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The World

Then we have to choose a new religion (philosophy). But if going this way, we look back, we see that all previous stops were only part of the solutions that we have now, and this solution includes all the previous ones, but what with it we can rule out the possibility of a better solution in the future? All of the above questions and topics are not left in peace the people all the time of their existence. A man’s life – is not only selfish, but the main goal is not only to make yourself a hearty, warm and cozy. Man must realize that it is now, he is on the verge the opening of its new features, and that come to him, he can only change how he, alone of all mankind together. Do it it can only help with their firm intentions by passing and someone else. Yes, yes … Y He has many names. Higher power, God, the Creator, the subconscious …

One person can not afford to win his ego. (Similarly see: Will Forte). The purpose of his life – to have fun. But what to do when running out of material pleasures? Conceptually, nothing new appear, and the way to the pleasures of the existing reduced so much that is truly needed was a crisis, which now holds many of us away from what only yesterday seemed easily attainable, so we have time. The only question is how we use them? Can use for your fix? By the way, finally, an example about the body. Its elements can include self-interest, individually. BUT! When interacting with the neighboring elements No selfishness.

There is no question that there should be no selfishness at all, for ignoring their needs, we also destroy themselves. We need to consume in moderation, for as long as necessary for our survival and healthy normal development. What is the use of the body element to a premature sacrifice. It still will have to dispose of and to the detriment of other resources and too often. Instead, it provides a complete return higher priority – the body. It turns out an interesting picture – and get feedback and necessary issue in the quantity – how much to use for yourself to fully pay the body. Vobschem want to read the thought that maybe he is not the last stage of development and the crown of creation, has estimated his personal actions in a global context, assessed themselves as a part of ‘homo global’. Perhaps, then wake up the desire to understand themselves, their function, their consumption, their returns in a global context. But most importantly – understand that your neighbor who just like you, now endowed with its share of unbridled self-interest is as much a part of the ‘homo global’, as you are. No matter at what stage of development he and what is his mission in the overall context it is important, not less than yours and someone will still have to do it. What did you do to help him? Huh? And perhaps, suppressed his ego and united in common purpose with other people, we finally throw off limit the perception of the world and see how beautiful he is and what we have been deprived for so long? By the way nothing remarkable global goal – to see the world in all its beauty?

The Day

However it has situations where &#039 is necessary; ' dobrar' ' the planto, ouseja, instead of working 12h to work 24h followed. Such situation becomes otrabalho exhausting, harming the quality of the attendance due to the fatigue, the fatigue and the sleep of the plantonistas. In accordance with Dejours (1994), the balance or fatigue pelotrabalho occurs due to psychic load of the work, that is constituted of umareteno of pulsional energy that drift of the relation of the worker with aorganizao. This psychic load can present positive when trabalhose becomes fatigante, or refusal when it allows to the reduction of this cargapsquica and the increase of the pleasure in the work. Such factor must be taken emconsiderao, therefore the potential of sprouting of proceeding insanities dotrabalho depends on the form where the worker canalizes this energy. Such fatortem relation of interdependence with the social context of the activity of work, beyond the relations between the work and the proper organization. ' ' The fatigue is a not specific witness of sobrecargaque weighs on one or another one of the sectors of the psychic organism and somtico' '. (DEJOURS, 1994).

In this in case that the necessity appears of flexibilizao daorganizao of the work. Such change would propitiate a reorganization of the time porparte of the worker who could canalize the existing psychic load in suarelao with the activity of work and better deal with its proper escolhasno labor context. It is important to remember that at night, the contact with the team effect for telephone and in the intervals between the atendimentos profissionaisaproveitam, them to rest a little. Depending on the advance of the hours, sireneque must be set in motion as soon as the ambulance immediately leaves, he is not ligadapara not to bother the neighbors and because, according to professional, not hproblemas of displacement in dawn transit. The example of situation with work overload, one fatoocorreu with the interviewed one in a planto fold (it worked the day ea all entire dawn).

