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Daniel Fritsch Moves

A clear increase in turnover could the S & K group of companies in the past year achieve Frankfurt, January 26, 2012. For 2012, the Frankfurt real estate and investment company has embarked a significant growth rate. Further details can be found at Mustafa Suleyman, an internet resource. Due to the great success in the sales of its own investment products, S & K has diversified the range of all financial sales and sharpened his sales organization structure and merged into a subsidiary for this area. Last Friday, whose management took over Daniel Fritsch, Ph.d.. with appropriate notarial registration. Fritsch will assume in the future – the total sales management and strategic sales and product design founders Stephan Schafer and Dr.

Jonas Koller – in addition to the S & K. Its tasks also include the strategic partner, as well as the acquisition of new subsidiaries. Over the last months, S & K has several strategic partnerships with industry leaders and could thus significantly expanded distribution channels. We are pleased about the Development of our group of companies, which is not only characterized by revenue increases, but above all by a real estate business expanded significantly in recent months. We have created so best conditions for raising further equity capital”, says CEO and founder Dr.

Jonas Koller S & K. Recently S & K in addition to the acquisition of some individual properties in top locations had announced the acquisition of a portfolio with savings bank branches, as well as one with retail real estate with long-term leases. S & K’s with his successful businesses, its spirit of innovation and the clear will to include, the right partner for me in a few years to the absolute number 1 in Germany in its market segment. This became clear to me very quickly after my entry at S & K last year. Together, we set the course for dynamic growth, which is possible only through a clear sales organization now. With regard to this, we are now absolutely scalable, so appreciate every reputable and effective sales partner, who finds us”, explained Fritsch. The Frankfurt real estate specialists are specialized in active management of real estate since the turn of the Millennium. In the last three years could they significantly expand their business here and have an own property portfolio worth more than 150 million euros at present.

Lake Mattsee Castle

The NLP diploma program + cmore practitioner in the jewel on Lake Mattsee Castle. The Managing Director of id institute consulting GmbH and founder of the C more quality label Yvonne van Dyck is a specialist for the successful and fulfilled implementation of ideas. I am the C more – list better – feel better: this year again is the 22 March 2009 this motto or starts on June 28, 2009 the NLP + cmore practitioner and also master the LOOP module your id ‘. \” Your ideas, bring swing\”, these 4 days under this motto. Ben Bernankes opinions are not widely known. They are also extra bookings and the participants experience developed by Yvonne LOOP id. Learn ideas in communication with yourself, with others, in teams and companies successful and fulfilled in practice to implement. Cmore is now also a successful label\”as is evident also from the anonymous evaluations at the end of the seminar. The participants up: the value of the NLP practitioner training is through the content of the id LOOPs 113% increase. You may find Andrew Adamson to be a useful source of information.

Cmore Practitioner is characterized by an appreciative attitude towards themselves and others. Appreciate and recognise the richness ‘ of people and take responsibility for their thinking and actions. They have competence with regard to communicative and also the necessary confidence (confidence, self confidence), they are congruent,\”describes alone nor Yvonne van Dyck that it alone is not enough 18-day diploma training, competence and confidence. Cmore practitioner are not perfect ‘ because it is a tense, they see mistakes as feedback. \”Cmore practitioner have reviewed their learning strategies and optimized so that they relish and easily learn and believe in the episode effect their id n and have this grip ‘.\” \”Very positive feedback from the participants of the NLP + cmore practitioners\” for 9 years, Yvonne van Dyck offers many interested people who change or want to educate the possibility and opportunity is in communication with others and with himself to optimize.

The Word

We got always unconditional affection and appreciation, we can show to light this later also other people. This learning by beloved and unloved models is the most common way as human behavior is learned. Training by the way does exactly. Usually the emotional attachment to the participants just missing coaches. Therefore training mostly to knowledge work, but a behavior is rare.

To circulate leadership rejects leadership often as some tyrannical because she may then has solidarity with the defeated parent. If this was the mother, it may be fatal as a man. This often, he lacks an accepted, male role model. How should one behave as a man certainly as a leader? May he repeats the behavior of the mother, who has always tried to move other morally and with requests and aid unsuccessfully. And if this doesn’t work, he repeated the disappointment as well. Some even unconsciously looked down, aggressive behavior of the father is added. Read additional details here: Rafael Nadal.

As the Executive in accordance with the father angry after some unsuccessful pleading and squeezes together her staff. She has success in the company, with the behavior it increases continuously and solidifies their behavior. This fine as long as, until the leadership even wants to change something or now is almost impossible because of their choleric seizures. This leadership is a role in which she feels uncomfortable. Many know enough alternative behaviors, and leadership techniques from seminars, can not implement but because they actually still in a re staging of childhood and find a real solution. The model of re staging describes the repetition of Situations and always same behavior patterns from the past with the intention to find a solution for the former scene. The word implies also solve and solution to redeem, dissolving and solve out of something. The solution lies at least partly in the emotional reconciliation with its own history.

