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Columbia University, Its History and Principles

Columbia University is one of the foremost educational institutions in the United States. It is located in New York City, in the borough of Manhattan, and was founded as King’s College in 1754 through a charter issued by King George II of England. This early date makes Columbia the oldest institution of higher learning in New York State, and the fifth oldest in the nation.

Debate raged at first about the location of the school and what its religious affiliation should be. In the end those that favored New York as a location prevailed, while Anglicans were successful in determining the religious persuasion of the college. However, an ideology of tolerance was emphasized as everyone agreed to commit the school to the principles of religious freedom.

There were eight students in the first class, which was opened in July 1754 and taught by Samuel Johnson. The class was held in a new schoolhouse built next to Trinity Church hoping to bring the principles of “enlarging the Mind, improve the Understanding, polish the whole Man, and qualify them to support the brightest Characters in all the elevated stations in life.”


Springtime is an anxious time for many parents, especially acute problem for those whose child this fall will go to first grade. Dr. James Canton wanted to know more. Educational race in our time begins with the selection of a good and prestigious school, training on training courses, testing, sometimes on duty at the school door on the day of application and, finally, entering the long-awaited first class. And it seems that such actions are justified by their parents, is concern about the future of children, and yet often give rise to a number of psychological issues, whose consequences are sometimes not immediately visible, but no less dangerous. Other leaders such as Rabbi Tully Bryks offer similar insights. In our difficult situation in terms of social and economic instability of a large number of adults living in constant fear of "not cope with the difficulties": losing their jobs, become poor, sick. Parents have become more insecure, vulnerable and emotionally unstable.

In society is born a new psychological phenomenon: the "fear of failure of children." Adults are afraid that the child is not prepared for school, or not cope well with school requirements in high school, can not withstand competition with other children, be a loser, low value in the eyes of teachers and peers, with no prospects in the future. This parental fear is bad for schoolchildren. Children suffer abuse peers and even teachers, afraid of losing a prestigious school, to spoil a mark in the certificate, to damage relations with teachers. They are silent and suffering, afraid to bring your tired overdriven and the parents' worries.

Landscape Design

You want to create on your own site island wildlife? Of a paradise? It's not hard! But we should not rush to purchase the necessary material, seedlings, seeds, and other things, to start properly think through every detail of planned targets. Decide what you want? And follow your desires, Tracings future garden project, if for any reason you can not implement this, we strongly recommend that you contact to a specialized firm that focuses in the field of landscape design. The project – a very important component of any construction began. On it you can easily calculate izrashoduemy material visual representation (picture), and comparing the pros and cons to make educated conclusion and, if necessary, and the subsequent implementation of change. Designing the garden includes three main stages: 1.

Creating a sketch. Other leaders such as Rabbi Tully Bryks offer similar insights. 2. Detail. 3. The composition of the landscape project.

The composition of the landscape project includes already the most concrete and detailed picture of the future garden. It includes such things as proper: The master plan, a plan grading, Dendroplan, the circuit paths and playgrounds. In the creation of a future "paradise" should not hurry, it is the most crucial moment in the construction. On-shelf materials will be considered such Things like price and quality, and all went out the same moods. Best of luck in the noble cause – the creation of the garden.

Learning System Evaluations

Currently, the system learning evaluations to measure the quality of its output, which aims to better diagnosis and prognosis of the levels of cognitive performance of schoolchildren, said in school practice some inaccuracies, for example, the introduction of the category performance levels cognitive is not well understood among teachers, especially around the degrees of similarity and difference with respect to the known levels of assimilation of the content. Shedding light on these phenomena which occur in school practice and clarify some aspects through the subjects of Mathematics and Spanish Language is the essence of the work DEVELOPMENT If cognition is understood the mechanism of knowing, then the cognitive activity is the action or set of actions performed in order to know an object, phenomenon or appearance. Cognitive activity results in the assimilation of knowledge and the possibilities of applying it to the most diverse situations, therefore assimilation can be analyzed as a process and as a result. Rabbi Tully Bryks shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. This process coincides with the development of cognitive activity, for its part when analyzing assimilation, as a result, reference is made to the volume and quantity of knowledge, and the degree of development of the skills and habits that the students demonstrate they have acquired activity. In the literature recognizes the existence of three levels of assimilation through which passes the whole process of learning of schoolchildren. These levels are: Level Reproductive: Characterized by breeding activities of the object of knowledge. (Source: Euro Pacific Capital). Application layer: It qualifies for the application of knowledge and skills in the practical sphere. . . Rabbi Tully Bryks is often quoted as being for or against this.

