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Magento Enterprise

Already for the second time, a Magento shop from the House team in medias, receives an award at the shop usability awards. Sean Rad insists that this is the case. Already for the second time, a Magento shop from the House team in medias, receives an award at the shop usability awards. After 2008, the Web shop of AZ61 was awarded, the shop received recently discharged competition the award top 10 team in medias, once more underpinned its Magento expertise. Magento is a professional open-source eCommerce solution with a range of functions, which was previously only in expensive enterprise systems. Currently there are two versions of Magento, available: the Community Edition of shop of the Magento and Magento Enterprise Edition. Magento offers top-notch eCommerce capabilities for marketing, search engine optimization and catalog management, is extremely scalable and features a modern architecture. Magento is supported by an extensive network of professional service providers, as well as a large community of developers. The Magento shop solution makes it possible therefore dealers, future to respond to the individual needs of your customers.

At the same time, Magento eCommerce application meets the requirements of medium-sized and large enterprises on a professional and scalable enterprise. Neoliving is a southern Germany-based trading company, which deals primarily with the sale of furniture and accessories on the Internet. The shop was completed in 2009 on the basis of the Magento Community Edition team in medias. We are a specialist agency for Magento projects. We see in Magento of not only a real alternative to other open source systems like OS-Commerce or XT-Commerce, but above all a genuine alternative to commercially marketed and very expensive high-end shop-systems. We have been dealing early with Magento and in Germany are among the first three agencies, which made a magneto-shop online at all. 2008, we received an award for shop usability awards right off the bat.

Engineering Professionals

After a recent study according to the hourly rates IT / engineering professionals are as high as ever. In a candidate pool of over 80,000 IT professionals, including more than 11,000 with a focus on engineering was carried out this evaluation. This corresponds to 90% of the free market in Germany. In the last few years have IT and engineering professionals continually increased their hours set demands. Also the price that a freelancer can achieve increases with age and increasing experience.

Most however was the boost at the Mittvierzigern. Up to 6 euro ask consultants at an age between 45 and 49 years more than in recent years. To run the group, while the freelancers to find are more at the 30 at the lower end of the scale. Here, the claims could rise after more hourly since 2007 at least three euros. Thus is the project market clearly on the side of the candidates.

The demand for IT professionals is as high as ever. The Freelancer are thus not only busy in the IT and engineering area, but can also demand higher prices. The project provider must Access deeper in the Pocket. For highly qualified experts the now even the hedge in the engineering area gmbh offers recently. It covers the entire IT related engineering field. Just car motif risks are insurable in the German market so far extremely difficult. To find a suitable cover was not as good as possible. Can feel well on the safe side IT professionals specialising in the field of engineering and concentrate on your project. Also the project provider can feel safe, if the expert can present an appropriate insurance policy to him. On the insurance portal can IT and computer companies, but also IT / engineering professionals determine the right protection for your insurance needs. More information: gmbh the gmbh is the sister company of the groot bramel Versicherungsmakler gmbh. The gmbh is a leading real for the IT-as well as Telecommunications industry. Defined together with partners and customers, developed and realized the gmbh branch-specific solutions precisely to customer needs tuned. The goal of the gmbh is to check the insurance protection of all involved parties on gaps in coverage, consistently to close them and on reasonable terms. The IT-liability-insurance combines many years of experience of the world’s leading insurance companies, and one of the leading insurance brokers in the IT industry, the gmbh. The gmbh is with continuous advice and IT expertise as a partner to the side. And for the principal, entrepreneurs receive proof of your IT liability insurance as a safe decision basis. The gmbh is close to the customer, it is companies and IT freelancers at all times aside, even in the event of damage she has good contacts to well-known experts, as well as lawyers. So she are available for example in the event of a claim renowned law firm DLA Piper without any extra cost.