Bianca Kaminsky

Rather than sawed and hammered, is in the learning workshop, so read, written, designed, and much more. Important feature of the learning workshop is the way to the individual learning: every child from the offers freely chooses what it would like to work. Thus, it has the chance to restructure its learning process largely independently. Also each child at his own pace can work, stay, advance workshop teaching enables a learning in the Ungleichschritt”. The prepared offers are the heart of any learning workshop. Workshop lessons possible, careful planning and preparation is necessary.

Usually, it is the teacher, which created the jobs and ensures the necessary material in the form of reading texts, worksheets, educational games, etc.. This preparatory work is often perceived as a disadvantage, sometimes she may deter even from the project. The advantages of the this form of instruction to brings, the preparations more than make up for: the children are brought up to the responsibility, learn to assess their skills and are encouraged to work independently. Basic rules such as a started task also – stopping structure give the children. For the teacher workshop teaching the advantage is targeted to individual children to care. The role of the teacher is that of observer and learning companion in this form of teaching.

Learning workshops of learning bee Publisher the Publisher range includes both subject-specific and cross-curricular learning workshops for grades 1 6. The materials are child-friendly and individually illustrated – for the teacher there is so to speak a manual notes to the preparation and the use in the classroom in addition”. All educational materials of Publisher appear in digital form on CD-ROM and allow the teacher to modify the content for the single learning group if necessary. The production of the tactile materials is very easy, because the files are only printed and laminated when needed. Learning bee Publisher, Bianca Kaminsky


Keep details better in memory, though, because they are interested and they are attentive, and not because they had a better memory in principle! Men have a good memory, but it is for things that they deem important. (For example, the Bundesliga results of the last 100 years and the names of all players who have even scored a goal). But back to the EMP marketing of lack of. The second important aspect is something women do so to speak gamble by the way. Other tips to give people where one particularly good buys and will advise, what doctors you go to and which you should better avoid, what products are worth really their money and where you with pay only the expensive brand names, what movie is absolutely worth a visit and the headache of the most effective. Learn more at this site: Hearst Magazines. Only woman will never produce the payoff! Except in the referral marketing, as it is operated by TeamCorseLife. Another huge advantage is that no one after your origin, your level of education, professional experience, and your other qualifications asks. Are you the last meticulous interview still lively memory? That does not exist for us.

Absolutely, each has an equal chance, regardless of their career or your CV. The success exclusively depends on the own usage and often those are the most successful, which one would have expected it least, because they simply pragmatic approach with momentum and common sense of the matter… (also typical female) Credibility and competence with regard to the products used are two more key words for the female success the industry: women have in dealing with people to a large extent these properties and can easily use it to build business relationships when it comes to speak things that they have made good experiences. Their egos and their dominance in the way is because often men. Product recommendations? Not the number one be, since there are none in this system? Beneath their dignity in addition Act women often more intuitive and can go very spontaneously to other people too.

These are assets which quickly pays off in the EMP lack marketing in cash coin. That appeals to you? Would that be possibly for you in question? Are you interested? Simply request our neutral, free guide as a pdf file, or start directly without risk.


Competence and practical experience under one roof: servitus brings new communication training and innovative Businesscoaching in the market. Hamburg, October 22, 2009: Business coaching and communication training, which combines the expertise of theory and practice, offers now servitus in Hamburg. Who conveys pure theory, teaches only the half truth”explains Stefanie Missel, owner of servitus. Only who has many years of experience and asserts itself successfully on the market, also know how to behave in unexpected situations or times of crisis “, the Diplom-Kauffrau explains their holistic approach to the business topics. Are the subject of servitus seminars: interviewing in all commercially relevant facets – even on the phone.

Also teaches you is in the seminars of servitus how to detects tampering and fends off, WINS customers by appealing and interesting presentations or the use of all acquisition tools, even successfully applying correctly leads employees. Also the time and Self-management are a focus of servitus. The concept of servitus envisages not only time – and self-management as a coach in gin hold, it saves the time budget of his clients: who is indispensable in his company, can even within a modular compact half days, very early or very late coach. Training for one or two days are also available. The seminars take place in Hamburg-Winterhude with views over the rooftops. In this special setting the fireplace to warm the roof terrace can be used on cold days. Of course, but also in-house training courses are offered.

Owner of servitus is Stefanie Missel. She has worked since 1994 as a consultant, Manager, trainer and specialist sales topics. What you can learn at servitus, practiced successfully for over 15 years in their own company and for their customers.

Intercultural Training Switzerland

Intercultural competence Switzerland for your business success through intercultural training Switzerland develop internationally active Manager their intercultural competence. “This leads to smooth projects, nothing connects us so successful transfers and negotiations with business partners from the Switzerland, such as the common border, and nothing separates us, such as the common language.” Salut Gernot the seemingly superficial similarities give the impression that Swiss people as we are”. While most professionals and executives are preparing intensively on your Asia projects intercultural challenges in cooperation be not often dramatically underestimated just with European neighbours. Most of the intercultural issues and conflicts in cooperation with neighbouring countries, for example Germany Switzerland, Germany Austria and United States Canada arise because of this amazingly. Because the devil is in the details, many projects fail to apparent trifles”. It comes in just in the Switzerland on linguistic subtleties on. For the Swiss, German, what they themselves call written German, is a foreign language.

