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The Historian

It analyzes it that the historian excuses to the different groups, social movements, economy and the politics, represent a look on as the same one is thought recognized and lived deeply under its optics. In this vision of the Real the performance of the historian represents says of groups many times to it to the edge of the society. The fictitious idea many times that if definitive period or place makes of is for times related to the literary historical narrative in the emphasis the determined period. We take the example, the city of known Joinville as German city, to the classification or identification of the city as essentially German, it is an attribution given for one determined group of historians that prioritized the settling and finished for excluding the performance of other or so more important groups in the construction of what it is Joinville today. Historical literature contributed strong for the construction of this identity by which Joinville is known as German city in many parts of Brazil. The identity insinuated for the social expectador (the historian), on the implicit rules that conduct the city and its people contributed strong to estereotipar and to appraise the city in such a way. As well as other social adjectives that in accordance with identify to the city the interests and promotions had called that it as industrial city, city of the bicycles, city of the princes, city of the flowers.

The quarrels of Chatier and Pesavento in give dimension to them of as the historian acts of the social responsibilities infused in recounting history. This reflection takes in them to rethink aspects that involve identity, as it constructs itself and as it is transformed by the vision of the social expectador (the historian) into its narrative, establishing marks that can be recognized per decades or centuries. Is as mark social that is constructed by a reality with which it identifies itself he recounts and it, but in turn can generate a in such a way distinct representation one of the reality, therefore one all cannot be represented by a group specifies and vice and turns.

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