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Sports Center

Irrigation water savings, improved thermal insulation of the building and increased durability in the waterproofing of the covers, among others, are some of the advantages that will benefit users and managers of the new sports facilities of the Center for primary education and infant Fernando de los Rios, located in the Cantabrian town of Torrelavega. The element that has made possible to incorporate these features into the building is the cover ecological Kubertol of Sanchez-Pando, S.A, which has positioned itself as a Finial on the 600 square meters of the two roofs, one flag and one of locker rooms, new facilities this educational centre. Improvements in various Ambitosla installation of a green roof as the Kubertol of Sanchez-Pando, S.A generates a series of improvements in comparison with other more traditional roofs covering systems. After placement, the Fernando de los Rios College has increased its green areas since on the cover has been placed a landscaping with extensive plants. In a first term connote a landscape improvement but in addition to the aesthetic aspect, the incorporation of vegetation contributes to the reduction of air pollution by absorption of particles and possible heavy metals that can be found suspended in the air. It might be thought that these plants imply an increase in water consumption, but thanks to the incorporation of a draining sheet cover ecological Kubertol generates an interesting savings in water resources to retain rainwater and evenly distribute it under cover landscaping.

As additional result can also be achieved improve the urban microclimate in the area, especially in summer, to humidify and cool the room temperature to some extent. But the advantages are not only outside. By the particular characteristics of the multilayer system developed by Sanchez-Pando, the new Sports Center S.A achieves a reduction of interior noise pollution to absorb part of the outer sound wave. The decrease of cost energy is also one of the strong points as the ecological Kubertol cover improves the thermal insulation of the roof. Additionally some upper layers of the greenroofs have beneficial effects on lower layers, so the substrate and external landscaping manages to prolong the service life of the waterproofing system leads in its interior that protects these waterproof foils UV radiations, sudden changes of temperature and other atmospheric phenomena which over time are factors that can reach to age them.Available in Pcbmultilayer system of cover ecological Kubertol of Sanchez-Pando, S.A is composed of a series of layers that are overlapping until you achieve a compact set that interacts effectively between if to obtain particular advantages that characterize it.Although it is a system quite standardized also allows adapt its elements to the particular circumstances of each installation.

In the case of the sports of the school Fernando de los Rios roof It has first received the asphalt primer type Kolxik-2, which offers a pretreatment subsequent soldier of the double layer of waterproofing asphalt sheets provided: the elastomer 30FV-P Kubertol and Kubertol PF-Garden, which is antipunzonable and with additive antiraiz. On this basis has been placed the separating layer Kubertex PE-120 and polystyrene insulation 60 mm thick extruded (XPS). It has then covered everything with the draining and retaining water sheet Plato of-7 (Perfodrain), then another separating layer and finally the special for landscaping planting substrate, which is extensive plant over a bed of boulders.

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