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History Of The Raft

The rescue of history on the life of the jangadeiros is displayed in all the context of clear form and objective thus it brings the history of the arrival of the raft in the community of from above Caetanos ties the current days. It fishes it of the raft had the contribution of the Portuguese, in the period of the settling, therefore still we have trace of this culture. The first rafts rafts that had started to arrive and to be manufactured in the region did not offer as much security to the fishing. Therefore, the same ones were made with wood trunks, that came of another region, as it tells some interviewed. These woods were moored and placed for high seas, thus considering, its appropriate boat for fishes artisan. The first rafts did not offer the fishing favorable conditions, therefore same the many times if were shipwrecked, passing weeks in sea, faced thus, rain and sun during some days.

To recoup the boat, many times lost fished its, to be able to survive. NBA oftentimes addresses this issue. We perceive that it is a difficult life, the life of fisherman, but is very rewarding, therefore he is from there that he leaves the sustenance an entire family. 1. DELIMITATION OF the SUBJECT In the decade of 60, started to arrive the first boats fishes directed it artisan. According to interviewed the first rafts they were made manually and it did not have so great? zeal? in the shape of the boats. The same ones were made wooden brought of another region, therefore they came for the o sea through rafts. The wood were moored and plays in the ocean, next to some fishing that guided the raft.

When the material arrived our region the fishing joined and construam its raft artisan. Being this wood trunk cut to the way and making trunk to serve of connecting rod for the assembly of the raft. In elapsing of the time the rafts had been having perfectioning, thus facilitating the life of the jangadeiros (fishing of raft). This culture of if working with raft appeared to break necessity to sin there are, to search subsidies for them and its family.

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