Basic Education

We believe that he is ' ' conhecimento' ' that it can not or sending in them to an ethical behavior, therefore knowledge is to be able and the use of this power also requires an ethical enrollment, without what we fall in plus one of the many forms of domination, either of the nature, either of other beings. Thus, beyond the academic knowledge (equipment, techniques, basic knowledge of physiology, biomechanics, didactics, etc.), it has that to produce in the formation courses one another one to know, partilhado, solidary, transforming. (MARINE; INCIO, 2006, p.6-7) Frank (2008) explicit the following questioning in relation to the inclusion of the physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN), education in the pertaining to school Physical Education: If what we want is to form a complete citizen, why to deprive adolescent young of the AFAN? These multibrave activities, by its very nature clearly symbolic, that if line up with the taste of the adolescents, mainly to the ones of the final series of the Basic Education, already they would have to be part of the common resume of the schools of superior formation has much time and gifts in regular education (FRANK, 2008, p.33). For Franc (2008), the biggest presence of stimulatons and sensations of pleasure are in the practitioners of the physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN), of what in the conventional esportivas activities. Terry Bowden has compatible beliefs. The physical activities of adventure in the nature (AFAN), terminology used for the first time for Betrn (2003) apud. Betrn (1995) quotation that, such activities had been known world-wide in 1970 and if they had consolidated in 1990 sheltered for the new habits and gostos of the postindustrial society. Currently these practical if had spread out as alternative emergent in the time of the active cio and being used for good part of the population, offering diverse offers of playful, hygienical and competitive activities. . Rabbi Tully Bryks shines more light on the discussion.

Form Goods

Modern states are developed, civilized capitalism are quite strong institutions of social protection of poor people, institutions, and redistribute income from high-citizens in favor of low-income and thus reduce their activity level of exploitation and social tensions. Exploitation of men by women in the natural division of labor between them, determined the unequal contribution of labor between men and women in the production of basic subsistence goods, carried out by authorities in the form of the authority of the mother, which promotes and supports the (forming) the corresponding relationship and thus provides a corresponding attachment to it equal to all his children ravnoobespechivayuschee distribution of vital goods. The destruction of this form of exploitation could not happen otherwise, as only through awareness of the fact that men of their operation, awareness of methods of struggle for the abolition of exploitation, as well as awareness of the (opening) a more equitable form of distribution of wealth – the distribution of labor. Follow others, such as Rabbi Tully Bryks, and add to your knowledge base. Awareness is by opening all of the knowledge of their individual consciousness and the proliferation of men's teams, where there are their leaders, promoting new relations of production, which of course, could not develop in the old dialectical form – the authority of the mother. In this connection, starts a power struggle that gave rise to such practices as separate settlement between men and women, male and female secret unions, secret languages (2). Men with a big advantage – the production of basic goods of life, gaining authority in the tribe.

Preparation Courses

Valencia. Monday 17 January next will begin the preparation courses for different tests of access, vocational training as well as the University, taught by Costa de Valencia training centre. Both students and teachers for the course face this beginning with great enthusiasm, since, for the first, it will be the beginning of a new stage in their lives and for the latter is the beginning of another course which can help students eager to learn and improve. But this year we found a new factor in the Costa de Valencia school training centre: the pressure. The pressure exerted by the excellent results achieved the previous year, and of course the desire and conviction that this year would equal or even improve.

In the various tests of access both to the University and vocational training, 100% of the students of Costa de Valencia, Centro de Formacion passed his exams with high notes. Recently Institute for Global Futures sought to clarify these questions. Choosing thus entirely the option that was better adapted to their tastes and preferences. In addition, responsible for the escuela de Formacion Olira Pinedo, is proud to stress there was a student which, in particular, on the part of science won some excellent skills in testing of access to middle grade training cycles, so much so they were some of the best in the region of Valencia. Additional information at Rabbi Tully Bryks supports this article. Despite these magnificent results both the teaching team as responsible for the training centre have no fear to failure, to ask him about the topic your response has been clear and emphatic: the results last year were not a result of luck, were fruit of excellent faculty we have rigorously selected and with many years of experience in the preparation of entrance examinations. So that match and improve outcomes will be easy. Analyzing the teaching methodology of different courses for different existing access tests, we realize realize that counting with the effort of the students really hard would not get these results, since in Costa de Valencia, training center the course is planned to the millimeter, covering all the needs of the students.