Albert Camus Society

The stigma left of being corporeal to become semantic. A intentionally time the penalty of death of soul, through psicodiagnstico favorable, society organized ritual of judgment, whose intention was so alone to get the confession of the witch, for after that burning it, gesture with that the society imagined to banish the cause from that sleet, of that flooding etc. With the creation of the institution of the hospices the society imagined to get rid itself of plagues by means of the step to jail all the agents of bother as drunk, prostitutes, vagabonds and mainly the histricas, the great successors of the witches as carrying of stigma. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Randall Rothenberg. Was as soon as inherits of our ancestor the necessity to keep the figure of a cause obtusa or a culprit for things that continue inexplicable or inadmissible for the thick one of the population. People such as John Smith would likely agree. It is alone for this small historical accident that the current icon of the stigma fashionable is not farmacus, nor the witch, but the insane, the insane person, the mental sick person, the psychopath, the esquizofrnico. As they had demonstrated of skillful form Michel Foucault and Thomaz Szasz this it is the small history of as very old crendices move of clothes to keep deceit, the same lack of evolution the same.

The Romans already knew that nomina mutantur, numina manent, that is, the names are changed, remain deuses. Or as it defines Albert Camus ' ' when the slaves were algemados with iron easily perceived the fetters. When the metal was substituted by semantic chains becomes more difficult to perceive the existence of algemas.' ' as such handcuffs is not characteristic of the estigmatizado one, but a quality of the society that creates bode expiatrio, as it defines Sheff preciously, the way as such stigmata are attributed is entirely random and contradictory, being able to incriminate or to defend.

The Body

Metabolism is enhanced to work out how much energy – just in case, because nature has us in a saving scheme, "stress – the danger – additional forces to repel aggression or flight. " Now, the muscles tense, heart beat rate increases, breathing rate increases, the body gets rid of excess fluid (perspiration), and the person thinks that he is on the eve of heart attack. Listen to the rhythm, becomes convinced that he is insane, even more scared – and adrenals helpfully throw new dose of adrenaline boosts. Heart beat faster, unpleasant (or rather unusual) sense of picking up – that's cause for panic. Besides the fear that here, in the subway, deep underground, doctors 'first aid' would get not soon make an attack just unbearable. At this time the body as a laid the bomb – the next time, just feeling a little sweaty in that stuffy crowded train, approaching people suspect the attack and "bomb" immediately work. Further, these attacks can repeated frequently – say every two or three hours, or vice versa, often – once a week.

They can last for half a minute or half an hour – it all depends on the individual. Others including Kansas City Chiefs, offer their opinions as well. Psychiatrists and neurologists argue that number of people exposed to panic attacks is steadily increasing. The above-mentioned reasons, plus social dislocation literally thrown into the arms of the modern city dweller all kinds of phobias (fears) do hostage to bad habits and reflexes. Of course, describe all manifestations of a panic attack is impossible. It may be a combination of features, and only one – for example, severe headache, which results in a particular situation. Itself is harmless, it can also cause anxiety. The case when suffering such pain, periodic woman tried to kill herself.

She suspected a brain tumor, considering that doctors are deceiving her. In fact, it was common migraine after rising to his foot on the ninth floor (the entrance changed the elevator). To summarize, we note that a panic attack like the one my grandfather Krylov casket, which "Just opened." Maybe someone can help this publication for a fresh look at his strange illness. If so, then your health! The pharmacy medication for panic attacks no. (Similarly see: Sean Rad). Must treat the underlying cause. However, in mild cases helps self-hypnosis, when a person suffers from seizures do not lose heart in anticipation of another attack, and vice versa, "revealed" to her – they say look at what you show at this time. To do this, keep in mind that from panic attacks do not die. However, this proposed psychiatrist and psychotherapist with no drug method (the method is called paradoxical intention) comes, alas, not all. The trouble also is that part of the panic-prone disorders people suffer all sorts of neuroses and therefore can not always be cured of their subjective experiences "excessive." Not worth the risk – ask the experts!

