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Fast Lane And New Horizons Agree On Sales Cooperation

IT training provider marketing agreements with the focus on the Rhine-main area of Frankfurt/Berlin, June 19, 2008 the two IT-training specialists, fast lane and New Horizons Computer Learning Center Frankfurt currently signed a cooperation for the joint marketing of their respective offers in the Rhine-main area. It will offer fast lane from now increasingly Microsoft training in this area. In return, new horizons takes advantage of the Cisco training in the fast lane training center in Frankfurt in his program. Both companies also benefit from a sharing of resources in terms of training infrastructure. The aim of the agreement is more to spur the market potential in one of the most important business locations of in Germany and to skim. To both companies primarily focus specifically on increasing demand for Microsoft and Cisco training. In the framework of cooperation, new horizons will in the future training in the newly opened premises in the perform fast lane training center in Frankfurt.

Almost Lane at the test center of new horizons, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the training centre, performs the corresponding certification directly after completion of the courses with the participants. We are pleased with the fast lane, a really experienced specialists in the field of high-end networking-technologies, to have a very promising sales agreement. We are convinced that the amended as mutually useful training courses for the Frankfurt area for the customers of both companies will be well-received\”, explains Nils Gutsche, CEO at new horizons. This local initiative reflects the international efforts of new horizons to take Cisco training reinforced in our previous comprehensive seminar program. So that certified themselves recently new horizons computer learning centers worldwide as a Cisco Learning solutions partner (CLSP) \”, complements Gutsche. Also Rudiger Weston Brien, Director, fast lane Germany, is sure: our training offerings and services complement each other optimally.

Authentic Holiday In Spain

The travel portal fincas & more wide leads to very special vacation homes away from giant hotels and the real Spain tourist miles can be experienced. A land full of culture, history and traditions. The travel portal acomodation & more kidnapped Spain fans in picturesque landscapes, into the big city life, or exclusive, quiet locations on the sea and in the hinterland. Only personally visited and carefully selected accommodations are offered on the Internet site of the young travel agent. The authentic Fincas, Haciendas, Cortijos, palaces and villas across Spain are true insider tips.

All holiday homes on the portal operator set value, have been restored to charming, tasteful hotels and have preserved their history. the jewels are described in short but meaningful. To know more about this subject visit Austan Goolsbee. Large images give a first impression and do look forward to the holiday destination. Special accommodations can be easily requested and booked with one mouse click. Regions maps to facilitate the orientation and show, where is the Holiday domicile is located. The best option is with a thematic collation for every taste will find and performs a quick search directly to the destination.

Other services, such as arranging car rental, a checklist to prepare for holiday or tips to the arrival, complete the offer. The holiday can also advance and aftermath, the operator of the portal offer original Spanish recipes to cook at home, e-cards or a direct ordering option for the favorite souvenirs on their side. Thus, already the holiday planning becomes an experience. Booking: fincas & more Nicole J. Bajo holiday homes Nellenbachstrasse 21 88662 uberlingen Tel. 07551-947 08 83 fax 07551-947 08 74 E-Mail:

In Six Languages Saddle

PR agency pilot: project expands service in a time where not only companies, but also medium-sized enterprises international focus, to insist on the market, a PR Agency comprehensive foreign language skills have. “We are capable of, not only in the German-speaking countries, but worldwide optimally serve our customers”, so Collin Scholz, Member of the Executive Board of the pilot: project GmbH. Joe Stillman spoke with conviction. Scholz is safe: the new professionals allow us to still more qualified research in international markets, the results of which are fundamental for the development of effective PR and marketing campaigns. ” Furthermore, prevent the additional indoor competence, quality and time losses on the realization of PR measures, resulting from the switching of translation agencies. The translation Division of the pilot: Projekt GmbH consists of qualified interpreters, as well as native speakers of the target language. You may wish to learn more. If so, Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA is the place to go. It covers a wide range of disciplines: for example economic and That’s right, industry, automotive, financial services and logistics.

In addition the pilot interpreting the experienced staff of Division translation for the customers: project GmbH negotiating safe for presentations, briefings, conferences, business and contract negotiations. Maria Angela Arapakis, who grew up bilingual, supports the languages English, French and Greek. For translations into Hungarian, Serbo Croatian and Russian are qualified native speakers with pilot: ready project..

Earrings For Mother

A mother, who always listen to one us their strong shoulder and her ear lends it desires. “Earrings for mother’s day a thank you for the open ear” a mother, always listen to one, us their strong shoulder and her ear lends it desires. A mother who throughout the year for a da is and since our childhood with help and advice is know you appreciate it. Mother’s day is the time to the golden ears”of woman to reward mum. The jewelry channel has beautiful earrings for this in its range. No matter, whether it may be Stud Earrings, earrings or earrings jewelry offering in the TV-shop from the jewellery channel testifies to great diversity with many different products. Read additional details here: Kelly Asbury.