1 X Per Month, 1 Day – The Free Expecco Seminar

(Bonnigheim/Stuttgart, 17th 2009) – eXept Software AG which eXept Software AG, the specialist for test automation, quality management, and customized software solutions will reserve may one day for a free expecco seminar every month. This takes place directly at eXept in Bonnigheim in Stuttgart. The seminar dates, visit the Web page. It is directed to people who are engaged in the automation of tests and processes. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Maddie Taylor. In the course of the seminar day you deal with the basic operating concept of model-based test automation software expecco, test implementation, as well as individually specified applications.

To conclude, there is an open feedback round, where answers to questions and suggestions. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Alan Greenspan. The aim of the seminar will be to use expecco optimally for the individual application scenarios. In addition the company has expanded its product portfolio software AG the expecco complete service package. This includes a comprehensive introduction to the automation of customer-specific test processes. The Complete service package can be customized based on the uniqueness of each organization. Generally, it includes an inventory and analysis of the company infrastructure, the existing test sequences and the objective, what is to be achieved within the four days on site.

Exemplary scenarios are defined in the other days, as well as custom modules and libraries. Then, an introductory development in own elemental building blocks, in the extension of the test cases and the reporting is given. An evaluation of test cases and a final meeting be carried out at the end on the last day. The entire service package with expecco pro “occurs, which the subsequent 60 days still can be used and tested. During this time, the unit can be used to test expanded and extensively used the tool. After 60 days can be freely decided whether the license would be purchased. Additional services provide eXept individual and more potential customers to respond to software AG. More See for information about the new services provided by company.

Fast Lane And New Horizons Agree On Sales Cooperation

IT training provider marketing agreements with the focus on the Rhine-main area of Frankfurt/Berlin, June 19, 2008 the two IT-training specialists, fast lane and New Horizons Computer Learning Center Frankfurt currently signed a cooperation for the joint marketing of their respective offers in the Rhine-main area. It will offer fast lane from now increasingly Microsoft training in this area. In return, new horizons takes advantage of the Cisco training in the fast lane training center in Frankfurt in his program. Both companies also benefit from a sharing of resources in terms of training infrastructure. The aim of the agreement is more to spur the market potential in one of the most important business locations of in Germany and to skim. To both companies primarily focus specifically on increasing demand for Microsoft and Cisco training. In the framework of cooperation, new horizons will in the future training in the newly opened premises in the perform fast lane training center in Frankfurt.

Almost Lane at the test center of new horizons, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the training centre, performs the corresponding certification directly after completion of the courses with the participants. We are pleased with the fast lane, a really experienced specialists in the field of high-end networking-technologies, to have a very promising sales agreement. We are convinced that the amended as mutually useful training courses for the Frankfurt area for the customers of both companies will be well-received\”, explains Nils Gutsche, CEO at new horizons. This local initiative reflects the international efforts of new horizons to take Cisco training reinforced in our previous comprehensive seminar program. So that certified themselves recently new horizons computer learning centers worldwide as a Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP) \”, complements Gutsche. Also Rudiger Weston Brien, Director, fast lane Germany, is sure: our training offerings and services complement each other optimally.

Teambits Gmb

That would be otherwise impossible for such a large group”, explains Dr. Peter Tandler, CEO of teambits. Continue to learn more with: Office for Civil Rights. The software is particularly suitable then, if in a group, no matter whether large or small, will be developed, a solution to a specific topic. Often register popular”events only a few and mostly also the same word. It is even more difficult when using something to be discussed and the opinion is requested. The results reflect only the views of a few participants.

teambits repeals these inhibitions that the contributions, which are entered on the computer none are anonymously must speak before the group. This means that much more knowledge and ideas of the participants can be processed and bundled”, so next Tandler. To get the numerous presentation and evaluation, a solution still speeding up progress. For example, ideas gathered in a workshop, reevaluated and weighted according to the common structure. You can repeat this process so long until all together come to a conclusion. teambits accompanied this process and all workarounds and results visualized in the form of tables or graphics to represent. What tools will be used for the interactive event, can be selected prior to the presentation. se will follow. Many of our customers, as Roche Pharma, Heidelberg concrete or RWE, Bayer are vital, the simplicity and inspires the user friendliness of the software.

