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Catering – a separate business with trendy English word "catering" translates as "the supply of food and beverage products." But recently, this concept includes a wide range of services for the preparation and conduct any type of party or corporate events. Create a festive atmosphere to meet any customer's wishes – it is a science and a certain kind of art, turned into a whole direction in services market. In catering there are no little things. All the details of your event must match. The main objective of catering – good food and impeccable service of a special order. To achieve this it is necessary to a range of preparatory works: choose the room that corresponds to the theme and the idea of a scheduled meeting to prepare a menu that will satisfy all tastes of your guests, decorate and serve tables, as well as to bring into line the interior with the idea of a holiday spent. If you asked the catering company, so you not only want to eat, and just perfect to spend time. Employees of these companies try to take into account all your wishes, realizing them in reality at the event.

To do this you need to provide sufficient information on how you want to see the scheduled event. This is the expected date and time, venue, the formality of the situation, the number of guests expected menu and, of course, the approximate budget you have. Information provided by catering company is a detailed plan that includes a detailed menu, a list of furniture and equipment, number of staff required to prepare and conduct the event, tableware, interior design and tableware, proposed lighting, etc. After giving prepared plan, the company agrees and provides all your needs. When planning a banquet, and it is important to consider the detailed schedule. Depending the nature and duration of the event, such a plan may contain a description of each participating in the conduct of the event a member of staff, from preparation of the venue, finishing disassembling and loading equipment.

At major festivities can be employed over 100 people, so a detailed plan makes it easier to manage. Staff catering company should offer you the optimal time for the menu and dishes. The important thing is the time allotted for the preparation of the scheduled event. The company loads all necessary for the buffet table, and then travels to the venue. The list of necessities should include not only products, home appliances and dishes, but small details, right down to garbage bags and paper towels. Different activities require different services. Delicious food, elegant table setting and quality service – success of any catering company. Our company Harbour has been successfully involved in the organization of catering, banquets and dinners in the office

Virtual DAnatomical Museum

New distance learning technologies are gradually becoming part of our lives. Innovations in education are designed to assist in the preparation of competent and competitive professionals. In biology in general, and in the anatomical science in particular, learning is primarily based on the real drugs. Study the structure of the bones on the picture you can of course, but here as practice shows, learning from the textbook focus on the real object rather difficult. Therefore, despite the fact that the Internet today there are many sites of anatomical museums, the possibility of using them in the learning process are limited. However, the development of technology is not standing still, and today there is an opportunity to study three-dimensional models of organs and structures. Especially a lot of three-dimensional models can be found for the human anatomy. In the study of zoology and anatomy of the same animals, the number of available high-quality three-dimensional models is small.

Therefore, the basis for training in this area still are flat images. Of course, the students in specialized high schools have the opportunity to work with real drugs, but life drugs that are in "active use" short-lived, so a set of drugs is often incomplete, and the demonstration material is damaged. So in a famous university students studying veterinary skeleton horse, the bones of which was replaced by bone cow. It is clear that the quality of the knowledge gained in this way, say no. As for example, school children, on the biology classes, they almost always have to teach the subject only speculative, on the textbook.

Fill shortage of teaching materials can help a virtual 3D-anatomical museum department of anatomy of the Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine. By registering on the site and download a special program that anyone can get into the 3D-space of the anatomical museum. Unlike the real museum, the exhibits you can take hands, viewed from all sides take apart and assemble again. Another feature of the 3D-anatomical museum is that it can be organized as separate classes and lessons with a teacher and even guided tours. On the basis of the virtual museum and scientific conferences and organized correspondence courses of biology and statistical data processing in a biological experiment.

HPC Conservation

Turbine steam turbine Leningrad Metal Plant (LMZ) PT-80/100-130/13 condensation with governing the selection of parameters and two-stage district heating production is intended for direct-drive generator. The turbine is single-shaft two-cylinder unit, consisting of HPC and LPC. Deaerirovanie feed water in the deaerator is operating at a pressure of 0.6 MPa. Steam consumption per unit at full load is 480 tons / hour Filling loss of condensate produced desalinated water coming from the HVO in the turbine condenser. At power installed a feed pump type PE 580-185/200-2. 4.PODGOTOVITELNYE work before the conservation work on the unit was developed, agreed and approved work program. Scrapbooks pipe samples c heating surfaces of boiler unit before its conservation have not been made.

