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First Cruzade

Thousand of pilgrims that they had left in April of 1096, died during the trip, the ones that arrived at the Bizantino Empire were marvelled at the esplendor and the wealth of Constantinopla where it hears envy and disdain where they had only widened the irrigation ditch enters the two parts of the Christianity. Recently Sean Rad sought to clarify these questions. The first Cruzades (1096-1099) had been formed by the nobility and supervised for papado where it was formed by some independent feudal armies bizantino emperor Aleixo I it demanded of the crossed heads an allegiance oath and the commitment of first lands conquered was delivers the Bizncio being, therefore those territories were its before the Muslim conquest; however this opposed the particular interests of the Cruzados where it would open many problems. The following natural stage would be Jerusalem, but each head pledged in action for benefits proper, the Cruzados had obtained to penetrate in the City Saint in July of 1099 with incredible ferocity, where we massacreed Muslen until the temple of Salomo, where she hears a carnage where the Muslim deceased formed so high mounts as houses, is as it shows the Anonymous History of the First Cruzade. The second Cruzade (1147-1149) nailed by Is Bernardo where Emperor Alemo Conrado III congregated three contingents and the French king Luis VII and ones of the Europeans of the north (English, flamengos and Frisean) where I finish it group tried to reach the Land Saint for sea. when Conrado and Luis had taken the decision to attack Damson plum where resulted in plus a Christian defeat.

Santa Cruz

A small chapel was constructed in 1562e dedicated the San Francisco de Assis, where Peter Palaces inhabited and placed oquadro of the saint. Six years later, it started to be built the ermida one that, with opassar of the years, if it would become the convent. ' ' Capelinha in the Campinho, that Frei Peter dedicated to So Francisco de Assis, placing in it on the altar, the panel of Our Senhoradas Joys, that bring of Portugal, and an image of the padroeiro: she was ondedormia there and it recouped its forces after evangelizar in cidade' '. Richard Dreyfuss has plenty of information regarding this issue. Source: For to be visible to all the boats and ships they queentrassem in the bay one of Victory for being the 154 meters above of the sea, it if it became padroeira and protector of the navigators, as well as occurred in Santa Cruz, until today umlocal of fishing in the north of the Espirito Santo, and the church of Ours dPenha Lady who meets there. The picture of the saint would come to receive an friend in the person from de state of espirito santo symbolism. Aimagem of Ours Lady of the Penha was ordered still by Frei Peter Palciospara to enrich still more its ermida. Moreover, the value of an image, three-dimensional, is highest, since it allows to greater proximity with the sanctity.

Thus, the devotion took great prominence, also is of the Espirito Santo. Diverse religious that visited the place of the convent. Beyond Anchieta, it queconviveu and it admired the founder of the Penha, Frei Vicente of Salvador was admiradocom the imponncia of the ermida one in the mount. Frei Brazilian arrived to call it de' ' one of the wonders of mundo' ' 2. The place possua an imponent aspect, for if pointing out so high enters two not yet vilasque left the neighborhoods of the coast.

Owner Goddess

With regard to the colors, in the article already mentioned it is told that the origin of the colors, the red and the green, represent the teamses of soccer Sergipe and Confiana, however Mr. Juarez tells that, the colors mention the flag to it that is used in the hour for Owner Goddess. Marc Lore shines more light on the discussion. ‘ ‘ they follow in cortejo arriving in determined place and asking for license to enter, praises the holy ghost, makes the calls, the dramatizao and closing of the function ‘ ‘ 4 the Reisado de Itaporanga, differently in other cities if does not present in cortejo, and nor with louvores, the same one is presented publishes for it, not having as characteristic the walked one for the streets of the city. ‘ ‘ In Itaporanga, in contrast of what it happens in the cities where the day of Kings and all the natalino cycle is commemorated on the basis of the approach of the folclrico and liturgical fact, the Reisado follows its day far from the eyes of the church, what it is not configured as one empecilho for its existence and resistance, but places in them to question until point this position of ‘ ‘ marginalidade’ ‘ in relation to the liturgical scene it does not contribute for, in the direction of the traditional age of the folclrico fact, a reconfiguration of this auto one in relation what in principle it would give its existence in a generalized manner, therefore we do not perceive in speaks of its representatives, signals of devotion, faith, as symbols of the sacred one inside of the manifestation, but before the commitment only with ‘ ‘ brincadeira’ ‘ as they place and of perpetual-la.’ ‘ 5 Fact this that had great relevance during the research, suponhado, as soon as this reason must it at the beginning not the cultural support of the local parish of the first presentations..