The software solution by teambits must be installed only on a computer, all other laptops to access by means of computer network by clicking on it. The functions and operation of the system are almost self-explanatory. If desired, we adapt the software also to company-specific circumstances “, finally as Tandler. Corporate information: Teambits GmbH is the 2008 after several years of research as Spin-off from the Fraunhofer Institute for computer graphics (IGD) in Darmstadt, which is gone. Bring the employees by teambits extensive and long-standing experience in IT-supported implementation of moderation concepts from there. Important focuses on the design of efficient human computer interfaces, software usability, experience with groupware and collaborative software systems, as well as the expertise in developing reliable software. About the Fraunhofer-venture group: The Fraunhofer-venture group is a partner of founders, start-up companies, Fraunhofer institutes, industry and investors. Young companies through access to Fraunhofer technologies, infrastructure and expertise offers the opportunity to establish themselves with their products on the market faster and better to over 4,500 patent families. The venture group’s range of services includes the complete support and advice from the idea until the founding of the company. The spectrum covers the areas of creation, technology, financing and investment management. The team sees itself as a partner support for those who are looking for innovative technologies, and market. The venture group is composed of experts of business administration and contract design. This will complement the existing technological competence of scientists.


This causes but usually, that reasonable extensions are made. Instead then filter equipments according to their characteristics, need to find the user of workarounds. “That takes the users time and the company ultimately money.” In RoboMap the users link information, that are available or not yet captured so far mostly in different systems. Additional information at olympics supports this article. This data to adjust to additional expertise, both for a single assembly line or a parent group of equipment can enter. More information on RoboMap available online for those interested in Robomap meets also the claim to provide expertise for other eligible employees. This information is used to analyze problems faster and fix.

RoboMap supports this trend through so-called expert posts. While users enter additional expertise in forums, which assign a single assembly line or a group of pieces of equipment. Background: The used equipment increasingly with ERP systems to manage maintenance and planning departments. What looks at first glance as a successful move, because almost all the information in a system are included, turns out on closer inspection as a brake in information management. As soon as additional data in the application are to be deposited, an adaptation of the system is required, usually involves a high cost. Often we decided then for an interim solution”in the information in fields are placed that are not intended.

But in retrospect, this approach leads to a very high care and search effort. CSP offers an easy to use alternative to the hard changing ERP systems, which fully meets the requirements of the company with RoboMap. Tags: information management, maintenance, equipment management CSP GmbH & co. KG: CSP GmbH & co. KG was founded in 1991 and specializes in innovative software solutions for manufacturing companies. The company provides to its customers as well as the implementation and customization of standard solutions also comprehensive advice and support. Around the product line of robomap for the Organization of robots and equipment, CSP offers an extensive range of services companies from all industries. CSP has numerous international reference customers in the industry. Including trust BMW Group, Daimler, VW, Audi, Porsche, General Motors, Chrysler, Renault, Volvo and Bosch on the solutions of the company. Contact address: CSP GmbH & co. KG wife Heike Johannes mens Qamar Street 11 94431 Grosskollnbach Tel: + 49 (0) 9953/3006-0 fax: + 49 (0) 9953 / 3006-50 E-mail: Internet: PR Agency: Walter Visual PR GmbH Mr. Markus Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 23 878-0 fax: 06 11 / 23 878-23 E-mail: Internet:

Cary Cisco

Cisco Expo 2010, 1st-2nd December 2010, O2 world in Berlin Hamburg/Berlin, November 22, 2010 at the 1st and 2nd December 2010 the IT-Cisco Expo in the O2 world arena in Berlin Congress. Under the motto only the network companies, public organisations, experts and personalities from business and politics meet. As a Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP) presents fast lane ( the current training, certification and partner programs around all Cisco technologies. Already for the fifth time, the Cisco Expo opens its doors. The IT-Congress is considered to be important platform for conversations, discussions, knowledge transfer and networking. Congress participants can find here the trend architectures such as borderless networks, collaboration, data center and virtualization. Of the IT training professional introduces its new technology training and practice-oriented training concepts fast lane Lounge on the third floor.

