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More transparency and planning reliability provide financial software products, such as E.g. StarMoney which do more than just wearing a revenue and expenditure. Users of the service SCHUFA information online”can the finance software StarMoney acquire 8.0 at discounted rates. In addition to the management of different accounts such as checking accounts, savings, loan – and credit card accounts, the program allows a glimpse of the future development of the budget. Regular payment obligations such as insurance premiums or loan rates can be detected in the planning and created liquidity previews. With StarMoney 8.0 it is even possible online shopping accounts, E.g. from Amazon or eBay, to lead. In addition, comprehensive software provides access to the SCHUFA information online for more transparency and control over the personal data of SCHUFA.

More interesting consumer services of the SCHUFA are E.g. the UpdateService promptly by email of selected changes to the personal, SCHUFA data informed and so early can draw attention to a possible misuse of the data. With the SCHUFA-WebCode service it is also possible to give a short information about the personal identity, or solvency (solvency) of a third party, such as the potential landlord, quickly and easily via an Internet connection. Furthermore, SCHUFA business information enables consumers credit information about third parties, such as the future potential employers, to catch up with, all the better to assess its seriousness. Note to editors: for more information about the SCHUFA Holding AG, on the Internet at. SCHUFA Holding AG the SCHUFA Holding AG is the leading information and service partner for the economy surrounding credit. The company offers a decision-making tool for lending its customers such as banks, savings banks and retailers with credit-relevant information. For consumers modern shopping becomes easy, quick and unbureaucratic.

Information about products and Services for consumers, as well as an online insight into their own data are available via the Internet portal. The SCHUFA achieved sales revenues in the year 2010 amounting to 108 million and employed 752 people. For more information, please contact: Dr. Christian silk Akshay SCHUFA Holding AG Kormoranweg 5 65201 Wiesbaden phone: 0611 – 9278-888 E-Mail:

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