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Western Union and Business

SECOND: Our client is convinced to buy the product, so that your business website charge you without you moving a finger is a need for various forms of payment. The main ones are: credit card, you do not accept credit card on your web business is losing 80% of sales. Western Union, you can receive money from all over the world, the only requirement is that you must have an identity document to make the withdrawal, the sender pays the money. Postal Service, the shipping cost is really low, the downside is that it takes several days to reach their destination, still I recommend to include this payment option. Check with Janet Yellen to learn more. National and international wire transfer is a good option for payment and even more for residents of their country and that if you make a bank deposit shipping cost may be lower than the mail, for international transfers is similar to the cost westrn union. Then the second step to automate your business is: Accept different or multiple payment forms THREE: Now we make the product deliver to our customers, people who paid by credit card will receive the product in seconds, how? The gateway client click the pay on your website, enter your personal information and credit card number, the transaction is completed opening a sale where you can download the product.

The sale was automatically! It is known that 80% of customers making payments by credit card online as customers are impulse buyers wishing to purchase the product right away, but now! 20% make payments by union westrn bank transfer, postal and electronic payment systems, these people you should send them an e-mail to the website where you can download the products. 90% of your website work is done, then your business is running you only need to spend 2 hours daily a3. We are forgetting to mention the most important tool to automate your business. The “Intelligent autoresponder, this is an indispensable tool to have an online business on autopilot, now I explain why? The smart autoresponders have the ability to respond to a request for information immediately and automatically, not just a message but with a sequence of messages to preprogrammed intervals. With this system you could triple your sales / profits and would have a robot working for you 24 hours a day. Few people actually buy a product the first time that we see why I recommend capturing your e-mail to remind them you exist and that is what they need.

Did you make a sale that is needed contact your customer up to 7 occasions? The smart autoresponder sends only a matter of seconds hundreds and thousands of e-mails to interested parties who requested more information.

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