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Public Transport

Hlder S. Security in the Public Transport the Problem is not (alone) of the Policy. 2011. Sam Mikulak is the source for more interesting facts. Work of Conclusion of Course (Graduation in Right) Social College, Salvador-BA, 2011. The present study it has as main objective to demonstrate that public politics can and very to contribute for the effective combat to the violence in the public transport. To reach such intention concepts on public security and public politics had been used initially, according to vision of some scholars. How much to the used methodology, one is about a exploratria research, with research of field, qualitative nature. The collection of data was made from interviews, of form it to sediment the cited work. With the gotten data, one perceived that to make the due confrontation of the violence in the public transport, necessity if it makes that the governing adopt public politics, in order to prevent that the responsibility only falls on the policy. Word-key: Security; Violence; Public politics.

The Seeds

The dialogue can be established of direct or indirect form, as the temperament of each person. Any process of relation with the other will only be able to occasion effect positive, if focused in the corresponding 0 variable to the individual process. The individual capacity of living the experience of the level concrete to the abstract level having as base, the sensorial function and as consequence, the conceitualizao must be respected occurring the complete cycle in all the experiences of internal relation (the individual world) and external (integration capacity with the external world). Appeared language The appeared language is that used one for the speaker, to facilitate to the message and the understanding, for the receiver of the message; therefore she is used through comparative or symbolic figures. When using the expression ‘ ‘ you are one flor’ ‘ , the person who speaks wants to say that to another one it is a delicate and sensible beauty, but also can be if relating that offences without if defending in safe way not accepted. For being more easy to learn with what she sees yourself the person she can learn with more easiness and more praticidade when, what it says itself can touch or same it has already has constant contact. She is much more difficult, somebody to understand what a microscope, without never Having seen one before or if does not know so that it serves.

In contrast, if a person sees e, can touch, know so that she serves the device in its hands will be able to understand and to know to explain, when will be defendant. A man of the field is much more easy to know what he means the time of the sowing, harvest, full, estiagem, in relation to a plantation, of what a person who never can arrive at the direct contact with the land, the seeds, its types and its species. The learning made for proximity has this objective. We will say more on the subject, in the learning topic. The fellow creatures are capable to carry through many prodigies, while the opposites if attract stop later if moving away. Therefore the popular dictated one is so necessary: ‘ ‘ the opposites if attract, but the fellow creatures are felizes.’ ‘ The fellow creatures have complicity and face the obstacles more calmly, while the opposites or strangers cannot get the proximity necessary to reach the objective. The appeared language used and to be well received is necessary that the speaker or what it passes the message, either capable to understand the figures that will be part of its communication, thus also to know that what receives the message, either entendedor of the language figures. A good example is the infantile estrias, which have a message of moral education, ethical and social in them.

children and the adults learn very with these estrias, that teach on the friendship and the sincerity. 1 Joint of tending pedagogical norms to the general development of the body and the spirit; action to educate; courtesy, polidez, instruction. 2 Is action or art, application to the things of the spirit; state of what it has intellectual development, study, the level of a collective, instruction, to know, care, perfection.

Brazilian Public School

STATE UNIVERSITY VALLEY OF THE ACARA GRAPE CENTER OF LETTERS AND ARTS COURSE: LETTERS HAB. IN ENGLISH LANGUAGE TEACHER MS. CLEIDIMAR SOUSA RODRIGUES RASP DISCIPLINES: EDUCATIVE MANAGEMENT OF THE PROCESSES AND MODALITIES THE DEMOCRATIC MANAGEMENT IN THE BRAZILIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL AND ITS REPERCUSSIONS IN THE STATE OF THE CEAR. MARIA ZILDA TEFILO GRANDDAUGHTER SOBRAL THE 2010 DEMOCRATIC MANAGEMENT IN THE BRAZILIAN PUBLIC SCHOOL AND ITS REPERCUSSIONS IN THE STATE OF THE CEAR. 1 Maria Zilda Tefilo Neta2 SUMMARY: The present scientific article has, for bigger purpose, the attempt of contextualizao of the lived deeply democratic management in the pertaining to the state of Cear public schools inside of the Brazilian system of Education, in the social perspectives and politics that this implies, and in agreement the effective legislaes, more specifically the Law N 9,394/96, of 20 of December of 1996, Law of Lines of direction and Bases of the Education LDB. The research, of bibliographical matrix, if characterizes, also, for the rescue of origins of the conceptions of education, democracy and democratic management in the State of the Cear, through publications of pertinent authors to the subjects and on the basis of the partner-description-philosophical principles consolidated by the education in Brazil. PALAVRAS-CHAVE: Education. Democratic management.

Public politics. ABSTRACT: The present article pretends, principally, you the show the democratic management of the public schools in Cear in the system of education of Brazil, in the face of to their social and politic perspectives, and about the laws in forces, lives specifically the LDB 9.394/96. The investigation, wich is bibliographic one, try you rescue the education, democracy and democratic management conceptions on Stat of Cear, by the auhor' social s publications about the issue and based on the origin of the, historic and philosophic aspects of the education in Brazil.

Taylorism Reading

This is their territory of their activity. Ensure that the work that each operator or employee of the company is perform in the best way and the best conditions this will involve various directly issues such as: improve the status and disposition of the job make more rational that job to study the way in which the operator carried out their work. Observe the movements or steps can be improved. Delete which are useless, incorrect and cause loss of time.Streamline your workflow process standardize ways of working of different workers performing the same work. Look at ergonomics issues in any case. Analyze and measure work time.

Set times of processes. Education and training operators to improve their way of working. All this is not anything new in the business world, since you are booting the time immemorial of Taylorism. Therefore it is something that is already very shot and there are many professionals in this field. But it is something that is evolving continued in line with technological advances and new tools of support at work, especially in the computing and telecommunications.

My friend no I knew this, despite being a University professional. I had read the notice and tacho with x because he did not understand what he said the journalistic notice text. The notice required management professionals as the. But, I did not know, did not know, the meaning of the word rationalization. I said, that the had studied in university organization and methods, but no rationalization. I would explain that rationalization and organization and methods, are the same thing. Embarrassed, I look sad, a tear fell down his face, smiled and said to me:-that fool that I was, I had the opportunity on your hands, this is my specialty, and I didn’t realize, I didn’t understand what the ad said. View reader friend UD, how important is able to read?, but not only to read, because UD can read, but do not understand what the text says. In short to read rather than a simple act of decryption of signs or words, is above all an act of reasoning since it’s know Guide a series of reasoning towards the construction of an interpretation of the written message from information provided by the text and the reader’s knowledge and at the same time to start another series of reasoning to monitor the progress of such an interpretation so that you can detect the potential misunderstandings caused by reading. Understanding that the reader arrives during the reading is derived from their accumulated experiences, experiences that come into play as to decode words, phrases, paragraphs and ideas of the author. We can not receive students, incompetent, incapable, with reading comprehension problems, since if they are not able to understand a simple message, they will be less able to study with distance learning materials. Learn to read, not just friends, it is necessary to have reading comprehension. To the extent that we develop reading comprehension, better understand the tasks that we charge, we better understand orders that give us the head, smile and be happy, learn to read, but exercise their reading comprehension.

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