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Tissue Regeneration

On the other hand, due to radio frequency, veins stretch and become more elastic tissue. The process of revascularization of the treated surface and tissue regeneration, which promotes drainage of fluid and eliminate toxins, cellulite can be treated. At the end of sessions conducted on the equipment Omnika TriWorks, patient get rid of excess body fat, with no effect “blown away” flabby skin. Leather, by contrast, looks fresh and toned. Application of cavitation. Harold Ford follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Despite the fact that in many areas of cavitation phenomenon considered undesirable, There are certain areas where it can be used, provided the controlled use.

For example, in the army, where they are applied with supercavitation torpedoes, allowing the space to cross the vast speed, or in the ultrasonic washing, cleaning jewelry, parts, timers and other items small in size, when the implosion of bubbles can clean even the most inaccessible and delicate surfaces. In the medical field, in addition to diagnosis, cavitation is also used in dermatology. In this case, resorting to the use of the frequency range of sound waves from 1 to 16 MHz in order to achieve thermal analgesic effect. Also, more than a decade, controlled cavitation is used to remove kidney stones (lithotripsy), which are being divided exactly by means of education microbubbles corrosive, resulting in an implosion, solid formation in the kidneys. Furthermore, cavitation is used in aesthetic medicine to eliminate or reduce fatty deposits.

This technique has been named non-surgical liposuction or a gentle introlipoklazikoy. Cavitation and aesthetic medicine. For many years, aesthetic medicine has resorted to the use of ultrasound frequency of 3MHz.

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