The Heart

B) Education of children in school under the old system is no longer acceptable because the interest must be present in a child, he must want to learn it and do not in silu.Ved when we do something at will, then we have no resistance and everything works – you need an individual approach to children, identifying their abilities and aspirations of the heart (desire). Cramming is not fit this new pokoleniyu.Nedarom indigo children do not accept external authority and tradition as external training does not lead to knowledge of the subject. D) We need to see things more inner vision, than to describe them with all sides, it’s just one describes the elephant legs, another the trunk, tail and the third, but none of them did not understand that this is an elephant, you need a holistic vision. This may help to meditation and contemplation. Manchester United FC: the source for more info. D) Probably in order to overcome this problem must repent before God and before him for what was focusing in his life on what is necessary, and not thinking (meditating) on the issues and challenges of their lives. After all, no wonder these kids are in a state of alpha waves in the meditative half-asleep state. E) They do not accept this life in its fullness, as if they want to escape from life, so irritating vanity ih.Im more pleasant to deal with their spiritual development, than the daily affairs. F) I found by accident site where it was written our inattentive hyperactive deti.I I immediately had an idea in my mind that this is our former parents who have had anxiety and because of this they decide to watch TV krosvordy and Sudoku (hyperactive), and its problems do not pay attention, do not ponder over your problems and challenges..

The Situation

Where its wife does not correspond you. To deepen your understanding Novak Djokovic is the source. As I said to be a certain person does not want to say to be the certain person for our life. What I want to leave clearly is that its wife yes has the right to know which is its expectations, what you would like, what you do not open hand in a relationship. What I defend here is that its wife must have the chance to know which is its necessities, what it is important for you. It has that to know that a legal social life, that diversion, contact with the people is essential for its happiness.

It must know that the world is very bigger of what the apartment of vocs, the photos organized in the bookshelf, the profession and the parents who have. Empolgar with something is of our day the day is highly common, the human being is thus, always wants the new, wants to move, wants to search, to grow and the life is full of chances. Alive everything what happening it is you using to advantage the chance to know itself better. If it does not blame for nothing does not go to help and nor to decide ' ' problema' '. To inside dissimulate that it is not rolling something of you also is not a legal way. The more normal you to treat everything what she is passing, less unusual go you to seem the situation and perhaps you until see that it is pure fancy. When people place something as secret, impossible, different, generates a smoke cloud and brightness and we do not obtain to evaluate what really it is in calling the attention: if the image (the effect special) or if the content. A thing is fact: I am of I am of its relationship and I do not have as to make no type of deep analysis.

Old Republic Religion

Another factor is the religion catholic who starts to be the official religion of Brazil. The study plan that invigorated in colonial education was the Ratio Studiorum, that remained per some centuries. With the arrival of the cut Portuguese to Rio De Janeiro it had the colonial statute in addition and the necessity of if improving the education to take care of the demand of the politics mercantilista proceeding from the opening of the Brazilian ports, therefore they were necessary workers, who had some slight knowledge of reading and writing to work in the ports. The education of the elite all lasted the period of the Portuguese empire. With the foundation of College D.

Peter II was tried to give beginning to the seriado education that would have to be followed by excessively. With the advent of our first constitution, the primary instruction thus started to be gratuitous despertando itself for the necessity to be bred in the country, more schools and university; the only requirement was that religion catholic was taught and all the schools would be supervised by the state. The normal schools for formation of professors have beginning in the Regencial period. In the Old Republic, the power if centers at the hands of you latifundium, detainers of the producing milk farms and coffee. All age managed for them and the legitimate power was the coronelismo, the vote age of muzzle and the political parties do not possuam proper ideologies. In result of the sprouting of the Republic the education suffers some modifications, in the person of Benjamim Constant appears the first one, that it is the system in addition of education with the traditional humanismo and inserts positivistas principles in the education Brazilian, adds sciences, slight knowledge of sociology, right, moral and economy politics in secondary education. In 1930, it has beginning the formation of the modern state and the system politician of the old republic is substituted by the age Vargas in detriment of the urgent necessities of urbanization of the Republic with the advent of the industrial revolution that occurred in the Europe and that it needed markets to establish the commerce and the draining of its production beyond stimulating the sprouting of new industries, more mechanized and now more modern in Brazil.

