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Historic Monuments

Thousands of Muscovites and visitors every day walking on an idyllic paved park paths. They admire beauty of the palace park Tsarina, which saved the historic location of the ponds, bridges and pavilions at the time of Catherine the Great. All of these experiences can forget that two years ago at this place was one large construction sites. The efforts of conservators consisting of architects, workers and technicians who helped save the Tsarina of irreplaceable loss. Grand opening of the ensemble in 2007 marked a ending a centuries-old building.

Dr. Georg brick historic pamyatnikovVvedeniePri finishing damaged historical materials, you can use two basic methods: Damaged building materials are replaced with new ones. This method usually allows to achieve maximum technical reliability. From the perspective of a specialist, in favor of retaining the historic appearance of the monument, you will need come to terms with the loss of the original, including surface obrabotku.V due to the fact that the loss did not reflect the original meaning of the Protection of Historic Monuments, preparatory work on developing the concept of restoration include the ability to save the original. Only in the absence of a reasonable solution, the method of replacing the original with new material is adekvatnym.Ris. 1: Create a "new" brick surface using the funds for restoration / Petrovsky Palace / Moskva.Eta philosophical concept of protection of historical monuments has consistently developed in the field of conservation of natural stone in recent years. The corollary of this is that destroyed the surface of natural stone, which 15 years ago considered ineligible for preservation, may now be preserved for future generations.

Open High School

Open high school emerges as an effort to provide school education to all those who for various reasons could not conclude the corresponding studies and encourage the subject to become self-taught, receiving counseling from teachers only in the event that the student does not understand some of stereotypes from teaching materials. Thus the use of didactic materials becomes the axis of that method of learning. Among the materials which the institution recommends: books. Handled like the basic preparation material for independent study through guides and exercises, and these books are available for the majority of materials study guides. If the subject does not have a specific book made by the same preparatory program open, it then resorts to other texts that are used in other programs but which are adapted by the Secretariat of public education.

Materials for which must be used these guides according to the website of the high school open in the Federal District are; principles of physics, physics I and II, principles of general chemistry, chemistry, biology, bioethics, Mexico history 20th century. Workbooks. As the name indicates it, used to reinforce the knowledge that are acquired throughout the course through exercises. Carnets are used to do exercises and are used for English materials and self-evaluation exercises writing workshop. They are made exercises that the student knows how is that going to be their final exams to aproar course, and discusses multiple choice exercises. The materials that carry these exercises are methodology of reading, workshop of writing, mathematics, methodology of learning, principles of chemistry, chemistry, principles from physics, biology and social and political texts. These teaching materials are presented to students as optional, in other words, that if you prefer better you can use one single either all at once, which is recommended by the institution since all of these will reinforce the knowledge acquired, in addition to consistently attending counseling to teach teachers to dispel the doubts that may arise to the person concerned. These materials are readily available in libraries or you if you visit the portal high school opened in line come several directions in which we can find these materials without any complications.

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