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Many factors influence the athletic performance: physical fitness and condition, as well as the way the diet give certainly the largest scales. An but the most ignored aspect has been filtered out now in a recent study: light. The correct lighting take care not only for a better labour and concentration, but also has a positive effect on endurance and athletic performance. Depending on personal performance could be optimized by the internal clock of the athlete and the time of the training. Better performance in bright light scientific research at the University in the Dutch city of Groningen, at the Technical University and the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich show that training sessions in bright light in comparison with those in darker environment have a significant performance improvement.

Subjects per two times a 40-minute workout on the cycle Ergometer performed in the attempt. The first unit was under very bright sources of light performed by 4.420 Lux, the second, however, when a darker meaning of 230 Lux. During the sporting activity in the test procedure, heart rate, oxygen consumption and lactate of subjects have been continuously observed and evaluated. The result: All test persons benefited from training in bright light, their performance showed a marked improvement. The difference in the early risers among the participants was particularly significant. For the so-called larks”, the gift of light was apparently in a good phase of their inner rhythm. They could increase their athletic performance because they felt much more motivated claims.

Light improved mood in addition to the sporting effects other non-visual light effects have positive effect on the human organism. Light increases the ability to concentrate, vitality and prevents fatigue. Largely responsible for the internal clock of the people it serves as a timer for waking and sleep periods. More medical studies have shown that light at psychiatric disorders has antidepressant and day weariness.

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