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The Construction

Being understood as access to different sources of information on how to build peace through awareness-raising and sensitization of the current global problems. Another point would be that acquiring knowledge to develop them by the pedagogical methods that permit actions related to the obstacles that hinder the construction of peace. And finally the attitude that it would be the collective construction of values and behaviors that guide us as individuals and as members of a community to seek alternative strategies to address the problems of peace. As we can see, peace cannot be reduced to the transmission of knowledge or content relating to peace, but must address the global dimension that has repercussions on the understanding that we are part of a whole, and that the environment offers the possibility to humans of learn both the institutions and outside them. As a result should not be seen as isolated part, but as an integral part that what happens to a part of that whole, that everything also suffer it, hence it should be designed as a global project, and for humanity. You must make this educational project of global implications as a result of reflection and commitment of all members of the educational community represented in full and made with correct and clear concepts of what is the notion of peace. It will be centered on collective learning processes and l obedience to established standards. Ensuring peace is favorably resolve conflicts for all.

The construction of a peace project should consider the multiplicity of elements and factors that interrelate it. We know that social reality is complex, like the human condition, that is why this project cannot remain indifferent to this complexity. Must see diversity, causality, the interrelationship, interdependence as basic elements of composition of our planet. The road to peace is education, as individual and social project is an effective instrument of transformation.

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