganov Ivolginsk Datsan, discovered previously unknown manuscript Itigelov. On five plates in the Tibetan language, he tells about 12 of its incarnations for several thousand years: five in India, five in Tibet, and two in Buryatia.

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