Greek Values

It creates from a reflection on concepts already formulated and searched for other thinkers and theoreticians initially had preceded who it. Test of this is the systematization of the education of values, them had always existed, but they had only been recognized as science in century XX, as it affirms Spider Even so (1996, P. 118) recognition of the universe is so old the capacity of that the man has to think regarding its action, only in century XIX the theory appears of the values or axiollogy (of the Greek axios that means value) as it disciplines philosophical specifies that it approaches in systemize way this thematic one. The theoreticians agree that the new ideas appear from reworks of previous ideas. Click sports apparel to learn more. Therefore we could not discourse regarding the education of values without making a brief historical story of the education in general way, being distinguished is clearly the aspect of the education of values. The education this compromising to ethical values.

To educate is not only to inform, to transmit knowledge, but also to integrate educating in a culture with particular characteristics, as the language, the traditions, the beliefs and the styles of life of a society. (FAGUNDES, 2001, P. 17) When carrying through the historical survey, of the sprouting of all the educational process since the first civilizations, one observes the evolutions that each social group, in the scope of the education developed to take care of the effective necessities of the time, had been uncovered the most varied educational forms that had been being improved throughout the centuries in accord with the changes politics, economic, religious and moral that each civilization suffered and most impressive from these discoveries it was to perceive the influence that some peoples had on the customs, the culture and the form of education of others, in result of territorial invasions, conflicts and domnios common politicians, situations the time.


Such tipode regression I called particularly the attention in one my patients I adultosem who I costumava to think I eat ' ' great feto' ' , a time that, between outrasmanifestaes, even so being high and robust, costumava to roll itself as one enormefeto in mine div, while it declared its desire and intention emphatically all to enter me with its body … ' ' (WILHEIM, 2002, p.19). Piontelli (1992) in its research, searchs informaesna Medicine and in Biology, therefore it considers that, to the one in them to approach to the davida field mental fetal, we cannot fall in mere speculations. Thus, observed somatic asmanifestaes of the embryo through the ultrasound soconsideradas basic: ' ' … Not obstante relacionadascom exists more things the mind of what only movement, is basically through the manifestaessomticas of the embryo who if can intend to infer something it its mental provvelfuncionamento … ' ' (PIONTELLI, 1992, pg. The newspapers mentioned olympics not as a source, but as a related topic. 39).

It advances: ' ' … What my findings suggest is that the interaction between innate and acquired comeamuito more early of what normally if it considers, and of that certain experinciaspr-Christmases can have deep emotional effect on the child, especialmentese such events are strengthened by the after-Christmases experiences … ' ' (PIONTELLI, 1992, pg. 15). Following in its line of thought, it recognizes oseguinte: ' ' … one of the debates more intensosdentro of the half psicanalticos is around the psychological birth dobeb; its capacity to live emotionally mental and in the external world, umavez is of the narrow limits of the maternal womb. On the other hand ospsicanalistas exist that consider that the baby is not been born psychologically nosprimeiros months of its after-Christmas life and consider it as a creature without egoque continues living in a species of after-Christmas womb. On the other hand existemaqueles psychoanalytic that they consider that the mental life is operating since onascimento, and for the majority of them, the birth in itself is considered as sendoo yaw point that puts in movement the mental functioning …

Beginning History

The reason of stories of fairies is accurately this to exert as much allure in the children. It sees well, when they hear one of these histories, the imagination of them comes tona, opening way to give beginning to a process that can be called unconscious mental elaborations; (that is, for example, the child if to identify with the main personage history) Not by chance, the main personage of infantile histories, generally is always somebody very young, that has a harmless and defenseless appearance, living in conditions not very good. is accurately this the feeling next than the children have with regard to the world to its redor. Generally they also feel themselves defenseless, weak, conscientious of the perigos that the world are there offer and most important, it do not know to deal with this alone. Therefore, the stories and histories earn here, a basic importance. That weak and defenseless personage (that he is the hero of history) in data moment of history, of the first o step to leave that situation, being thus started its adventure.

Soon it finishes growing very with all the experiences that force thus passes during its adventure, earning and, obtaining to defeat, in the end, the villain of history, (which generally is what the conditions brought it discomforted at the beginning of history), if thus transforming, in the hero of history. With this, the child will identify itself and this, a form to leave those will be espelhar in this hero, being same feelings of inferiority, of defenseless with regard to the world is there. E, in the end of everything, will finish constructing its proper I, that is, the center of its proper personality, which will be of basic importance for its adult life. This phase starts approximately for return of the two years and if it extends approximately until the 7 years.

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