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The psychological changes that occur in the last phase of life they are not caused by chronological age, but the occurrence of events which result in a change in your normal lifestyle. There are important facts that over the years, as seems to be the demise of the role that has been at the core of life, economic, social and psychological retirement, empty nest or in the case of women, and they attention is required as nuclei important change. But by analyzing these two events need not necessarily involve negative events in the life of the individual events. If you are is vital because the organization has been made in our society based on occupation of an exclusive role. Glick (1980) describes the four stages that Moody (1976) states about ways to behave with the elderly subjects in society. Describes four stages: 1.

Reject: The old body is seen as a parasite that consumes more than it produces. 2. Social Services: Measures to remedy the situation arising from a liberal ethic and a social conscience as evidenced by social security. 3. Participation: It calls for an end to poverty, abolish mandatory retirement, opportunity for new jobs. 4. Updated: It advocates a conception of old age as the complectud the life cycle.

In short, it is necessary to move from a deficit model to a competency model, which is involved in the psychological and social development of the individual throughout life to optimize this development at all levels. AGING. OVERCOMING MYTHS: All age daily. John H. Glenn, Jr. was 77 years old when he went into space a second time as part of a scientific experiment to study the secrets of aging. We begin to age before birth and continue to do so throughout life. Aging is a natural process that should be welcomed. Life expectancy has risen sharply this century, and is expected to continue growing in almost all populations worldwide. Currently in the world 580 million people 60 years of age or older. It is expected that this figure will grow to 1,000 million by 2020, representing an increase of 75% versus 50% for the population as a whole. Health is a basic factor to maintain the welfare and quality of life in old age, and is essential for older citizens can continue to make active contributions to society. The vast majority of older persons enjoy good health, are very active and fulfilling lives, and may resort to reservations intellectual, emotional and social are often not accessible to younger people.

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