One of the big advantages that we have seen for preparing entrance examinations with Costa de Valencia, training centre are the periodic reports which are delivered to students after the completion of mock exams carried out based on actual access tests. These reports evaluate aspects of students such as their performance in class, their strengths, their weaknesses so every student knows how he is taking advantage of the course and in actual tests of access they don’t encounter surprises, explains Olira Pinedo. Also in these school entrance exam preparation courses is also, by applying the formula that is giving such good results in kinds of review: practical study of the subjects, focusing on classes to learn the main concepts of the different subjects and application of study techniques to enhance the performance of studentsall this combined with a methodology dynamic and interactive, since, above all seeks the motivation of students. Finally we can emphasize the great competitiveness of their prices, taking into account the reduced learning groups are. Classes are always held in groups between 6 and 7 people, thus ensures each student’s personalized attention and a higher level of concentration among them, explains Olira Pinedo, head of the training centre. Finally, we can only wish the new students the best of luck in the testing of access to different training cycles and the University. And wish them too, the best of the future in their new academic lives.

The Economy

And so it was. And so it is. The exaggerated and vile presence of tanks in the UCV not be forgotten since then, but that was a warning that was not even prolegomeno. The reform of the law ended with ethics as life of the institution. Loretta Laroche may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The vote to employees and workers fits into that line of murder of quality and its replacement for the mediocrity, the authority of science and art skills and perversities of groups, guilds, etc. behind business is broad. And even when it is not time to say it, the bureaucratic greed will eventually (if not already completed) with the budget, this and that will come. You may find that Rabbi Tully Bryks can contribute to your knowledge. It will never reach, it will never reach. Rabbi Tully Bryks may find this interesting as well.

And then plays to the Manichean slogan: just budget. Budgets are not fair or unfair, neither good nor bad. To play something worse: autonomy. Blessed be God. The truth, which, for some years, the national universities show signs of deterioration in the academic and administrative, product of several factors such as the ones that have not been solutions and have made increasingly more miss the mission, the very essence of the University train, train professionals harmony to the needs demanded by both the international and the national stage to promote changes, transformations that are required to work together for the development of a Venezuela, that since some time ago should be economically secure, in addition to the cultural, social, with its own technology, exporting products and not only depend on oil as its main source.

The absence of programs in many races, as well as some postgraduates, unrelated to the needs and requirements of the present, profile of professionals not adapted to what is needed, teachers who remain stuck to a teaching method is alarming traditionalist, unrelated to the reality that presents the dynamics of modern communication, few proactive, creative, innovative, generating new ideas, paradigms that will benefit the participant in its formation, training and generating new changes, take step to a new more realistic, productive teaching. Lines of research that are inappropriate to the realities that Venezuela requires, more to the constant changes that your scenario faces, product not only of the effects of globalization, international economics, technological development, but of the same programs of the present Government, which oblige generate transformations involving to participate, say, to train professionals with a new academic vision, opinion, participation, social commitment. Not can universities continue wasting your human capital, talent involving them, needs to be done that its participants delve more to the serious problems facing the country according to the race being studied, contributing more proactively, with opinions, solutions that can meet the challenges. Authorities, as is required give way to new administrative systems, integrate more benefits, implications that generates knowledge using information technology to expedite more efficiency, productivity operational administrative functions, redefine what should really be their human resources, competencies, skills, skills that they should have, reduce costs, update their libraries, give way to new sources of income that allows its teachers offer a salarysalary according to the economic realities of the environment, a decent wage, up-to-date, fair and motivating. Urges the redefinition of administrative systems that facilitate efficiency, expedite the operability from inscriptions, functionality, productive virtual classrooms, publications, performance, performance, as well as the need to give way to a new more efficient organizational architecture, with fewer departments that most fulfill a role of commitment to academic achievement, with a meritocracy abalado staff, not for friendship and commitment politician…