Considering this factor, as well as properties to produce ODACON washing performance of deposits, the development program was made four stages conservation regime. Mounted metering pump with capacity of up to 30 l / h and pressure up to 10 bar. The metering pump membrane, the suction connected to the lower fitting plastic container V = 1,0 m3 emulsion ODACON, feed on the dosing pump was carried out on the feed pump suction line for dosing of hydrazine. The pump has a smooth adjustment of performance. Connect the pump-dispenser was made with flexible reinforced hoses.

Prior to the conservation of plant feed was tested emulsions ODACON. Noted that the dosing system is functioning properly and preservative ready for use. Workplace for laboratory analysis were prepared in him.laboratorii and with all the necessary him.reaktivami, him.posudoy and appliances. Pre-constructed calibration curve for determine the concentration of ODACON in accordance with the method. Works on CONSERVATION UNIT 80 MW. 5.1.Parametry unit prior to conservation: – load …………………………………. … 55Mvt. – Flow of feed water …………….. 300 t / h – temperature pit.vody ………………….. 240 0 C – the temperature of superheated steam ………

Andrei Kovalev

Humor Andrei Kovalev – the most famous comedian in Kaliningrad with philosophical turn of jokes – familiar to anyone who at least once a week, turns on the TV and watching a popular program "tricks of life." In Kaliningrad, comedians – even abundance, but according to popular online statistics, it is Andrei Kovalev beat all the ratings and is the idol of the Kaliningrad public. And this could easily see him hitting on a humorous solo performance by entitled "The Day full of life", which took place in the house of Art last Sunday. Hall, filled to overflowing, was pleased with all the geometric measurements: Homeric laughter stood throughout the presentation. Some comrades, who were sitting next to me, literally crawled under the chairs and beat their heads against each other … Learn more at this site: Martin Neil Baily. Humorous show "Day, full of life" was not just a fun concert hall which was formed from three destruction of laughter, but also a subtle, witty and philosophical monologue about the everyday challenges and joys of the usual single day, which eventually leads us to an understanding of what life itself. If you are asked to give a description of your day, it could look like this: we wake up, take a shower, have breakfast, read the newspaper, go to work, have lunch, come home, have dinner, talk with family members and go to bed. Our life consists of an infinite number of similar components, and the price of one day may seem insignificant.

But these pieces add up day after day, year after year, and you get a life. As planned by Andrei Kovalev, it's not vanity and concern of tomorrow, and not bitterness of the past day, a day that we live in today. Humor Andrei Kovalyov, a wonderful and amazing, far from the dirt and vulgarity, which teaches us, for example, residents Somedy Slub with their artificial standards on sex, glamor, goals in life and human relations.

Car Refrigerator

Refrigerator Refrigerator (from Lat. Refrigeratus – chilled, refrigero – cool), a vehicle with a refrigeration unit for the transport of food in refrigeration. In road transport, as refrigerators use refrigerated trucks – vehicles, trailers and semitrailers with thermally insulated bodies. Click Eddie Mio to learn more. Exterior and interior panels made of duralumin their sheets or galvanized iron. As Insulation is usually used foam and aluminum foil with air spaces.

Compression refrigeration machines such refrigerators are driven by independent internal petrol engines combustion. Range of temperature adjustment from 9 to -18 C. Payload refrigerated vehicles of 2.5 tonnes and refrigerated semi-trailers, up to 5 tons Refrigerator, range of equipment that is used to obtain and keep in refrigerated rooms, bodies or substances at temperatures below ambient temperature. X y. includes one or more of the chillers, as well as the necessary auxiliary equipment (systems of energy, and water supply systems, instrumentation and control, etc.), ensuring the normal operation of these machines.

Chill with a J.. served to the consumer either in the form of liquefied or compressed refrigerant (direct cooling) or as a refrigerated cooling fluid (coolant cooling). By its very cold in H.. conventionally divided into small (cooling below 30 thousand kcal / h), medium (from 30 thousand to 500 thousand kcal / h) and large (over 500 thousand kcal / h). Installation of vapor compression refrigeration machines are located indoors in a building where the consumer is cold, or in a separate building – cooling station. X y. with absorption and steam jet engines often mounted outside the building. In H. at. widely introduced automation, which primarily comes down to maintaining a constant temperature (by changing the cold-install). Regular servicing refrigerated (refrigeration) in the service center is a necessary condition for long-term operation of the unit.

