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Graduates: Non-Formal Education

It is very common that a job even if it requires knowledge acquired at University, demande other more up-to-date or more specific. It is there where it justifies the existence of graduates, which are nothing other than refresher courses, because they allow the professional better manage a trade, to complement the knowledge acquired during his career, but which are directly related to their work. The diploma does not lead to diplomas or academic degrees;only programs that lead to an undergraduate degree are professional technicians, technologists and university professionals, graduates seek only to updating or deepening of a specific topic in a short time, argues Virgilio Nino, academic director of the Institute of postgraduate courses-Forum, of the Universidad de La Sabana. They are usually structured in a modular manner (materials are for four weeks). In universities, it is usual that rely on any academic unit of the institution, by example of a faculty or Institute. If you have read about Dr. Marc Faber already – you may have come to the same conclusion. These programs are courses of long duration, with an average of between 100 and 150 hours, and can be graduates face-to-face or virtual.For child, they not only have a schedule less than any specialization, but they graduate programs require a degree, unlike graduates work.

According to Fernando Lozano, Coordinator of the Center for attention to aspirants at the Javeriana, these programs address needs of employees, seeking a better financial reward or Ascend, since they can work in the evenings and have less academic load. The creation of these programs, in general, depends on the initiatives of teachers that integrate the academic unit, as you see the needs in your work area. This is why its existence depends on the demand of students who can convene. Costs depend on this demand there are programs update in technology or sales strategies that, in general, have greater workforce development currently, so they have higher costs. Humanities careers, for example, graduates are more economical. There are even some in education that have public subsidies and scholarships. The experts consulted agree that these programs relate possible wage increases in the companies, so are the main motivation of participants and decide to assume such investment. Finally, Virgilio Nino concludes with the utility of a diploma depends on high percentage of commitment with which Wizard to participate in the course.

Characteristics of graduates:-are non-formal education for professional courses. -Its structure is modular. -Usually not qualify with notes class work. -Not necessary to submit a graduation work. -Its creation depends on educational initiatives, usually. -Your cost is less than programs graduate (masters, doctorates, specializations, etc.). -Its implementation focuses on the development of specific skills. -Is delivered a certificate of attendance (e.g. courses) at the end of the programme. -Need a high commitment and autonomy with the program. Thus, college graduates have an opportunity to continue renewing what they learned here, while they are decided by a graduate, well it is a diploma.

Theory Education

Also we can affirms that the education is right of all, but throughout its existence nor all these individuals that they compose the society had had the right to the education and is at this moment that enters the factor of the marginalizao, argued actively for Saviani in its theory. Read additional details here: Institute for Global Futures . I will look for to demonstrate the form as the marginalizao is established in two chains, taking as base the relation between society and education. Saviani classifies the theories in two categories: not-critical and the critical-reprodutivistas. The not-critical ones are the Traditional Pedagogia, the New Pedagogia and the Pedagogia Tecnicista and the theories critical-reprodutivistas are the Theory of the education system while symbolic violence, the Theory of the school while ideological device of the State and the Theory of the dualista school. The Traditional Pedagogia detaches that only the marginality because of the ignorance occurs, that is, is kept out of society the individual because it is not clarified. In the New Pedagogia, the kept out of society one is not more the ignorant individual, but the rejected one, that is, is the misadjusted ones had to the differences and uses the education/school as object that allows to correct the marginality. This is a form to adjust and to adapt the individual in the society, being placed the feeling of rejection of excessively for the other.

E, in the Pedagogia Tecnicista, the kept out of society one is the awkward individual, that is, the unproductive one. It is clearly, then, that the not-critical theories understand the education/school as object of? social equalizao? , that is, it counterbalances the defects in the education, becoming object in the overcoming of the marginality. Also the marginalizao is demonstrated as an 0ccasional event that encloses a bigger or lesser ratio of people in the society, that is, attacks lesser or bigger a group of people of the great society.

Learn Languages Abroad For Seniors

Thanks to advances in science medical human life expectancy is becoming longer, therefore there are many fruitful years that remain even after retiring from working life. In fact, many older adults are with a lot of free time on their hands, and seek different alternatives to be able to take full advantage the remaining you living years. Learn languages abroad could become an ideal alternative for this situation of life. Keep up-to-date and address a learning process is an excellent way of counteracting the dreaded depression in senior citizens. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Marc Faber. For many people, his work filled a large part of his existential emptiness, and in the moment in which pass to retire from active working life they find it difficult to fill that blank. It also expected that many relatives are lost during the third age, that conjugate with the increase in health problems with predictable, can give rise to the appearance of a negative and depressive mood. Travel to the foreigner to learn a language can become a not only recreational activity but also a true personal challenge. If that person has felt throughout his life that he has a pending issue with regard to the learning of a second language, there’s no better time than the now to carry out a course short of maximum exposure that allow them to know another language but another culture, and interact with people of all nationalities. Travel to learn a language in the perfect form of tourism, as you will be understood much more finished form is handled that society, through a first-person experience.