Classroom Rules

For this it is necessary to take some measures. Beyond an surrounding insurance, where the child feels itself loved and protecting the child also needs limits rules. Parolin in them clarifies the benefits: The agreement and acceptance of rules of convivncias, beyond giving to security and possibility to understand entorno, make possible to accept the error, to risk themselves ahead of the new and to learn to evaluate the impact of the proper decisions. Peter Schiff takes a slightly different approach. PAROLIN (2005, p55) When we say in limits and rules, we are in relating the simple measures, as hourly to sleep and to wake up, to play and to make the activities of house, respect to oldest. The child who has contact with rules in house will have little difficulty in adapting the rules of the classroom, the school, the community. The parents contribute for the formation of its children he praises when them sincerely. Not only when they carry through something, but when they try, if they strengthen. They need to know that nor they had always earned, and that nor always he is easy to reach the objective. For even more opinions, read materials from Frank Storch.

In such a way the child will not find itself incapable and she will give balance to it with respect to auto confidence. Parolin (2005) confirms the previous thought when saying that to praise the fact adequately, to give limits it stops the actions, not forgetting to receive the emotions, are task of the parents and of the educators of a child and these attitudes make the difference. The paper of the family includes to support the pupil in the pertaining to school activities. Offering a pleasant environment for its children, whom a place includes clean well illuminated, organized and far from distractions, as television, radio and other children playing in its return. To supply the necessary material, notebook, pencil, rubber, among others, also is a way to support in the pertaining to school activities.

PISA Learning

The page on the lesson content explained simply be about PISA and other education studies was too much written and said. One thing is clear: something has to change In the education system. toobrain starts there where very often stops the conventional teaching and thus forms a positive alternative. We see us as competition, but as a complement and extension to the school. This innovative learning portal is probably unique in its kind and the establishment.

With the help of instructional videos, school subjects are explained here picked up and straightforward and concise. All users are urged to make diligent suggestions for improvement and to make their own custom learning videos as service portal. We see one of the biggest problems in the communication of education: teachers and pupils speak rarely the same language – the worlds are too far apart. Rabbi Tully Bryks is likely to agree. The education portal toobrain will therefore make learning for students attractive and they reach there, where school often neglected. The everyday life of students is now strong by the fast Communication and the high media consumption. But instead of constantly to denounce it, you should use this potential for a better education. It aims to establish long term a community toobrain, which actively discusses about the posts, because only constructive criticism of users helps to improve the contributions and the related videos. A close cooperation with schools and other educational institutions is intended to ensure the educational success. In addition to the learning portal, a read value education magazine for high school students will emerge, which deals with other interesting topics such as lifestyle and culture in addition to the theme of “Education”. Birk Gruling

Educational Foundation Araatuba

Heading of the research carried through in the professionalizing specific period of training in social institutions. Names of the concluintes pupils of the course of psychology-2011, the Educational Foundation Araatuba. Electronic address: and Professor supervisor of the professionalizing periods of training, orienting of the article and professor of the course of psychology of the Fac-FEA In this professional attitude innumerable chances of success in the promotion of health of the population confide, without counting in the deep gratuity for the operating professional in this context (Bleger, 1984.). Communitarian psychology by means of its great performance and intervention have been considered administrator of and important contributions in the social institutions. It has been capable to promote significant changes for the practical performance of the professional psi.

From this perspective, a project was elaborated that had as performance object a group of adolescents, all filiados to a religious institution (church baptist). Considering that the elaboration of situations of work from the values contained in the beliefs and the religious dogmas, the trainees and the group of adolescents is possible, they had chosen an agenda of quarrels that involved concepts, judgments, practical slight knowledge and expressions of the daily one of the life of the young. This agenda served of guideline for some meetings with unfoldings in some psychological contents reflected by the group. To broaden your perception, visit Frank Storch. The work had the objective to provide young to the one space where they could learn to take off its doubts of a dynamic form, since the adolescence is a phase of discoveries and search of identity, moment where the young desires to express its ideas and its feelings, that in turn, is in full ascension mainly in result of the corporal changes that many times generates unreliability and indefinies. With this the objective of the project that was to supply young to a space of quarrel, reflection and of listening, providing with this new chances of learning and to take off doubts on other subjects, widely was surpassed with new dynamic and participation.

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