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The Educator

The social benefit and economic is patent by the attention given to certain groups who hardly have access to other systems of care, by the processes of change that are generated, by the own involvement and qualitative effectiveness of the educator and because social work relations should be horizontal and promotion to achieve real change. The street educator not only works with drug addicts, criminals, extravagant youth, etc., because the subjects and objects of programmes and specific interventions, but that its action among youth are motivated because they are at a stage of life that will help you to accompany in these situations of conflict inherent in adolescence. Other leaders such as Italian Open offer similar insights. The Educator is the experiences that young person accumulates can be positive and serve as a background for your future adult. And since those significant spaces, areas, times and activities where they are and make: corners, streets, cultural centers, bars, associations for which the young person remain in an educational environment will take delegates educational accompany, support, they suggest, to do bridge, etc. If this type of care measures are not empowered it is easy that many young people have difficulties in the process of social integration, with what the conflict will exacerbate still further. The role of the educator will always be the incite, support the process of transition, socialize, contribute to the acquisition of autonomy, etc., without the need to monitor, protect, dispose, tutelary knows to be among young people will help to make community. One might say the same thing if the recipients are another type of individuals experiencing special difficulties. Reach far they are will require creativity, innovation, skills and techniques that facilitate that approach. As well as there is the figure of the night street educator, which acts between the inhabitants of the metropolitan railway, must be adapted to the new circumstances and overcome the conception that the educators of street limited its scope to the parish or neighborhood.

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