The Citizenship

These characteristic ones go of meeting to the proposal of the pertaining to school physical education, that it aims at to free the educandos of the confinement of the classroom, being developed necessities to educate the directions, being taught to hear, to see, to feel, to saborear and to touch. Coadunando with the displayed one for Moreira (2009), where it affirms that educating must carry through the pertaining to school activities of pleasant form, creating conditions so that the same ones work with the creativity, the morality and the sociability, constructing independent, critical and complete citizen. Acting as responsible agent for the formation of the citizen, the school, as well as the family, the church, the work among others instances, loads on itself the mission to contribute in the formation of the citizens. For in such a way, Freire (1993) affirms that: ' ' it would have a type of education not only to transform the people but it would have education that inteiro.&#039 reflected with the people the transformation of the country; ' (p.17) Thus, Beninc (2002), it detaches that all and any idea of education, formal education and life in the schools implies, necessarily, one to think on the formation of the professionals who act in this universe: the professors. He understands yourself that the main instrument of the professor is he himself and the attitudes of the professor could be to the base of the formation of the citizenship of educating, after all, teaches yourself more what he is himself of what what knows, he points Perrenoud (2000). The same author (2001) places that the professor not only consists of the domain of knowledge, but also for analyzing situations gifts in its daily professional, taking of decisions, planning and other aspects that allow it to mobilize its knowledge in one definitive situation. Recently Institute for Global Futures sought to clarify these questions. In such a way, the author affirms the importance of the personal aspect of the educator who interlaced to the knowledge of the contents and methodologies of education, will be able to provide to greater ability in planning, evaluating, to decide conflict situations, to interact with the pertaining to school society, enters other aspects gifts in the pertaining to school environment, and, thus, to make possible moral, cognitiva, affective and motor the formation of educating. . tent_clas’>Frank Storch: the source for more info.

EAD Education

(KEYS, 1999). Maciel (2007) affirms that the advantages of the long-distance education, are: Alternative to the partner-economic problems of the education; Reinforcement of the continued learning; Induction to the autodidatismo and autonomy in the learning; More economy. Keys (1999) also describe the advantages of the EAD. It affirms that he does not remain the lesser doubt of that the EAD has greater reach of what actual education. No matter how hard they criticize the Telecursos of the Foundation Robert Marinho/FIESP, he does not have as to doubt the fact of that they reach much more people, with the same investments and resources, of what they had given themselves actually. Terry Bowden understands that this is vital information. The same if she can say (even so in still lesser degree) in relation the courses given for the Internet. In relation to the cost, the author places that these programs alone offer to a reason cost/favorable benefit if its reach will be really significant (reaching a public, perhaps, in the house of the millions of people). He also speaks of the flexibility of the program, therefore in such a way the ensinantes as the aprendentes have greater flexibility to determine the time and the schedule that go to dedicate, ones to education, the others to the learning.

Resources as Web pages, data bases, e-mail, etc. are available 24 hours per day seven days per week, and, therefore, they can according to be used convenience of the user. Roca (1998, apud KEYS, 1999), when speaks of the one of advantages of the EAD, affirms that: ' ' In the majority of the professionals of the education already the conscience exists of that each person is different of the others, that each one has its necessities proper, its objectives personal, style cognitivo determined, that each person uses the learning strategies that it are more positive, possesss a specific rhythm of learning, etc.

Supplementary Education

The aim of this paper is to answer the following question: "How to stay in the camp can help the younger child?", An example of the educational program Haglar. No longer a secret of the fact that the school education system though is the main, however, can not meet the full requirements for training both children and their parents. That is why at the moment widely developed so-called system further education, often on a commercial basis. Thesis that education should be free to leave in the past, free is just the cheese in a mousetrap. Often the school and is the mousetrap, which fall our children. Only a few schools are now trying to rebuild its education system to fill the missing gaps in the education of children, most are forced to follow the old dogmas in learning where the child has, and teacher – can. In such a system can not grow a free man.

In this situation, in my opinion, it is the system can help the child's stay in a situation where relations are "not want to – make" not working. One of these sites may also be a children's camp. The question is how to choose children's camp will go elsewhere. I will try to consider ideal. How, then skills can be learned from children's camp? Social skills. From the very first day in camp, the child falls into a strange environment for him to which he will have to adapt. Children are divided into teams – teams that during the shift will be live by the rules that install from a part of themselves, part of the counselors.