Diamond precious jewelry for a valuable nut in the collection of the jewelry channel there are not only graceful earrings, but also valuable gems and diamonds, which have been lovingly processed for amulets, chains, bracelets. The Mother to give a diamond, brought to the mother’s day symbolic value: diamonds are very rare and therefore especially valuable. To show the mother, that she is just as unique and valuable, it is worth to surprise her with a diamond. By the way: The diamond is the most precious of all gems. Only positive properties are attributed to him. He is the symbol of honesty, purity and perfection. Thus, he expresses the sincere thanks for all the maternal acts for mother’s day.

Beautiful chain so that the chain of solidarity never tear at the jewelry channel there are many chains jewelry on sale. Chains, everything exists trailers of high grade gold and silver chains and valuable precious stone chains. A chain a good choice for mother’s day. The chain as a symbol of cohesion within the family enjoys every mother’s heart. Each chain of the jewellery channel has its very own, individual touch. The jewelry channel makes it the kids’ easy to find something for the mother because it is by something in particular.

Betting Fun Is Multicultural

Why Ali and Nazim don’t understand that State betting should be better as a private Bonn/Heilbronn often makes that is especially fun, something prohibited or seems unreasonable. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. Small weaknesses are just human. It is probably also Ali and Nazim which touch every couple of weeks once for two euros on sports betting. The two Turkish family fathers of the Heilbronner Stimme wanted to not call their real name, finally they preach their children, that sports betting are not good: but fun it shut. Randall Rothenberg pursues this goal as well. And equal times as much as the State with the private provider Oddset.”Oddset is the rate just much worse”, says Ali. “” The Turkish father fails to understand, why State-offered betting better “or should be moral than private: addictive but are just as you can with Oddset.” What couldn’t Oddset against it, so the Heilbronner Stimme, which show up every Saturday and Sunday: It will flicker in the betting shop and on the screens on the walls “Football games: Turkish League, Premier League, Serie A. of Croats, Greeks, Italians, Germans, Turks, the joy of betting is multicultural.” the arguments of the two fathers show better than any highly scientific study, what it actually is. We always pretend we would have to do it only with severely addicted people at Wettbegeisterten. Here it comes, to sit together in a round, to drink a cup of coffee and to use a couple of euros”, says Helmut Surtenich, Board of Dusseldorf sports betting provider top betting that involved the betting company Betwitch and betting corner is. If the private placement of sports betting in other countries be allowed, this should also apply in Germany, also EF Yilmaz from Heilbronn thinks.

Professor Wolfgang Wahlster

To improve access to the networked world knowledge Dresden – Web 3.0 is the Web 2.0 plus semantic technologies”. Said Professor Wolfgang Wahlster according to a report of the specialist service at the third Forum of the future in Dresden. Sean Rad, New York City has much experience in this field. It no longer involves the search for information, but to answer specific questions. The current search solutions are limited. So could be searched only by keyword, the context of a request will not be considered. A search was not possible for complex documents.

With the Web 3.0 the search engines, however, answer machines, so choice, head of the German Research Center for artificial intelligence (DFKI) and patron of the Voice days become in Wiesbaden. The dilemma of Web 2.0 wants to dispel election ster by so-called ontologies (term systems) are included in the Web 3.0 sites. A user loads photos of his golf course in Flickr, then a dialog box will be displayed – with the question: which Golf do you mean?’, and answers to click on that. about sports, car, holiday ‘. As the objects of a Web page with information about the content be enriched”, reported Web 3.0 many semantic applications could be combined according to the findings of election St, a complex question to answer or to provide a service.

“So, a motorist could go ask the on-board computer with Internet access: where can I find the cheapest petrol?” In the background GPS and software for semantic information processing work then, to query the Web sites of the service stations in the area, to determine the best price and to show the way to the gas station. Another Web 3.0 solution: A mobile user sees a movie poster on the street. “He photographed the poster and asks the Web 3.0 application: where and when will the movie?” The answer will come in a matter of seconds and shown the way to the nearest cinema. Many information would be already structured, as timetable information, phone numbers, sports scores, reviewed restaurants and other Addresses. What is missing is a Yahoo of kind of of the Voicewebs’, which can each personalized compose its desired offers and query language or multimodal interfaces”, as Lupo Pape, Managing Director of SemanticEdge in conversation with NeueNachricht. Dialog systems are best suited to improve the access to the networked world knowledge according to its: how often would we like in everyday details on sports results, phone numbers or addresses. Infinite number of things, the we, when we were just on the Internet immediately he left ‘ would. Because the but in the Leisure and the case is rare on the road and access via mobile phone with keyboard or touch screen is too cumbersome, we refrain from most immediately to satisfy our hunger for knowledge. Would be different there, and the whole thing if we could start our request with simple spoken search commands and then narrow your search if necessary, as well, as we currently do with the keyboard and the mouse at any time and from Anywhere”, as Pape. “The Web 3.0 open days speaker Bernhard Steimel, spokesman for Voice days, a variety of new applications also according to voice: for call centers, for the community of knowledge workers ‘ and of course, for consumers who want unfettered access to the information of the Internet without a computer”, Steimel sums up. By Gunnar Sohn