Ottoman Empire

was exactly in the context of the dismemberment of this empire that if gave to the allotment of the territories between English and Frenchmen. They are these countries that had demarcated the borders and had decided where each one of the many peoples inhabitants would remain. This is the origin, or better, the acirramento of the disputes and the hatred for which the Middle East will dive. In this context, for example, it is that the Jews will be contemplated Balfort declaration, while the Kurds are left to the proper luck. What more if it can use to advantage of the book of Fromkin is the part that approaches the quarrels for the estate of already defeated Ottoman Empire. Sports apparel brings even more insight to the discussion. The Turks who controlled the Empire of Arab majority all had finished after being only with Turkey, country bred the First War. The African limit of the Middle East, Egypt, already was a British protectorate.

However, when seeing Arab controllers assuming to be able in its countries had increased the pressures so that this country reached of time its autonomy. Palestine (that it understood the Eastern part to the east of the River Jordo? Transjordnia) was under British domain. The promise of a Jewish home provoked incited quarrels with Arab leaderships. However, the number of Jews increased each time more arriving at Palestine, mainly running away from the persecutions in the Europe. The Eastern part is the precursor of what it is known today as Jordan. All the Arabian peninsula, thus as Iraq (old Mesopotmia), the Prsia (that later it changed its name for Anger) and the Transjordnia they had been given for great traditional families, allies of the British (as the Hussein family). In the truth, the concern biggest and the interest of England in this region were to prevent that one another European power, even though its ' ' amiga' ' France, had the control of what it was the linking enters the eastern colonies (as India), the colony African (as Egypt) and the Europe.

History Of The Raft

The rescue of history on the life of the jangadeiros is displayed in all the context of clear form and objective thus it brings the history of the arrival of the raft in the community of from above Caetanos ties the current days. It fishes it of the raft had the contribution of the Portuguese, in the period of the settling, therefore still we have trace of this culture. The first rafts rafts that had started to arrive and to be manufactured in the region did not offer as much security to the fishing. Therefore, the same ones were made with wood trunks, that came of another region, as it tells some interviewed. These woods were moored and placed for high seas, thus considering, its appropriate boat for fishes artisan. The first rafts did not offer the fishing favorable conditions, therefore same the many times if were shipwrecked, passing weeks in sea, faced thus, rain and sun during some days.

To recoup the boat, many times lost fished its, to be able to survive. NBA oftentimes addresses this issue. We perceive that it is a difficult life, the life of fisherman, but is very rewarding, therefore he is from there that he leaves the sustenance an entire family. 1. DELIMITATION OF the SUBJECT In the decade of 60, started to arrive the first boats fishes directed it artisan. According to interviewed the first rafts they were made manually and it did not have so great? zeal? in the shape of the boats. The same ones were made wooden brought of another region, therefore they came for the o sea through rafts. The wood were moored and plays in the ocean, next to some fishing that guided the raft.

When the material arrived our region the fishing joined and construam its raft artisan. Being this wood trunk cut to the way and making trunk to serve of connecting rod for the assembly of the raft. In elapsing of the time the rafts had been having perfectioning, thus facilitating the life of the jangadeiros (fishing of raft). This culture of if working with raft appeared to break necessity to sin there are, to search subsidies for them and its family.