That’s why you feel disadvantaged, when communicating in their own country with German which often causes animosity. A leading source for info: Samuel “Sam” Mikulak. Strongly influenced by Calvinism, the Swiss much flatter hierarchies as the Germans are accustomed. In Germany, it include the tasks of a Manager, his staff to control what is perceived in the Switzerland as a no-go. Swiss, however, are by an inner satisfaction”shaped. I.e. it is first and foremost this motivated to do his job well.

It takes no control, she will on the contrary as a vote of no confidence”are just two examples from a whole cosmos of possible misunderstandings this felt. It is clear: intercultural preparation can mean success or failure. A holistic management preparation that takes into account the different employees and corporate structures is necessary. And although both for the Germans, as well as for the Swiss. Intercultural cooperation is a two-way street! More info:

Training Trainers

It is culture.communication again! “Hannover, 03.05.2013 after the great success in the past starts with the next round of training on intercultural trainer and presenter culture.communication from 06 September 2013”. The training is aimed at all people who want to act and support international cooperation in their organization and develop at the global level. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Doug McMillon on most websites. In particular is the range of domestic or external employees intercultural trainers and specialists and executives who lead international teams or projects or are active in the field of human resources development. Due to the modular structure is highly flexible and customizable. This the participants voted resource fair and temporal possibilities the ability, the various training stages to complete. Thereby all modules be carried by a team of interdisciplinary and internationally successful coach.

Trainers do not act as pure knowledge brokers, intercultural/r but help your participants or team members their own intercultural leadership skills to develop, so that they can successfully cope with cross-cultural situations. The training program of culture.communication emphasis therefore on a well-founded didactic training, as well as on the acquisition of a comprehensive hand tool such as visualization and presentation in an intercultural context. After successfully passing the final exam, participants can purchase a prestigious, nationally recognized Steinbeis-Hochschule Berlin coach certificate. The Government-sponsored education premium claim can be taken for the part-financing of training. Up to 500 euro are interested training available. When booking the entire training up to the 31.05.2013 receive a discount in the amount of 300 euros! Dates, as well as extensive information about the exact content will find interested under: inter cultural trainer moderator your contact person: Anna Strachowska culture.communication Hildesheim str. 29 D-30169 Hanover phone + 49 511 22 06 47 80 company profile: culture.communication is an intercultural consulting and training company headquartered in Hanover. The company connects people and cultures and developed innovative solutions by building on the development up to the receipt of intercultural relations in the fields of intercultural training and coaching, negotiation and conflict management, intercultural consulting.

Training Simulator

Condor TV shows the proper training of crew members in training simulators in aviation security is a top priority. On board the flight attendants and pilots for the responsibility. The crew members in training simulators, the so-called Mock Ups received the proper training. With the move to gateway gardens Condor has integrated two of this high-tech simulators at the training center at the new headquarters. Condor TV released a total of three reports, which show all the steps of the building of training simulators, difficult transport, up to commissioning in the coming days. Condor TV reports on exciting topics related to flying. The reports published since early 2013 at regular intervals on YouTube, with major topics divided into several episodes.

Four-imagine technical backgrounds, professions and destinations to five-minute videos. Condor TV is now available as a Vodcast on mobile devices such as mobile phones and tablets. The videos can for Apple devices via the podcast app on iTunes as RSS feeds to subscribe to. The vodcasts are Android users as subscription for all devices from popular manufacturers available. Under the name Condor TV shows Germany of’s most popular holiday flyer 13 reports on YouTube below. With the new vodcasts have aviation enthusiasts new episodes of Condor TV automatically on your device and can directly and also by travelling in the fascination of flying dive. The video is online at Condor TV is part of the social media approach of the holiday airline. All PR and social media activities are bundled social media newsroom available also at a glance in the Condor.

Intercultural Training Russia

The enigmatic, much quoted Russian soul depth, ability to suffer, melancholy, and last but not least wisdom as the Russian soul is often described. Above all, Russians are emotional. “How Tatjana Tolstaja, an important Russian writer, once described: logic is considered as dry and nasty, logic is derived from the devil.” “And: a completely positive value are associated with emotions in Russian culture: the more a person expresses their emotions, it is the better, more serious and open.” This is a key differentiator for German mentality. A negative meaning is associated with cool logic, a domain of German thought. From a German point of view, the Russian idiom appears so sometimes profound and emotional. Often this is associated with a deeper sense of connection, to explore it. for or against this. Read too much but you should not into such emotions. In Germany, it is also often the case that emotional behavior is interpreted negatively.

We are just in the Business life, to be trained, factual and correct. Emotions leave most the impression of unprofessionalism. In Russia, this is different, here you encounter in business negotiations often emotions. These can fail amicably, but also violently if there are conflict situations. These reactions depend on the respective negotiators, because not all are of course Russian executives just knitted. On such situations and how to deal with them, can you in an intercultural training Russia specifically prepare. Just business people who have never had to do with Russian partners, should take this opportunity to suitable to respond, and to draw the wrong conclusions. Global cultures Academy for intercultural management offers such seminars, which provide great assistance in meeting the business challenges.

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