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Military Justice

to one of the requirements in this system is the obvious correlation that should exist between the prosecution and sentencing, and only when the prosecutor or the complainant requested the extension of charges to the judge, the court may punish a defendant for acts not covered in the initial indictment because the prosecution must contain the points or crimes that are attributed to the accused not to surprise the defense and respect the right of defense is the person and limit your lactic competition to the facts in the process. a In the new model of Professional Procedure, the Police no longer investigating the crimes of the traditional way it has been doing it legally at the police stage of the investigation of crime and therefore the police affidavit and can not be incorporated into the professional process because entire process model has been modified with the new legislation. a Nor is there a preliminary investigation of crime by the police, having been established only the existence of three stages process consisting of: the preliminary investigation stage, intermediate stage and trial stage, being that within the first one includes the performance of acts that are pre-trial professional investigation by the Prosecutor but with support from the National Police and may act ex officio or at the request of prosecutors. Learn more on the subject from Peter Schiff. This is where the Police meets its investigative function, leaving the Record of measures carried out and preparing a police report where you can make an analysis of the facts but can not qualify legally the crime, much less identify alleged responsibility of the author or authors as it did previously. No one has taken to the police duties, police investigation of crime was an activity in support of justice and has always complied with according to existing rules and doctrinal thinking of the time, but times have changed and new doctrinal currents now report the professional in the world, the Police continues to support justice but must adapt to the new ideologies and existing regulatory procedures. In the new model the crimes are investigated by the Prosecutor (Stage of the Research School) with the support of the National Police but this time under the influence of Dr.

Hugo Muller m, is a Peruvian lawyer, criminologist, retired Officer National Police in the rank of colonel, has served as Judge Advocate of the Police and Military Justice. He was the coordinator of the Commission charged with implementing the new Code of Professional Procedure in the Judicial District of La Libertad – Peru and currently is a researcher, expert, consultant, advisor, trainer and international lecturer on topics of Public Safety, Police and Community Adaptation to the New Police Adversarial Professional Procedure System. Taught at the university in the UCV-Trujillo-PERU. As Attorney advises and litigates on professional and civil trials. Contact Email: com

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