Particle Aviation History

In the old days in the Soviet Union of large-scale copies of aircraft models manufactured in the factory, could be seen in museums, in the pavilion “Transportation” at enea and on television: the aircraft designers in the Bureau and the leaders various aviation agencies. Today the situation has changed, and now these models acquire in stores and via the Internet, where a wide range of types and modifications of the civil and military engineering. Hooked aviation enthusiasts gather this collection of a variety of subject areas, but it is a separate, very interesting conversation. In this article I would like to stay (of course, brief and subjective) on why collectible aircraft model is not just good, namely: neobydennym, original, prestigious gift. The answer probably lies in the following. Man has always dreamed of flying. It is impossible not to quote outstanding scientist ne : “Man has no wings and relative weight of his body to the weight of the muscles 72 times weaker than a bird But I think it would fly, based not on the strength of his muscles, and the strength of his mind.” And in the nursery Encyclopedia wrote in 1960: “The dream has helped find hundreds of bold, unexpected bold decisions that allowed a person to overcome gravity and conquer the most boundless ocean of the sky.” Maybe that’s why we want to have around the particle rich history of world aviation, the symbol of the human dream of flight a symbol, a symbol of freedom. “Knowledgeable” fans would agree with this statement – a beautiful model airplane charms, gives strength, confidence and creativity.

Rightful place in our home and office interiors can find a copy of the legendary fighters and bombers, passenger liners and air transport vessels from different airlines. Without a doubt, Each model airplane is a separate record, and the memory of the proceedings, deeds, records, memorable events. All of us – the owners of these planes form the community of the Romantics, to some extent custodians of history and leave out inheritance to their loved ones and perhaps humanity is our wealth. Big words? Maybe! But it’s true that decorates our lives!

History And Science

The relation History and science, in a iluminista conception century XVIII is marked by a society in transformation, the final desestruturao of the feudalismo and the advance of the bourgeois order. See sports apparel for more details and insights. Such renascentista transformation, of the origin to the Iluminismo, pautada philosophical chain in the reason, which approaches History and science, being these the bases for the agreement of the world. The attempt of the man in understanding the origin of the life, itself exactly, to the natural and social factors is so old how much proper it and each group has a particular way to look for to unmask these mysteries. Before science, the legends, fbulas and myths existed. Not having still rational explanations that could scientifically be demonstrated, the men had created same histories helped that it to understand itself and the proper nature.

With the desconfigurao of the myth, appraised History is born initially as narration, that is, the historian would be a memorialista writing a history of the gift. But late, History continues being considered narrative, however it gains a purpose didactic to teach and to create models of behavior for the men. From century XVIII, it had a History interested in explaining really important events and relating the facts between itself. The word History gains some meanings, as study of an event, process politician, scientific study of the evolution of the societies human beings, finally History is defined as base of the experience human being, one constant process of construction, desconstruo and reconstruction. The iluminismo brings in itself the notion of nature and the universe as changeable things, the progress idea. Search to show History as being the linear, gradual development and interrupto of the reason human being. For it, the knowledge if approaches the truth more than, therefore the humanity will more go each time to dominate the nature, in a gradual and constant evolution.

Historical Demography

Isac Blacksmith Summary the article will analyze the question of the History of the family and Brazilian historical demography, in accordance with the text of Sheila de Castro Would make, gift in the book ' ' Domnios of the Histria' ' , of Ronaldo Vainfas, 1997. It will argue on the boardings and the landmark of the family as object of study, related with the historical context. Word-keys: family, demography and object of study. Introduction In such a way one as another one has defined objects and objectives, only that the history of the family was initiated through the surprising results of the historical demography. Check out NBA for additional information. The questionings and the structure of the family interest the common man how much to the specialists in such a way.