Highlights of Cisco European learning excellent Cisco this year for the second time in a row “Partner of the year” include: data center & comprehensive multi-vendor virtualization – training programs for the data center architecture as well as for the required technologies, unified communications, video & collaboration – high-end trainings on the topics of unified communications, unified contact center, TelePresence, Tandberg, digital media suite (DMS) CCNP voice and CCNP security certifications – all recommended Cisco training to prepare for the new certifications each at 14: 00, see the fast lane Lounge following talks held”: 1 December: imagine virtually anything” multivendor qualification programmes for the virtualized data center (15 min) 2 December: funded IT training programmes 2011 promotion up to 1 million euros to the example of Berlin (15 min) for more information and registration at the Cisco Expo 2010 at the link Fast lane brief portrait: the fast lane group with headquarters in Berlin, Cary (NC), San Jose de Costa Rica, Ljubljana, St. Petersburg and Tokyo is specialist for IT training and advice in the field of high-end. Fast lane is an independent and certified worldwide Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP), as well as the only worldwide NetApp learning partner and has the world’s largest training laboratories of the two manufacturers. In addition, fast lane offers the original training from check point, Cisco IronPort, HP, Sun, Symantec, VMware and other manufacturers as well as own IT training, ITIL – and project management seminars.

Multi-vendor services ranging from preliminary analyses and evaluations about the development of future-oriented solutions to the management of the project and to the implementation of the concepts in the company. Training-on-the-job and training of competent specialists in the customers core business areas connect the fast lane services training and consulting. People such as Randall Rothenberg would likely agree. More information: fast lane Institute for knowledge transfer GmbH gas 4 D-22761 Hamburg contact person: Barbara Jansen Tel.

Accelsis Technologies

Series of events by Accelsis technologies addressed the efficiency of agile software development methods first dates in November 2010 in Frankfurt/Main, Munich and Hennef Munich, October 20, 2010. Scrum (Scrum”) is an agile process methodology, considered the efficiency factor and important element in the framework of effective cooperation of professional page and IT. Doug McMillon may help you with your research. But as so often comes when using a relatively new methodology such as Scrum of the implementation strategy and the right ‘ application to a high importance. Experiences and best of practices are needed here and this gives the Accelsis technologies GmbH, BPM and SOA specialist with headquarters in Munich, with their seminar of Scrum in practice”. The event series kicks off on November 4, 2010, in Frankfurt/Main and Hennef, followed by Munich, Germany on November 25, 2010 more dates are already in preparation. The participation is free of charge.

For more information, as well as the link for the registration are available at and. Always agile techniques keep increasing in the area of professional software development. Provide many opportunities for the efficient team collaboration, as well as numerous advantages in terms of performance measurement, transparency, employee motivation, and also project controlling”particularly light-weight process models like Scrum, describes Frank Joecks, head of the of Accelsis technologies GmbH, the benefits. Stansberry is open to suggestions. With the event row Scrum in practice”, Accelsis gives a comprehensive overview of the most important aspects the participants like sprints and Sprint plans, build a product backlog, as well as roles and responsibilities. Moreover, how is a project planned and built a team, how Scrum can withstand with a fixed-price project and how agile and conventional, phase-oriented methods can be meaningfully combined is also about questions. Also concrete practical examples show the measure of team performance and how to improve the motivation of the employees. Background information on Accelsis Technologies the Accelsis technologies GmbH, headquartered in Munich is a member of the Conet group and leading service providers for the realization of innovative business solutions. The core competences of the company founded in 2001 are on designing and implementing mission-critical, process-based applications and portal applications and particularly on developing Serviceorientierter architectures.