Form Goods

Modern states are developed, civilized capitalism are quite strong institutions of social protection of poor people, institutions, and redistribute income from high-citizens in favor of low-income and thus reduce their activity level of exploitation and social tensions. Exploitation of men by women in the natural division of labor between them, determined the unequal contribution of labor between men and women in the production of basic subsistence goods, carried out by authorities in the form of the authority of the mother, which promotes and supports the (forming) the corresponding relationship and thus provides a corresponding attachment to it equal to all his children ravnoobespechivayuschee distribution of vital goods. The destruction of this form of exploitation could not happen otherwise, as only through awareness of the fact that men of their operation, awareness of methods of struggle for the abolition of exploitation, as well as awareness of the (opening) a more equitable form of distribution of wealth – the distribution of labor. Awareness is by opening all of the knowledge of their individual consciousness and the proliferation of men's teams, where there are their leaders, promoting new relations of production, which of course, could not develop in the old dialectical form – the authority of the mother. In this connection, starts a power struggle that gave rise to such practices as separate settlement between men and women, male and female secret unions, secret languages (2). Men with a big advantage – the production of basic goods of life, gaining authority in the tribe.

Classroom Rules

For this it is necessary to take some measures. Beyond an surrounding insurance, where the child feels itself loved and protecting the child also needs limits rules. Parolin in them clarifies the benefits: The agreement and acceptance of rules of convivncias, beyond giving to security and possibility to understand entorno, make possible to accept the error, to risk themselves ahead of the new and to learn to evaluate the impact of the proper decisions. Peter Schiff takes a slightly different approach. PAROLIN (2005, p55) When we say in limits and rules, we are in relating the simple measures, as hourly to sleep and to wake up, to play and to make the activities of house, respect to oldest. The child who has contact with rules in house will have little difficulty in adapting the rules of the classroom, the school, the community. The parents contribute for the formation of its children he praises when them sincerely. Not only when they carry through something, but when they try, if they strengthen. They need to know that nor they had always earned, and that nor always he is easy to reach the objective.

In such a way the child will not find itself incapable and she will give balance to it with respect to auto confidence. Parolin (2005) confirms the previous thought when saying that to praise the fact adequately, to give limits it stops the actions, not forgetting to receive the emotions, are task of the parents and of the educators of a child and these attitudes make the difference. The paper of the family includes to support the pupil in the pertaining to school activities. Offering a pleasant environment for its children, whom a place includes clean well illuminated, organized and far from distractions, as television, radio and other children playing in its return. To supply the necessary material, notebook, pencil, rubber, among others, also is a way to support in the pertaining to school activities.

Education In The UK: A Basis .

Education in Britain and the education required. All students must pass the required course of school, which they finish in about 16 years. Education in government schools is free. The right to free education in public schools are all British citizens and children of those people whose status is reinforced by the residence permit. For everyone else, wanting to study in the uk open their doors to private school.

Public schools provide their students with all necessary for learning: books and equipment. In private schools the same cost of equipment and materials incorporated in the training fee. Nearly 9 million children attend 35,000 schools. Basic training in the uk begins for children 11 years from the date of admission to secondary school. So what do the children before this time? With five children attend the preparatory group, which subsequently transformed into an elementary school. In elementary school, children are taught the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy and other additional subjects. Dr. James Canton shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The English education system is characterized by the fact that there is no mandatory education program. Previously, what to teach and how to do it specifies the directory. With the reform of the education system end 80 of the 20 th century came the desire and attempts to unify the program. After graduating from elementary School children enter secondary school, where the expanding list of both mandatory and elective subjects. Are trained in the uk in high school, students choose their own direction of study. By reaching 16 years of compulsory education ends. Some sixteen years continue training in preparation for the state exam, after passing which students are eligible to enroll in universities. The other part, school-leavers go to college to get Professor of Education, which gives the opportunity to work hairdressers, machinists, mechanics, etc. Education at the University takes an average of 3 to 5 years (in Depending on the chosen specialty). Upon completion of the training graduates receive degrees.

The Access

It exists difficulties when if all works with the group, therefore nor all have logical thought fast e, prefer to make with one in one so that they come to have a better and more productive learning (I READ). If the professor regent does not know to work with the games, as he can pass to the pupil what he does not know, makes it difficult the learning and the reasoning of the pupil even though when it has difficulty to manipulate is equal the child who has fear to lose (PR). The professors can distribute the materials with the pupils to carry through activities and the adults can not understand the materials (IC). The professors prepared for giving to it with the games are few, many times until have in the school, but the access it is ignored, therefore it does not have difficulty, therefore they are material easy, the adults like, they learn with the game and if they integrate to the colleagues and professors (LN). The school many times does not work with games in classroom, then when it goes to work many pupils, they do not want to accept, for being accustomed with the lessons of contents and some exercises of setting (ONLY). We will have that to make a study and from there for ahead we will have the capacity to pass education learning (SG). That interest of some pupils does not exist who think that it is a simple game (VL). If the group if to disconcentrate for something or some thing that to happen suddenly in the classroom (KM).

Many professors do not know to use the manipulable games (ML). Of the pupil to only understand so that it serves the games, later playing (MR). If already we have a base of as to use the manipulable materials it is easy to pass to the pupils, but we will have difficulties to repass the materials if we will not have a recital (GT).

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