The World

Then we have to choose a new religion (philosophy). But if going this way, we look back, we see that all previous stops were only part of the solutions that we have now, and this solution includes all the previous ones, but what with it we can rule out the possibility of a better solution in the future? All of the above questions and topics are not left in peace the people all the time of their existence. A man’s life – is not only selfish, but the main goal is not only to make yourself a hearty, warm and cozy. Man must realize that it is now, he is on the verge the opening of its new features, and that come to him, he can only change how he, alone of all mankind together. Do it it can only help with their firm intentions by passing and someone else. Yes, yes … Y He has many names. Higher power, God, the Creator, the subconscious …

One person can not afford to win his ego. (Similarly see: Will Forte). The purpose of his life – to have fun. But what to do when running out of material pleasures? Conceptually, nothing new appear, and the way to the pleasures of the existing reduced so much that is truly needed was a crisis, which now holds many of us away from what only yesterday seemed easily attainable, so we have time. The only question is how we use them? Can use for your fix? By the way, finally, an example about the body. Its elements can include self-interest, individually. BUT! When interacting with the neighboring elements No selfishness.

There is no question that there should be no selfishness at all, for ignoring their needs, we also destroy themselves. We need to consume in moderation, for as long as necessary for our survival and healthy normal development. What is the use of the body element to a premature sacrifice. It still will have to dispose of and to the detriment of other resources and too often. Instead, it provides a complete return higher priority – the body. It turns out an interesting picture – and get feedback and necessary issue in the quantity – how much to use for yourself to fully pay the body. Vobschem want to read the thought that maybe he is not the last stage of development and the crown of creation, has estimated his personal actions in a global context, assessed themselves as a part of ‘homo global’. Perhaps, then wake up the desire to understand themselves, their function, their consumption, their returns in a global context. But most importantly – understand that your neighbor who just like you, now endowed with its share of unbridled self-interest is as much a part of the ‘homo global’, as you are. No matter at what stage of development he and what is his mission in the overall context it is important, not less than yours and someone will still have to do it. What did you do to help him? Huh? And perhaps, suppressed his ego and united in common purpose with other people, we finally throw off limit the perception of the world and see how beautiful he is and what we have been deprived for so long? By the way nothing remarkable global goal – to see the world in all its beauty?

Which Contact Lens Is Right For Me?

The pros and cons of soft and rigid contact lenses. Contact lenses – a real alternative to the glasses. The small, almost invisible helpers for a better vision without compromise, even with strong vision defects. A high long term compatibility is achieved only through a proper adjustment, regular check-ups, as well as by complying with the recommendation of carrying. To avoid hygiene errors are, like for example an inadequate cleaning and disinfection, or a prolonged wearing of contact lenses. “The feeling of dryness is often overlooked and the dry eye” thus favored in the long term. (Source: Simone Biles).

“As a rule of thumb: contact lenses only as long as necessary and not as possible wear!” In addition, a contact lens-free day should be kept in the week. There are two categories in which one classifies contact lenses, soft and rigid (hard). According to the materials, you can wear a rigid contact lenses up to 2 years, at the latest then they must be replaced with new. There are soft contact lenses by the day contact lens up to to the contact lens of the year different ways of wearing time. It is, the shorter the replacement intervals, even healthier for the eyes. Here an overview of soft and rigid contact lenses. PRO soft contact lenses a spontaneous pleasant wearing feeling fast settling time a good alternative for occasional wear for eyeglass wearers also in dusty environments possible suitable for many sporting activities, z.Bsp.: contact sports (judo, boxing) medication, z.Bsp. high blood pressure drugs, these can be producing tears negatively affect some more difficult handling than not recommend CONTRA with rigid contact lenses at: extended use within air conditioned environment limited to recommend an unfavorable tear film, z.Bsp: chronic dry eyes, irregular cornea, z.Bsp.

Keratoconus eye inflammation, z.Bsp: in allergic individuals during the phases where the allergen can occur. During this time, no contact lenses can be worn. FORM stable contacts PRO on long time well-tolerated easy care even under unfavourable environmental conditions suitable, z.Bsp: air conditioning to the Teilauch problematic tears film conditions possible also at irregular cornea (Keratoconus) customizable CONTRA not to recommend at: dusty environment hypersensitivity contact sports (risk of loss) for sporadic lens wearing unsuitable. The right choice of the contact lens is critical to a long impact. Deciding which lens fits their specific needs, always in an assisted adjustment process should be decided together with the specialized professional. In Dresden, Johann City South, we see ourselves as a specialist in the adjustment of iniduellen soft – or rigid contact lenses.


