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Tarot Teacher

This letter of the tarot also is called by some teachers of the videncia, as the Priestess and remembers to us that we are much more that a body in this space, and invites to us to take brings back to consciousness of our own destiny. In tarot and videncia it represents the Teacher that we took within our being, in the distance of letters of the tarot explains to us that everything what the letters detail to us we know by our intuition, but we are not conscious until they put it ahead to us, ratifying to us what already we know. This letter of the tarot is extremely important as far as suggestions talks about, since it is inducing us when waking up of new learnings and to release to us of the eternal judgment that usually we do of we ourself. The Priestess is meditativo in all facets and she remembers to us that permanently we have been making decisions from impulsive form and that if it has not arrived the moment for taking brings back to consciousness total of the events, it is certainly we will have to meditate on our mistakes. When in a session of videncia or letters of the tarot, we have the luck of being called by the TEACHER that we took inside, usually one takes place a sensation of fullness, and an opening of the knowledge giving by finalized the acquired experiences to take step to the new forms to understand the learned thing. It is the moment for dedicating to us same, for installing to us in new horizons and, of course, for separating us from models that have not contributed to growth nor wisdom to us, looking for the love in everything what one appears, taking step to the understanding allowing that the ego that was to us accompanied until now it is disappearing little by little, making reality those small things that as much effort has cost to us until now.

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