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It applies the following backdrop: 2 g protein per kg Body weight. One must take into account that a degree is already absorbed by the food. A protein intake of 1.5 g protein / kg can be alone a sufficient energy intake through the diet. Thus, there is a risk of a high supplement gift. The direct revenue before a workout can lead to stomach discomfort. Especially known stomach issues, taking should be about 2 hours before the six-pack Abdominal workout. Within the framework of the training unit, an increased loss of fluid can enter through the addition of the supplement. The resulting effects should be offset by increased drinking.

Proteins are present in many foods: dairy and soy products fish meat cereal products eggs pulses (nuts) vegetables animal proteins are generally high-quality sources of protein. The only exception here is the gelatine there. Plant products are usually considered inferior protein sources (legumes). With the pulses in turn count as one of the best suppliers of fat. Are proteins dangerous for my body? When proteins in the usual doses are fed to the body, no danger of course! Should you however suffer from disease-related liver or kidney damage a doctor should be consulted for slightly increased protein consumption regularly. Proteins but over too high doses ingested over a longer period of time, that the body through risk”. Therefore, it is more important than otherwise already that one brings them a sufficient amount of water to the body.

Long term damage is possible if across high doses of proteins were introduced over the body over a longer period of time. The risk of disease to gout or other diseases cannot be ruled out. Beware of protein powder when taking protein powders must be ensured, that the remaining nutrients in a proportion corresponding to the protein available. One should not eat therefore 90% protein! This is not the case, rapid fatigue that are ultimately has a reduced performance of the result. Typically, the performance-oriented athletes specifically trying to avoid this. In motor sport are proteins on the basis of their mode of action of great significance: an increased level of amino acids in the blood to cause the structure of proteins in the muscle cell, making them is said to have an anabolic effect. In addition to the development of muscle cell proteins, so the anabolic effect is also assumed, that the protein in the cells is reduced at the same time. This catabolic effect is part”of building muscle mass of importance. Fitness coach who brings years of experience in the fitness area is Kindest regards Tobias Fendt Tobias Fendt. He knows the workings of the training methods and which are most successful. He is considered expert in washboard abs training and muscle building. You can learn more about Tobias,.

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