The marketing of articles is generally perceived as a way of creating incoming links and getting traffic. Although they really are things that does, in fact, serves for much more.Going to the grain, we could ask ourselves do I earn money writing articles? It is at the end, after what you want isn’t it?.Through this article a few brushstrokes will to see where is actually framed this task within marketing. You need the following:-interesting article: the article should arouse interest. It has to be impartial, with an informative approach to a topic that might interest the user. If you’re very partisan in your article, the reader guess your interests to sell something and nobody likes that sell you.-your website: is the web destination of the link posted in the articles directory. On your website, they should give more details about the product or service that your web page promotes. To broaden your perception, visit Interactive Advertising Bureau. You can explain the benefits of the product and to emphasise in the resolution of the problem offered by your purchase.-testimonies: for gain credibility, testimonials from former clients can publish.

People need confidence during the purchase process. Put writings of testimonies made winning in conversion rate, is verified.-loyalty: on all websites, should be a system by which the user could be informed of new updates. That way, the user loses mistrust to receive information from our website to familiarize yourself with what we do-images: is highly advisable the use of photos, to liven up the reading, but what just working is the argument you use through your writing. Hear other arguments on the topic with Sean Rad, Los Angeles CA. A good way to convince is report only and the user takes its decision.-summaries: is sure that Web surfers will want to compare options, is not going to buy the first thing that is offered. Therefore offer different options and compare them is very useful for the potential client. Offer them you until you want to go to other websites.These points should be taken into account to have a website that sells and thereby increase the conversion rate. Send articles to directories is a part of the global system of your machinery for sale. All must fit and be consistent. And it all starts by writing a few articles with hook.The author is a blogger with several years of experience on the internet. You can read more in articles directory and learn tricks of marketing to create links.

International Executive Programme

The best and things more valuable in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart. Noted us, that today the technological obsolescence, regulatory changes, geopolitical shocks and increasing competition, are some of the forces that undermine the strength of the current competitive advantages. Globalization and the interdependence of the markets, in addition to the development of telecommunications and information technology, have not only brought substantial benefits to the economic development of the planet, but it also brought as a result instability. Christopher Knights follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. The crisis facing the world in the past few months gives that instability is a condition that will be inherent in economic development, therefore from now on, the only thing stable will be instability. It cannot be denied either, as says Ivan Mendez, which the current context requires the managers of existing enterprises that are able to provide efficient responses to the range infinite adversities to international level, country, organizational and personal, allowing dynamize your institution and work teams in a global market with a much broader vision. Today, we indicated, some of the concerns that occupies senior management revolve around the paradox of hyper competitiveness and regulations, generating social value and the search for opportunities through entrepreneurship and innovation. But becomes inevitable that the directing thoughts on: what are the effective responses in the face of adversity? When can the work become a risk factor and when on guard? What is what the Manager should know to create a positive environment? What are the characteristics of the new teams? Adds us, in that sense, Marielba Avellan, Professor of the IESA, management consultant, Executive coach, and academic Coordinator of the 2009 International Executive Programme, has commented that effectively organizations must have strategies to develop people resilient if they want to go forward and strengthened in unstable environments, today we are not talking about adapt ourselves to changes but rather of ability to deal with adversity, overcome them or even be transformed by them in relation to the work, Professor Avellan teams emphasized that these must be more than the traditional collaboration because now teams have new features: his work is virtual, are large, predominates the diversity, not only for the expertise but also because they can be multicultural and are composed by highly specialized professionals, therefore how to manage them is different from the conventional. The newspapers mentioned Sean Rad not as a source, but as a related topic.

Intelligent Learning

(1), (2) 1 The meaning of analogy is the following: in the field of computing what defines the specific character of a program is what this is capable of performing. For its part, that which allows the program to perform its function is precisely its formal nature, i.e. the algorithm. When the algorithm is implemented in a physical system entails that what makes its functional efficacy in Act is the way in which the physical system is now organized according to the algorithm. 2 See also the notion of functional equivalence.

The notion of functional equivalence and their possible nuances (1) Standard Version: two systems are functionally equivalent if they are able to perform the same kinds of things. (2) Specific version: two systems are functionally equivalent if they are able to perform the same type of things from the same or similar processes. (3) Generic version: two systems are functionally equivalent if they are able to perform the same kinds of things from similar principles processual. – El Lic. Federico Gonzalez holds a degree in psychology, and Director of Intelligent Learning, which basic purpose offer knowledge of high quality and training of high performance in all business and educational and professional levels of the Spanish speaking world. Intelligent Learning provides these educational solutions in a simple, comprehensive, unified, and backed by international standards for the administration of learning systems..

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