The history of the family is on essentially to the domestic space at the diverse times. They are the demographers historians to work with the frequent and central subject of the family. Pg: 241-242. HISTORY OF the FAMLIA-PRINCIPAIS BOARDINGS the studies on the family had initiated in the Europe from century XVI and if it extended for other modern Christian societies and contemporaries. In the modern period, the written sources had prevailed and seriadas. The history of the family is relatively recent and came to consist in a specific area of historical research from 1960. pg: 243-244. HISTORICAL DEMOGRAPHY AND the LANDMARK OF the FAMILY AS STUDY OBJECT Was with the development of the historical demography that the familiar life of the great mass of the population gave its first steps. The historical demography stimulated studies on the family modern occidental person, constituted of the French source of reconstitution of families and of the exploration of the nominative lists that brought questionings on the initial idea of that the domestic unit, of the Europe daily pay-industrial was vast and complex. The demographic studies more were worried about the quality of the sources of what of its meaning in this region for the understanding and ampler composition of structures and theories.

Regional History

Still at this first moment it was approached fall of the exploration between years 1890 the 1930 where the pine if became scarce, and high during the government Vargas of 1930 the 1962. The process of the wood still in the Paran until its destinations was worked as United States and Europe. Source: NBA. For as the moment ace was worked the question of the associated wood economic activities and the impact in the environment. Ace was inquired that great forests in Brazil foreign interests always despertaram and in the Paran it was not different, thus attracting some colonists mainly during world to war i, and came the all vapor occupying diverse regions initiating the deforestation. It was continued lesson pointing that such explorations and maltreatment caused ecological disequilibrium.

The association made between immigrants and the exploration of the wood are that these had been stimulated by the market that was in potentiality, that is, the capitalism that modeller of the society. CONSIDERAES History does not have only the function to culturally enrich the pupils with the end of only repeating the facts at great length and mechanically. ' ' It must make possible same a understanding of History as a contradictory process for which the men in its multiple relations produce its life in its multiple dimenses.' ' (SIQUEIRA, RODRIGUES, 2009, s/n). In this direction it is necessary that the education of Regional History and the History of the Paran are reviewed in the resumes pertaining to school, therefore, a tool consists that would widely make possible the understanding on the importance and the preservation of cultural the historic site I assist beyond it in the construction of identities. In the words of Jayme and Carla Pinsky: He is necessary therefore, that the education of History is revalorizado and that the professors of this disciplines is acquired knowledge of its social responsibility before the pupils, being worried in helping to understand them it and we wait, to improve the world.

France History

Social History is characterized as an approach with the anthropology. This interchange with social sciences made possible to history a magnifying of the thematic ones in the historiografia, thus, to observe it emergency of the history of the family, the ages, the sexuality, the symbolic one, the religious representations, and other diverse subjects of the area of social sciences. One of the antropolgicas perspectives that established interchange with history was the Anthropology Interpretativa de Clifford Geertz. Geertz considered that the culture was inherent to the human being and that the same one determined all the social action, ademais pondered that the cultures could be analogous chores as texts or the texts. The description dense, that Geertz takes loaned by Ryle, its object of study will also be used by history when interpreting. The dense description is based on the contextual analysis where determined event it occurs, so that ' ' piscadelas' ' they are not confused with ' ' tiques nervosos' ' . Of this form, as Fernando Hisses, the historians when using the dense description more would be worried in constructing an interpretation of an event of what to know on the occurred fact. Thus, with the magnifying of the methods, boardings, objects and sources; the daily one of Agns as historical source is not less verdica for being a subjective story and one ' ' document ordinrio' '.

However, it is important to consider that the interpretation on the story of Humbert represents a reading ' ' secondhand ' ' , from the interpretations that the author made on the events that she lived deeply. The interpretation is only a perspective, a construction that somebody imagines, exactly that if describes densely something, description does not represent this something. The experience of Agns represents, thus, a version, enters the different meanings attributed to the French Resistance. This multiple symbology, not present in the book analyzed and nor in the mind of the author (therefore the same one was next to symbols of what of others), mentions the general context to it that were the Resistance, therefore as the daily one of Agns informs in them, had some groups that if had opposed to the system politician of busy France.

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