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Volume Training

Heavy weight training. Athletes engaged in heavy athletics, you need protein to repair muscle tissue, disintegrated during the training. Here, Michael J. Bender expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Extra protein intake also helps the muscles to adapt to a progressive increase in physical activity, which is necessary element of weight training. Organism adapts to the increased weight-lifter stress by synthesizing more protein in each muscle cell – in order to build stronger muscles, who will be able to cope with greater loads. A higher content of protein in muscle cells leads to a stronger muscle contraction. Thus, with each athlete will be training all the easier to deal with the same weight. These athletes need up to 2.2g of protein per 1kg of body weight per day.

Sports that require compliance with a diet low in calories. Wrestlers to dancers, boxers and representatives of all sports where there is point of view of weight categories, each word has to subordinate himself a long low-calorie diets. Not being able to consume enough essential nutrients, they quickly feel full depletion of glycogen compared to those athletes who consume enough nutrients to maintain energy level, and burned most of the protein for energy purposes during training and performances. These athletes need to include in your diet a little more protein in order to compensate its reserves in the muscles that have been depleted as a fuel, as well as for recovery of muscle tissue damaged during the period of the load. In relationship to the fact that these athletes need to maintain reserves of muscle protein, they need to eat extra protein to 1.65 g per 1 kg of body weight per day. Untrained muscle or muscles, unaccustomed to this type of load or intensity level, are more prone to injury. Thus, athletes who have just started or that the training program, as well as those who increase the volume its ongoing programs, especially to an increased amount of protein.

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