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Luciana Teacher

of Andrade, that simplismente is more than special and left to all the visitors of this day, fascinated with its expressive and very marcantes pictures for its colors and forms. For the part of the afternoon, beyond all these events, still we had moments of descontrao and total integration. first of them it was the Workshop of creative Dance and Movement, having as responsible the Teacher kika, assisted for Marcelinho and the Rita.Foi teacher a moment of total integration between pupils of the school, teachers, pupils of the schools special and the community! As they had said: ' ' The dance bombou' '! We had the pretty presentation very and assayed well of the Group of Dance of the CEL Fazendinha, of the Luciana Teacher, who raised galera! for speaking in raising, the Battery mirim of the School Ambassadors of the Joy, was puted in charge very well of this. It was a rhythm show that made all to find that already it was really carnival! How penalty! All these activities had happened without the interruption of the Workshops of Percussion, EVA, Salty and are clearly! Of the contao of history, with always the dedicated Denise. We of the schools and participants were a very rewarding Saturday for all right-handers, where he took advantage the equality and the joy!

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