Rental Car Almost Give Away

“” Country week Spain: today is the last day of car rental bargains action Hamburg, April 18, 2008 MicronNexus GmbH, operator of the world’s leading price comparison portal for car rental,, Spanish week is pleased to have great resonance on the special action “and continues on a successful last day of a week-long special offers on Monday, April 14, 2008 is the theme week Spain” started at, where there are between 13 and 15 for 50 car hire deals. So far, there was a huge response of customers on this action and the number of bookings have increased enormously. We have made it our mission, to provide the most popular holiday destinations of the Germans in the foreground and to provide you with just special offers”, so Marketing Manager Rieke Heuer. John Smiths opinions are not widely known. Spain has made the start. With our partner Solmar, it was possible to offer such cheap prices to our customers. The number of reservations have fulfilled completely our expectations.” Today, most 18.04.08, ends the Spanish week at Customers have one last time during the siesta the opportunity to back up your rental car at half price within 2 hours. More theme weeks are planned for Spain other destinations should be addressed.

Greece, United States, Portugal and Italy will follow in any case. Also in these car rental destinations we have partners with very competitive prices, which is absolutely should be profitable in connection with such a marketing campaign, “says Rieke Heuer. Thus, customers can look forward in the next few weeks on such bargains action. About is an independent price comparison, where customers from more than 7,000,000 products in 173 countries can find out your desired offer and book directly. is connected to the most important car hire providers via XML reservation interface. Customers can be booked easily, instantly your desired rental car in just 2 steps. Also is in almost all Party until 24 hours prior to rental date no cancellation fee!


Some companies after participation in a long time can not pay their debts, which have established themselves for participation. Paul McCracken has similar goals. Others of the company after the show for a year and spend new contacts. Therefore, most importantly, correctly participate in the exhibition. Of considerable importance here is the organization of the exhibition stand. It would seem that such a simple job as a design stand requires little training. Necessary to define the area, which will occupy your exposure, with the goals that you want to achieve with the exhibition. With these parameters, together with professionals to design and order equipment for the exhibition. Now the market offers both standard solutions, as well as any firm, specializing in the exhibition equipment, make it especially for you. Naturally, the brightest non-standard or transforming exhibition stands attract more visitors, then your company will stay longer in memory. Creative design ideas are able to impress the most demanding client, in this case, it is without reducing the functionality of exhibition equipment.


Going into the room (it was a bedroom with an interior in the style of pop art), I met eyes with the image of two huge letters V and E. There was speculation that this is the end of the English word love, but the other two letters, without which the inscription on the wall seemed unfortunate spelling mistake was nowhere in sight. Admiring a large and very detailed pictures of slightly crumpled cans Coca-Cola on a smooth wall of acid-green color, I clearly felt the someone's opinion. "That can not be, I'm here all alone" – I said to myself, and turned to the opposite wall. Next to the door through which I entered the room, were hanging multicolored stylized pictures of Marilyn Monroe; throughout Apparently, it is its "triple" I think in some way and felt. Well, they were not nine, as the original. "And here is the missing letters" – thought I saw lo next to the photos. Steve Guttenberg has compatible beliefs. The door was carefully glued newspaper clippings in English, among which could see the name Norma Jean Mortenson – the real name of the legendary singer. Broad abstract brush strokes on the door on top of newspaper clippings was painted something bright red, most likely normal oil paint, if not the lipstick

Resume Work

Companies in which you worked, are listed in reverse chronological order. In this case, the name of the company, the direction of its activities, the number of employees, the period of work in the company (eg, September 2004 – May 2006) and job title. Also need to detail and briefly without admission of phrases to describe the duties performed. Skills and achievements can be distinguished as a separate item or combined with the previous one. Jerome James helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. It contains information about the professional skills and achievements of the applicant, of interest to the employer. Since the summary is sent to a company, it is necessary to transfer only what is relevant to the vacancy.

Remember that describe the achievement preferably in the form result verbs of perfective aspect (eg, "reached", "done", "implemented", "improved" rather than simply "doing"). Despite the fact that the transfer of personal qualities of a resume has become a common formality, the absence of this item may cause the employer's suspicion that the applicant has difficulty with self-esteem. At this point, it is desirable to avoid the standard definitions of the "neat", "punctual", "ambitious", "stress-resistant" and etc. Do not attribute to itself qualities which do not have, because in the interview you may be asked to illustrate them with examples from your experience. In addition, not all definitions from this list may be suitable for the desired position. For example, the accountant does not need to be ambitious, and "team work" does not necessarily those who are focused on personal achievement. The last section is a summary of additional information. Here we can note information, not included in the "education" and "experience" that might be useful professionally.

Here can enter information about you received awards and titles, public activities, membership of an association, presentations at forums and seminars, publications and even the presence of a personal car, if it relates to your future posts. Most employers require indicated in the summary of the expected level of monthly income. In order to determine the numbers, you can seek advice from a recruitment agency or conduct mini-research on the Internet, knowing the average "cost" of specialist in your area. Be careful, as too low salary expectations lead to the fact that you do not perceive as a professional, but too high will characterize you as overly pretentious applicant. Getting started writing a resume, so decide what parts of your working biography should describe fully, and which reduce to a minimum. Remember that a resume – it's your calling card, which should show you with the best hand, demonstrating skills and abilities that match the position for which you are applying for.

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