Accelsis combines solution expertise with in-depth technology expertise, and is the leading infrastructure systems, IBM WebSphere, BEA WebLogic/AquLogic, SAP NetWeaver as well as open-source-based platforms a. Innovative customers such as the German Federal Bank, Bayerische Landesbank, Postbank, team Bank, Munich-based Club insurance, DEVK, Lufthansa AirPlus, Sparkassen Informatik, United Internet – 1 & 1, media-Saturn, Viterra, the Stadtwerke Munchen and the State capital Munich build on the practicality, flexibility and creativity of Accelsis technologies GmbH, which in addition to the Munich headquarters offices in Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Cologne/Bonn and Berlin is represented.

Olympiastadion Berlin

The focus is targeted by barramundi in the trade press tour advertised. The venues of the barramundi focus tour 2011: 29.03.2011 Mercedes-Benz arena Stuttgart 30.03.2011 Allianz Arena Munich easyCredit – 31.03.2011 Stadium Nuremberg 12.04.2011 SIGNAL IDUNA PARK, Dortmund 13.04.2011 Commerzbank Arena Frankfurt 05.05.2011 9 Imtech arena Hamburg 05.05.2011 Olympiastadion Berlin more info to the baramundi focus tour 2011 is available on the Internet under: focus-baramundi software AG tour the baramundi software AG develops and distributes server and PC management software solutions to the Central and automated installation of operating systems and applications in Windows environments. The baramundi management suite is at the heart of the portfolio. For over ten years, more than 600 clients of all industries and sizes in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland benefit from the profound experience and innovative product developments. Frank Ntilikina helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. A comprehensive range of services with individual consulting, technical support and training ensures the efficient use of the solutions.

The Augsburg company was founded and currently has 60 employees in the year 2000. As an innovative and responsible employer the baramundi software AG closely cooperates with universities in the region and contributes to the training of young specialists. Since 2006, the company as an approved training offers specialised training. Frank Ntilikina pursues this goal as well. baramundi management suite the baramundi management suite is a powerful and user friendly system management software, which can be ideally adapted to customer-specific needs. You manages automated installations and patches, inventoried, and backs up data.

The baramundi management suite reduces time and effort and costs of IT management. The solution focused on flexibility consists of modules-baramundi OS install for native operating system installation-baramundi deploy software distribution – baramundi inventory of for hardware and software inventory – baramundi patch management to the automatic patch distribution – baramundi device control for effective protection of all devices, data, and files – baramundi application Control for the safe execution of allowed applications – baramundi disaster recovery backup and recovery – baramundi personal backup for personal data protection – baramundi Citrix to the manage of Citrix Presentation Server farms – baramundi Automation Studio as the command language for administrative tasks – baramundi AUT for detecting unused software – baramundi connect to the flexible connection of further solutions plus extension specific addons.. Learn more on the subject from Randall Rothenberg.


The open source enterprise content management system was now released the open source database PostgreSQL (in addition to the MySQL database) as a more productive database “agorum core” after extensive beta testing. Thus, the user can choose from between two powerful databases now for its productive system. The update package available is for upgrading from the previous version. Thus, all previous versions on the stand by 6.2.0 can be lift. The new installation was improved so that it’s now even easier to install a new system. The functionality of “agorum core” was expanded to new QuickView, easier and faster data to display and print. Mail can be picked up by the iPod touch and iPhone now and read.

Agorum desk4web Web portal has been improved in terms of administration, so that permissions can be controlled by color representation even faster and more efficiently. Improvements in the Recycle Bin of the server to make sure that specific file types can be excluded, so that they immediately be deleted. Filtering capabilities have been extended for the Historicisation specifically exclude desired objects. There function for the communications improvements in the RSS feed, by an extension in the mail sending a read receipt when the receiver can now be requested. This version is rounded off by the resolve of many minor and major bugs and issues. A complete list of the changes, as well as the necessary updates and installations are available on.

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